Monday, 13 July 2009

Get Quality Locks And Fittings Installed To Prevent Breakins

Get Quality Locks And Fittings Installed To Prevent BreakinsI got this email two days ago from an expatriate friend in Texas who has been living there since 1976 the bicentennial year of USA Independence. I remember him actually moving over on the 3rd July the day before the big Independence celebrations took place, but he missed it all as he was still getting settled in to his new apartment in Kansas.

He has since married a local American girl and has three children all grown up and all married now. In all his time there he still retains a cockney accent and his humour is still the same, he just loves looking back ot the old days when we were at school in London together, but this time whilst we were talking on Skype he has a new story to tell.

It is a sorry tale when someone gets broken into and their house robbed. This is exactly what happens to my lifelong friend. Lots of stuff that is irreplaceable was either taken away or trashed. The police say it was youngsters who broke in as they made as much mess as you can imagine. The police also said that the locks and security made is easy for them to break in and that this should be reviewed as soon as possible to prevent it happening again. They recommended a great Kansas City locksmith who could certainly put thing to rights with their expertise and proven background.

My friend was very distressed when we spoke but a couple of day later we spoke again, the Kansas City Locksmith that repaired and improved his security system in his house as a Dallas locksmith in Texas not a Kansas man. However my friend now was sounding quite chirpy with the peace of mind that this tragic act of criminal activity quite common in the US was less likely to happen to his house, but to someone else’s home who hasn’t had the proper locks and security done by recommendation form the police.

Rest assured, my friend will get over this it hasn’t put him of the USA, and as he says, it is probably worse in the UK. He gave me a good tip telling me that I should make sure my locks and security in my house is also secure and safe as he wouldn’t want me to go through what he went through. He's got me slightly worried now, but Bulgaria hasn't the same crime rate as Kansas!
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