Saturday, 30 January 2010

More Tips To Save On Winter Fuel Bills

Yet more tips on how to save money on fuel bills in the winter. It is still surprising how many people can be well educated yet the simple things to save money and help the environment are just not taken on board. Sometime the most obvious things are not always seen as the reason for breaking the bank with winter fuel bills.

A fact you may not be aware for is that over 50% of the heat is lost through the walls and ceiling in average home – Yes over half! If you haven’t got adequate loft insulation or double glazing the sooner you get it in the sooner you will save in the long run. You needn’t be faced with the dreaded double glazing salesman either as fitting secondary double glazing can be done at a fraction of he cost and installed yourself.

Another overlooked aspect is taking steps to find out if you qualify for a grant to help improve the insulation in your house. Believe it or not, the government, electric and gas suppliers and many local authorities are all there giving handouts to help cover the cost of insulation. Make sure you are not missing out on this, they don’t generally advertise this fact so it is up to you to make simple enquiries. This can be done online, just look up your local authority and you will find a section veering this on their website.

Another great saving can be made if you replace an old boiler with a modern, energy efficient boiler. You can in some instances claim money back off your old boiler in exchange. This is well worth checking out locally with boiler suppliers who will be in the know as to what exchanges are currently available. So not only will you be saving energy by switching, but possibly getting funds that will subsidise you new heating system.

It has to eb said that aaving fuel is important to all of us and taking steps to make sure you do this is an easy step to take. If only people would take the advice that is put their way.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ten More Top Tips For Saving Fuel This Winter

It will be – 22 C here tonight so the weather forecast tells us. And so it is quite appropriate that I continue to give tips on how to save money on winter bills in the height of energy expense.

This may sound ‘old hat’ but still millions ignore taking steps to use less energy. It is the best and by that I also mean the ‘greenest’ way to save on fuel bills. Just by doing simple things that are just common sense. Here’s a simple list of ten things you can do:

  1. Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine runs with a full load
  2. Turn lights off when you aren't using a room
  3. Do not leave electric product on ‘standby’
  4. Make sure you freezer is defrosted regularly
  5. Wear more clothing and turn the central heating thermostat down a few degrees
  6. Eat food that involves less cooking
  7. Use less time in the shower
  8. Only fill the electric kettle with the amount of water you will use
  9. Watch less television and read or listen to the radio instead
  10. Draw the curtains full time in rooms that are not being used

All these tips will shave money off your energy bills and help the environment. Think about it. If just each one of these tips saves you 50 cents a month, with the ten tips that’s $5 a month or $20 over the winter! Could you do with an extra $20 just for being sensible?

Again, so many people DON’T do these things, in a way it is rather a selfish thing not to do as it affects not jus them but the whole environment. Such a shame.

Friday, 22 January 2010

More Tips Of Saving Money On Fuel Bills This Winter

My goodness it’s cold right now and bring back to mind some tips to save on winter fuel this winter. I have already given a few for starters and now will give some more to top it up.

Quite often energy suppliers provide electric but gas as well. When you buy both from the same supplier it is technically know as dual fuel plan. Not every supplier does this and this is where you can save even more if you shop around.

Quite simply, it is quite often the case that buying your gas and electric on a dual plan will work out cheaper than using two energy suppliers. Again, so many people are not aware of this and are paying over the odds at a time when most energy is being used. It is also the case that now is the time to act, as each day that goes past is another day of paying more than you should.

On top of this tip ask yourself this question. Are you really struggling to pay for your energy bills right now? If the answer is yes there is help available to certain parties. Both pensioners (people over 60 years of age) and those on job seekers allowances both may be entitled to benefits that would help towards paying the bills. You need to ask at your local pension office or job seeker’s office for details. Can I just say that if you don’t ask you don’t get in many cases, that the way of pensions and benefits policies now!

So, more tips to help you get through this winter and armed for winters to come. More tips to come later n this series of frugal ways to save money on energy bills.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New York's Green Police - Too Little Too Late?

I personally am not a fan of the USA mainly because all the social and environmental problems that are currently over there are man made based on their commercialism and materialism culture. The result of this means that millions of dollars from tax payers have to be invested in law and order with criminal activity ripe down to the greed factor. Surely the best way to deal with this is through education and relearning how to live together in an environmentally caring society.

Perhaps the start of this is nigh as I read that the New York Police Department has a Department that is dedicated to Environmental Conservation and has allocated twenty serving officers to run the cause.They are affectionately and appropriately know as the green police. One of the main causes of pollution are cars and this is compounded by cars that have illegal exhaust emissions that harm the environment further. The green police monitor traffic and pull over vehicles that don't comply with this regulation.

There are many other areas of conversation that the green police monitor as a kind of guardian angel task force trying to ensure that seafood that come from illegal sources don't reach the retail industry.

Now I personally thing that twenty officers is a drop in the ocean so to speak in trying control the evil that has been created by New York citizens who don't care 2 cents about the effect their greed has on their own environment. What I do think is that publicity is a far more effective way of communicating to people about issues that need to be heard. Common knowledge that the green police and the reason for their set up and running in the field in the first place is a far greater deterrent to those who are considering the risk of being caught.

It goes without saying that the green police do a good job, but in my eyes it is far too little and far too late for a upturn in environmental attitudes in this part of the world. It would take more than the green police to change that.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

More Tips To Save On WInter Fuel Bills

More Tips To Save On WInter Fuel Bills
More on how to save money on fuel bills this winter and tips that will help you feel a bit better about having to fork out wads for energy that is accountable. It is very important that you only pay what is actually due. Many mistakes have been made and people just pay without question.

What do they say? – Computers are only as good as the people that work them! Bear this in mind when you get your next bill as error are more common that you first suppose. Let’s face it, if you don’t check your own energy by looking at the meters you could well end up paying too much for you gas or electric. Getting you money back for overpayments is always going to be tricky. This could also work the other way where you pay too little and of course have to pay more further down the line. To avoid this always compare you personal reading with the suppliers’ reading to see whether they tally up and match.

If you haven’t gone online already then simple do go online and pay by direct debit. Keeping up to date on the most competitive tariffs will be available only to those online and many suppliers offer discounts for paying by direct debit. Two positive steps you can take to save money on your energy costs.

These tips all add up to you being more in control of you energy cost and making the most out of saving that are around for you to take up. It is quite amazing why so many people just accept the bills they get are gospel and pay at the post office once a month. This is probably the worst scenario for expensive energy. Are you one of them?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Great Online Dating Article - BBC Vetted

A Great Online Dating Article - BBC Vetted
The BBC has a reputation second to non in world media circles so when you find and article published on the BBC News' website you would more than likely take note of the contents. Source of articles can be more regarded if vetted by the BBC more than any other form of publication.

The reason this is being put forward its that I have a dating site and it is my job to know more about the ins and out of online dating as it is my business. I came across an article about dating and found it most enlightening. It is not just useful for online dating site administrators but for anyone who intends to use dating online facilities. It is well written and of course has the BBC alongside that you can trust.

The tip here is, if you have or intend o have anything to do with dating online give it a read, you will be well informed after indulging.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Save Over £400 By Switching Your Power Supplier

Save Over £400 By Switching You Power Supplier
I am going to start series of tips giving you ways you can save money this winter. It is the time of year where most money goes on fuel bill and this is the area that will be focused on.

The first tip is simple to look at whether you have recently changed your supplier of energy. With the monopoly of power supplies ancient history, you can now choose who you want to get your energy from. You probably already know this. The changes are that you are right now paying more than you need to is you haven’t switched suppliers over the last year.

The simple fact is that by changing your energy supplier you can save over £400 by using a new tariff. Now that’s something well worth looking into and taking up. There are thousands of people who just don’t realise this option is open to them. If you know about it, well you do now tell others about it. Why should anyone pay more for power when a cheaper alternative is there in the wings?

You should shop around to find a tariff that is competitive, this involves a degree of homework of course, bit well worth it. A good tip is to use an online price comparison service that will take a bit of the headache away of doing it all on your own.

When you find a provider it's a good idea to contact your current supplier and explain that you are looking fro another supplier because you feel that their tariff is too expensive for the gas and electricity they supply. The is a good chance that they would then offer you a better deal than risk losing a customer.

There you have it, you may end up saving money just by making enquiries. Good luck. More tips to come in subsequent posts, subscribe to keep up to date on future tips.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Create Fun Pictures For Free Online

A great tip here for those who want to living up their photographs and have a little joke with pictures you have already taken. I have tried this out and sent my friends some of the results – they were quite amazed at the effect that I got and all for the cost of a few minutes.

Here was my first try:

“How did you do that?” I hear you ask. Well there is a website where you can create funny pictures online. It is entirely free and has hundreds of different effect that you might want to used to liven your pictures up or cheer someone up. The cool photo effects are added to each day so will have more options to choose from the following day.

Here’s another example of one I now use as a profile on a forum:

The beauty of this site is that you can make funny photos yourself whereas before perhaps you had to pay for the service or programme to do it. This is a breakthrough in free digital photographic effects and prefect for many things such as Facebook or funny profile pictures.

Just look at the last photograph I had composed with this program – I sent this one to my best friend who now want the site address.

Don’t forget, each one only took less than a minute to make once I had selected my photograph that I wanted to be inserted. Well worth a look and a great tip for photographic entertainment.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cold Feet Ths WInter? Your Oven Can Help

Cold Feet Ths WInter? Your Oven Can Help
Here’s a winter tip that will keep your feet warm without any extra cost on heating. It is a simple idea that uses energy that is wasted in many households that can be transferred to your feet on cold winter days.

After using you oven for cooking it usually left empty to cool down. All this heat is there to be used while the cooling period is in progress. This heat can be captured in two bricks that you can place in the oven after the food is taken out. The heat will transfer and now be stored in the bricks after 10 minutes and are ideal as feet warmers. There will probably be enough heat in your oven for more that one pair of bricks that can be warmed up as well.

Not only is it free heating but has a feel good factor behind it with warm feet and knowing that the energy you pay for in heating is being put to good effect.

The idea was taken from brick that were placed on wood burners in Bulgaria as feet warmers and by golly do they need them during the harsh winters that are felt here.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Get Rid Of Damp In Wardrobes

Get Rid Of Damp In Wardrobes

A tip for the winter was discovered this Christmas, let me explain. Every winter in the town house we have to light up our bottled gas heater in our bedroom for half and hour before we retire. The room is empty and freezing during the day so this is necessary, no point in heating a room that isn’t being used for 16 hours a day, but that’s not the tip that’s the problem!

Because the room is so cold and suddenly get heated up quickly condensation forms in the wardrobes that stands against a cold wall. Every year we have to throw clothes away that have been ruined form mildew that has formed from the condensation. This is even with daily wiring down of the damp inside the wardrobes. The only answer up unit now is to heat the room up all the time, but we couldn’t afford the heating bills to do this besides the conscience of waste.

So we sudden realised that what contributes to the damp is a lack of ventilation in the wardrobes. We can put up with damp windows but we can’t afford to throw out good clothing each year with this. The idea was to drill holes in the back of the wardrobe and bring each unit 5 cm away from the cold wall. This would effectively give circulation of air and hot touching cold is eliminated.

One week on after spending a good few hours removing all the clothing, drill in many holes in the backing and moving the wardrobes forward away from the wall, all is well. There is no dampness inside the wardrobes now and we can breath a sigh of relief not having to say goodbye to clothing this year. Not only that, but mildew is also eliminated and that is better for our health as well.

This tip saves money not having to be spent on heating a room all hour in the winter, saves on ruined clothing, both better for the environment and of course for out health without dampness or mould. Shame we didn’t discover the tip a few years ago.
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