Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Personalised Number Plates - Only For UK Driver Though

Personalised Number Plates - Only For UK Driver ThoughEver had the inkling to have your own personal number plate on your vehicle. I know many people who have and have taken the step to get it. It needn’t be expensive and strangely enough quite a few I know who had re-registered their number plates did it as a present for their wife or husband – What a lovely Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present these were.

The tip is to get a company that specialises in the number plates business. The last thing you want is a complication with documents or to be overpriced when making the purchase. With a simple search for your perfect personalised licence plate number and advice coming from every direction, can make the translation so simple. They have been trading since 1995 so have a wealth of experience in this service and many testimonials to back up their excellent service.

I would love to have a personalised number plate on my 20-year old Lada, but unfortunately they only can serve UK number plates. Oh well, I suppose that is one good reason to live in the UK.
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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Free, Fun And Possibly Profitable - Online Games That Is

You can have fun, save money and win money if you have Internet access and a bit of free time. A great tip is to stay at home and the temptation is not to spend money in this world of advertising outside your front door and get online.Playing online games is a massive and most enjoyable pastime. The beauty is that many games that you can play are free to do so. The only cost is time and online overheads. Hours and hours of fun can be had and with interactive features now commonplace, you can also make friends with this hobby.

Entering free tournaments and winning free prizes is also part of the genre and many people come away with a chunk of the thousands of dollars that are given away in prizes everyday. There is one site that I have discovered that does just that. It has games that are fun and easy to play. Right now daily prizes up for grabs are an Apple iPod®, Sony PSP®, Digital Camera, and a $200 Visa Gift Card.

You can sign up for free play and you’re in with a chance of winning. All the games are free to play and it is claimed to have the most addictive tournament games on the web. You can download any of our free online games to play. The games cater for anyone with several categories with 1000's of online free games including arcade, puzzles, video, casino games, in fact too many to mention here. Players who sign up (and don’t forget this is for free) can compete for free to win daily prizes. So it you want fun, a bit of competition, save money form staying at home and the possible bonus of prizes and money, this is just up your street.
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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Reasons for Owning a Large Chest Freezer At Home - Guest Post

New chest freezer to hold 1/4 side organic beef

Large chest freezers is wider than a upright freezer, it is high and has a hinged lid on the top, are frequently found in most homes in the present days for so many reasons. They are more energy efficient, less expensive and they preserve cold better for the duration of a power cut. Some times the contents in your ordinary refrigerator freezer can keep falling out because there is no enough room at this point it could be suitable for you to purchase large chest freezer.

Refrigerator freezers have not been designed for long term storage of foods so the food most probably than not spoils after a while so one has no option but to only store non-seasonal foods especially in the fall when fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen foods hence it is better to own a large chest freezer cause you could store food and have no problem worrying if it shall get spoilt and also help save from losses of having food going bad.

Other benefits of having a large chest freezer is the ability to save money by buying food in season in bulk, control their quality by ensuring they correctly prepare and package ,many fresh vegetables , fruits and meats are as good frozen as they are fresh. With a large chest freezer one can store their farm produce for long period of time, also the one can prepare family favorites in quantity and freeze the meal size portions for extra time and save on costs. Large chest freezer is more energy efficient because cold air in them has a tendency to sink and thus stays in the chest freezer even when the lid is lifted.

Some of the large chest freezer have automatic defrost or are frost free but other have manual defrost hence when there is no power they can still retain their state for a while. Large chest freezer mostly have at least one or more wire basket which is used assist I the organization of the freezers contents hence they have large space free hence can accommodate odd-shaped items , long or large items that may be difficult to fit in other types of freezers. So as to have at home large chest freezer will serve you best ensure that is energy efficient , affordable that is it is within your budget, make an excellent secondary freezers retains cold better during a power outage. If you are looking to save a large chest freezer is very suitable to suit your lifestyle where you shall spend less and large chest freezer also a cheaper purchase and maintenance hence very suitable all around.

Article Source:
Guest Author: Lee Lazarus

Image by jrubinic via Flickr

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hawaii Here I Come - After A Chat Of Course

A sunset from a beach in :en:Honolulu

Ever since the famous detective series Hawaii 5-0 I have always had an ambition to meet someone from Hawaii and now I have the chance. There is a regional online chat room where many people for this area are available for chat. At hawaii chat lines my dream has now been realised in an instant with a quick, easy and free sign up. Who know I may even get an invite to visit there is I get to know someone well enough.

What a great tip that is, get to know people in places you want to visit and you may have a place to stay when you get there. Hawaii here I come!
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tips For Dressing Your Toddler

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...Image via Wikipedia

Dressing your toddler can be quite an adventure, especially if you are short of time in the morning. Toddlers are at the stage where often they want to both choose and try to put on their own clothes, and as they are very active you need to find childrens clothes, which will fit with their lifestyle.

The type of clothes that are ideal at this age are colourful, easy to care for and not too expensive as they are growing at a ferocious rate. Also their clothes should not be restrictive but at the same time not too floppy or flowing so that they will get stuck or tangled up when playing. The mim-pi childrens clothing and other types of flexible childrens clothes should fit them well, being neither too tight or small or too large and floppy.

There are two easy things that you can do to make the process easier in the mornings or at any changing time is firstly to allocate extra time so that you do not risk becoming impatient. Secondly you can place two suggested outfits out for them to see so that they are given a choice but it is limited, this helps achieve a balance between their wish for independence.

You may remember how you were yourself at this age which is helpful. Many toddlers develop very strong opinions about favourite colours and these can also change but at least they should be appreciated by those around them. They will also develop a taste for favourite outfits, so when at all possible you should let them wear these. Encourage flexibility within your family towards your toddler, as this makes it easier to educate them at a time where another choice may be more suitable.

From your own point of view it is good to choose clothes that are easy to wash, but at the same time ideally they do not show up dirt too quickly. For example clothes with designs or patterns will distract away from dirt.

As colours can be important at this age another suggestion is to buy a colour chart to put on their bedroom wall. This is a good opportunity to have quality, fun educational time with your toddler and they can learn about primary colours, secondary colours and even complementary colours.

When it comes to their shoes it is very important to take them to a shoe fitting specialist, as damage done to their feet during this developmental period is not good. Many toddlers enjoy the independence of wearing shoes with velcro rather than laces or buckles, as they are easier to put on and take off. Do not forget about their socks as they need to be constantly updated also otherwise your toddler can be very uncomfortable.

Bearing in mind that your toddler will want to try and dress themselves but on top of this you have to consider that they are toilet training, then a very practical choice are jeans or pants which have elasticated waists. Flexible, comfortable but easy to manage clothes also include t shirts, tracksuit bottoms, cardigans and envelope-neck tops.

Think about and develop a healthy, practical strategy so that your time of dressing your toddler is positive and fun.

Occupation: Director
Jackie de Burca is co-owner Creative Web Advertising, which is an International internet media consultancy. Creative Web Advertising specialise in Pay Per Click, SEO and web consulting.

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Don't Be A Hero Unless You're Trained

LONDON - AUGUST 20:  Ron Whittam, a member of ...

While dropping on Entrecard friends today my mind wondered all the way back to my school days and an incident that came as a flashback. I just couldn’t get it out of my head and good advice is apparent form the experience.

It happened at Hampstead Heath Ponds in London we were swimming in the lake there as it was a very hot day. One of my friends wasn’t’ a good swimmer and got into trouble trying to swim his way to a floating raft in the centre of the pond. Seeing him in trouble I swam to his aid and that was the big mistake…..

When I got there he panicked and pushed me under to try and keep his head above the water line. At this time others had seen the incident and a boat was sent out to rescue him. He was picked up and taken to the land but I was half drowned and not notice. My friend was in the boat and fine and I passed out trying to hold to the side of the boat.

I pasted out and had to be resuscitated I had swallowed loads of pond water and some had got into my lungs. All I remember is having trouble breathing. I recovered and expelled lots of the pond water in the process.

An hour later I was back in school for orchestra rehearsals none the worse for wear. It was only later that evening when my girlfriend burst into tears that I realised the gravity of the situation and what could have happened.

The tip I am giving here my friends is not to help someone in trouble in deep waters unless you are qualified or have had professional training. If you see someone in trouble throw something out to them that floats. Someone who panics in water will be far stronger than you and like me you will be in more danger then the person in panic.

Image by Getty Images via Daylife
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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Finding Love Is Easier Online

Wisconsin has always been a place I have wanted to visit. The reason is quite simple, I met a woman once in London that came form there and it was love at first sight for me, but she didn’t have the same feelings about me. I always look back at that moment as a great disappointment and wonder if she did have the same feelings for me whether we would be living in Wisconsin now. Perhaps I should try wisconsin chat and try and find her again. There must be many other women there of the same sort. This also goes for anyone else who wants to meet Wisconsin folk.

This is just a short quick blog to let you know about my lost love and a site that might well bring about more successful love for others. Finding love is hard enough, but sites like this really do improve your chances of finding love, as you know many who join up free are looking for the same thing!
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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

British Airways Are Helping Your Business With Prizes To Be Won

Say what you want about British Airways, good bad or indifferent, with what they have on offer here with a competition they have created you can't help feeling that there is very goodwill to promote small businesses. As far as I know it is being done out of the goodness of their heart and of course good publicity, which indicates a caring company. the tip here is to enter the comptition is you have any type of business. You certainly have everyting to gain and nothing to lose and that's a good tip coming out here.

The competition is giving away not one Business Opportunity Grant but 100, including a year’s worth of Business Class travel anywhere British Airways flies and invaluable business support from their partners. It is well know that British Airways have a long history of helping business in many way, this is another chapter of support and if you have a business it is well worth entering the competition, but don’t delay, the closing date is 30th September 2009.

All you have to do is talk about us about your company, which is made even easier as a few questions are thrown in to give direction asking about your business objectives for 2010 and how a grant would benefit your business. Even is you are a simple blogger trying to make money, you can enter. If you win 2010 will certainly be a good year for your business with the prices on offer. This is not a scam, but a fully legitimate global company offer of real prizes to help you business.

The prizes on offer are listed as follows:
  • · British Airways airfare for 10 round-trip Club World business class flights.
  • · 5 free British Airways World Cargo freight shipments of up to 500 kilos to worldwide destinations
  • · $1000 toward accommodation at Courtyard by Marriott
  • · 5 Regus Businessworld Gold Cards providing access to business lounges worldwide
  • · Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer
Well worth an entry so why are you waiting, don’t forget to get it in before 30th September 2009. It will certainly help your business get through a recession if you win.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Great Home Improvement Site Found

A Great Home Improvement Site FoundWhere can you get ideas about improving your home? I for one am short of ideas for my own home and have to rely on others to give me tips. The home is the most important and looked after place for most people and form many it really is quite difficult to get inspired without taking on outside inspiration.

There is a site that give just that, an outside insight to your home and how to make it a better place to live not just from material purchases but ideas and tips that go a long way to helping home owners. Bathroom Design and Do It Yourself Home Inspection are just tow areas recently covered in the site. It represents a great way of sparking ideas to people who are stuck in a rut on what to do next with their home.

Another very interesting part fot he site is the Home Improvement Help section. This may well give you many answers to question you may have had lingering for a while with a interactive email facility you can take advantage of. Based in the USA and Canada with over 1000 home services and more than 700,000 products with cash saving offers and seasonal home maintenance reminders it is a site well worth considering signing up for.

Even though I’m in Bulgaria, the ideas and tips given here are very useful to me and I really enjoy browsing through the regular posts it publishes.
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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Burning Plastic At Home Can Be More Enviromentally Friendly Alternative

recycled plastic (PET) bottles #6620

What do you do with all your plastic? If you are not lucky enough to have a recycling system in your area I guess most put it all into you rubbish bin with all the other trash. This is an ongoing problem that is solved here in Bulgaria as many people here burn it as a form of heating. “Surely that’s wrong?” I hear you ask?

Don’t blame Bulgarians for burning plastic, blame the world plastic packing culture. It is they who land most people up with plastic they don’t want. Bulgarians are in fact one of the most recycling conscience countries and where there is another use for plastic they will use it. It is only when the use of old plastic has come to an end that the burning comes into play.

Besides this, what happens to plastic that is put in normal rubbish bins anyway? They are eventually either put in landfill sites to sit forever or burnt anyway. The difference is that transportation of the plastic is needed so actually burning plastic at home is more environmentally friendly! Add that to the extra cost of heating from other fuel sources ands you have an even more environmentally friendly outlook to this form of getting rid of plastic.

The tip is here: Rather than putting unwanted plastic in bins that will burn somewhere else, burn it yourself, that is if you are allowed to by your local authorities.

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Smoking - Never Stop Trying To Give Up

Smoking - Never Stop Trying To Give Up

Here’s a great tip, but quite difficult for many to take up. Try not to smoke! It still amazes me how many people refuse to even attempt to give up. As an heavy ex-smoker myself I know how difficult it is to kick the habit, but that was never a reason to not try and that is the tip, to try.

It is all about having a go and even if you don’t succeed, I lost count of the times I failed to give up totally. The point I am trying to get over it that trying to give up is still better for your health as you will be smoking less anyway. This has a knock on effect with the amount you spend so you will be wealthier from you efforts as well.

The aim obviously is to try and give up completely and that should always be your goal. Tell people that you are trying to give up and they will encourage you as well. Try to shy away from places you would normally smoke and if you do frequent these places give yourself a treat instead of a cigarette, e.g. chocolate, banana etc.

This tip is about continuing to try and give up smoking and who knows one day you may well crack it and become a non-smoker, healthier and richer.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

== Summary == Universal recycling symbol outli...Image via Wikipedia

Waste is the biggest problem, but not worldwide. Many countries that the western world look at as backward as in fact leagues ahead in terms their resourcefulness in eliminating any form of waste. It is of course done as a necessity as poverty forces the issue.

If we look at how wastefulness is utilised in poverty stricken countries we can be better to the environment and save money at the same time. Being wealthy is quite simply a poor excuse for being wasteful. It is a fact that millions are in this position and equates to most of the rich being an uncaring and selfish genre in making this world a worse place for everyone in the long term.

Poverty really helps you realise how important recycling and making the most of resources available. It would be a good lesson for everyone to have a taste of being poor, that way they will realise how important saving on valuable resources is.

This is just a post about looking to poverty for ideas on making the most of what they have. Certainly lessons can be learnt from this. But then again, why should many of the rich ever consider doing this anyway as their nature is basically all about themselves, very much a product cultured by Thatcherist politics.
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