Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Don't Keep Debts A Secret

Don't Keep Debts As A Secret

A close friend of mine came to me asking for help. She was faced with being taken to court due to her mounting debt on her credit cards. She wanted me to lend her money to help with paying the monthly interest that accrued each month. Why did she let herself get into this desperate situation having to ask friends for money?

Being a good friend I would have loved to help her out, but if I did, I would be in debt so I had to tell her I couldn’t afford to help her financially, but knew some reliable debt consolidators that have helped many people in the past and that they that may be able to help her with bill consolidation.

Debt consolidation is what she needed. She needed a plan where she could reduce her monthly outgoings and improved her overall debt each month with a light at the end of the tunnel. I asked why didn’t she do this sooner and the reason was that she was embarrassed with the situation and didn’t want anyone to know. She felt much better now talking about it to me and now feels that she can talk to professionals who can also advise and help her. She now is going to try and manage her debts with professional help and swears she will never again keep this a secret as it just get worse as time goes on. I’m sure she will get the right advice and things will get better very soon by gettgin advice on managing debts.

To anyone else, the tip is to manage your finances and don’t keep debts a secret. There is help out there – take it.
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