Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Six of the Best Shopping Tips

Number One
When stocking you larder think of things for quick meals that are easy to make such as spaghetti or a stir-fry. If you have the ingredients in stock you can make a meal up fast if you're a bit rushed or under the weather.

Number Two
You can save substantial money by buying in bulk. Plan your buying in bulk over a period of a month or two. Make sure that the stuff you buy will keep for that length of time you don't want to be throwing your savings away. The money you save will be more than you think if you buy sensibly and planning it properly.

Number Three
Keep your receipts, and put them all into a spreadsheet. This will be your home made price list and you can use it so you know when bulk or sale items are a good or a bad deal. It will also benefit you to comparing shops and store prices. Then you can plan you list according to which store has the best deals. You will be able to budge exactly how much you spend each tie yo go shopping and do some juggling to refine and save more money.

Number Four
While fresh vegetables are a little better you should still buy frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables are almost as good and with these in the freezer since you can keep them in the freezer unit the fresh produce goes out of season.

Number Five
When stocks of certain things are running low make sure you write it down. If you wait until you run out it's too late. As an example, the last thing you want to do is use newspaper in the toilet because low stocks were not written down when they needed to be.

Number Six
Keep an eye on the scanner and and be watchful at the checkout desk. If the cashier know he or she is being watched they will be that more careful and the changes are that mistakes will not be made.

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