Monday, 22 June 2009

Love Reading Books? - Rent Don't Buy

I love writing and reading other authors' books but can’t always afford to buy what I want to read so the tips is to rent books as an alternative. This saves money and cuts back on the amount of trees that need to be reduced, as someone else will reuse the same book after you. was set up nearly 10 years ago and provides exactly that. With over 200,000 book titles including 25,000 audio-book titles in stock once you are a member you can’t fail to find what reading material you want. With the website open 24 hours a day once you have found you book it will be shipped to you straight away and once you have read it you can return it. The beauty is that there is a free shipment both ways!

This certainly is a great way to save money on book you like to read and there is also an option to keep the book at a discounted price if you wish. What a great idea!

Certainly this tip is a good one if you are an avid reader like me and spend wads of buying books.
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