Saturday, 19 June 2010

Be Seen With New Custom Headlights For you Car (A Bicycle Idea)

I don't like cars, anyone who has read this blog may well already know about that. Give me a choice between a car and  bicycle to get from A to B any day and my preference would be a bicycle every time. However I do accept that this is now a car reliant world and many people just cant' manage without one. For those people there is a tip that I took originally from my bike riding but now is firmly a fashion in car accessories.

Getting seen is essential on a bicycle, especially at night and neon based LED lights project a far more effective light than conventional lamps so I use these type all the time. They are also more economical on the batteries and many can be charged up without the use of batteries. For a bike I have found they are functional, green, cheap and extremely effective for being seen on the roads.

The car versions of this are slightly different and more of a fashion accessory. They stand out from normal headlights and again are more than likely to turn head as you drive. Buying custom headlights is cheaper than you think for cars and like the bike version give a safer vision at night as well as being a trendy statement.

So, the bottom line is think about your night vision on your car and if you want to stand out in the world of traffic then you may well consider customising your headlights which will not harm the environment further that cars have already.

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