Sunday, 29 November 2009

Save Heating By Using Room Temperature Water

Save Heating By Using Room Temperature Water style=

Winter has arrived for most as we look forward to higher electric and gas bill as we use more and more energy to heart things up. What can you do to make the most of the energy you use? There are a few tips that you can take on board here to reduce the bills you get and of course the emissions that pollute our atmosphere to give you the energy in your home.

Hot water is something most people need in winter, whether for just a cup of tea or for cooking. You can do simple things to save on the heating of water before you use it on the heat. It may seem quite petty with the power you save here but if done as a habit every time you will save money.

Water from the tap is usually very cold and most people use this directly in their cooking or putting into their electric kettle to heat up. Cold water takes up more energy than room temperature water and that’s where the saving can be made. Before you go to work in the morning, fill a couple of 2 litre plastic bottle with tap water and use this for you drinks and cooking in the evening when you get home.

This may save just a few pence each day but add that up over four or five months and you are talking pounds! There is a feel good factor to it as well of course with the energy you save, that is if you are a caring person.
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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Newspapers - You Pay Good Money So Use Them

Newspapers - You Pay Good Money So Use Them

Saving things should be something that is done as a normal part of your everyday life. Simple things such as newspapers can be saved, but not for giving to your local rubbish collection services which incidentally you pay for whether you like it or not out of your taxes, but to keep for yourself. Why on earth would I want to save newspapers I hear you asking?

Well, since my experience in Bulgaria it has come to my notice on how wasteful many other so called ‘environmentally friendly; countries are. Look at it this way, you pay money for you newspapers which you then own. You read it and then you pay again for it to be disposed. Then your newspaper is then making someone else more money from selling it on for recycling. Your newspaper has been paid for three times form the time you bought it. Why let others’ profit from your possession you paid good money for?

All fine and well, but what can I do with a used and dated newspaper? There are many uses, from donating it to a local school for education, turning your newspapers into brinks for wood burners, using newspapers as part of the material on your compost heap, use it to wrap items you don’t use such as cutlery and vases that are stored. You can use newspapers as insulation in walls. Making a paper mache you can make your own sculptures and decorations for Christmas. Back to the garden, you can use newspaper in to potting cups that will decompose when planted as a whole. The simplest use is to use the newspapers as fire starters. The list is uses is never ending and all will be making the most of something you paid money for.

The next time you buy a newspaper you should think ahead as to what you will do with it after it has been read – Make it work for you then you will be saving money and the world.

Image by birdfarm via Flickr
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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

An Online Shopper's Directory That Has Everything!

An Online Shopper's Directory That Has Everything!

Have you ever bought something online? If you haven’t you are missing out big time of saving that can be made instead of shopping in the high street. The reason for this is quite simple, online shops have minute overheads compared to shops or warehouses but it doesn’t end there.

Shopping on line can be done in the comfort of your own home without pushy salespersons crowds of other customers hustling and bustling with their screaming kids running around causing you stress. There is no rush at all to make a decision in buying online and most if not all nowadays come with easy payment methods, guarantees and money back if not satisfied. With a recession still in full flow it also makes so much sense to use the online method as you are more likely to spend less on impulse than bowing to high street advertising tactics to make you spend more.

Okay you want a GPS Device, where do you go to shop online for this as there are hundreds if not thousands of place that have this for sale. Well the best tip is to use an online shopping directory that lists all web based shops. It will give you the top choices and the best-valued places. The beauty is that online shops do not have to pay to be included in their database therefore there is no leaning to any online shops.

The shopper's directory in question is called ShopWiki and you can find anything and everything with a few click of your mouse. If you need car speakers or a car DVD player or indeed anything to do with a car you will speed you way to the shops that have the best deals online. It is a bit like a shoppers’ Google with the way it works.

So the tip is if you are buying online use ShopWiki and it will take you to the best online shops around saving you time money and of course less headaches surfing.
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Save On Heating Bills - Simply Move Your Bed

Save On Heating Bills - Simply Move Your Bed

One of the best ways of saving heat in the winter is to take a tip from Bulgarians and simply move your bed into a room that is already heated before you go to bed, i.e. your kitchen or living room. It may seem strange to most people to do this, but it makes so much economic sense to do this just for the winter months.

We do this every winter here and we’d hate to see our electric and gas bills if we didn’t. Besides the economics, there is nothing like going to bed in a warm room knowing that is makes good financial sense to do this, it certainly makes you sleep easier as well!

The Bulgarians have been doing this for as long as they can remember purely form a practical point and practical is certainly is. You may need to make a few adjustments to the furniture, even get a bed/sofa system instead of a settee that has no other benefits other than a seat. The money you save on not heating a bedroom that you only use to sleep in is outright wasteful to me now.

Remember it will only be for the cold weather months, things can go back to where they were once the warm spring arrives again.

Image by K.W. via Flickr
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Monday, 23 November 2009

Advertising With Your Blog - It Pays

Home Computer Workstation

Okay you are reading this blog therefore I can only assume you are a blogger yourself. You must have an interest in blogging at the very least to be reading this so this blog post will interest you with the tip that is to be given.

A blog is a means of having your say to a wide audience of readers that may take an interest in what write. Even if they don’t and visit you site the chances are they will not only look at you post but the whole blog environment and that includes advertisements that are on your blog.

Even if you don’t’ intentionally put ads on your blog there is still advertising going on. For example your title is an advert for your blog post! The domain you use may be plugged somewhere albeit tucked away somewhere discrete on you home page. You just can’t get a way from advertising on a blog. Let’s face it you won’t get seen and read by anyone if you don’t advertise in any case.

So blog advertising is part and parcel of this constructive hobby or for many people vocation. So if you are blogging why not have the reward of advertising, not only for increased traffic that will want to see you blog, but also for paying for the overheads involved in Internet operations. How much do you pay each month for your Internet? How much for your weblog? Electric? You can make you blogging pay for all this by using your blog in advertising then you are more than likely earn money beyond your expenses which is spare to invest in more advertising if you wish. The first point of call is to advertise your blog on one of the biggest web directories dmoz. Then you can go for hundreds of others that are all free. They will give you traffic and therefore increase you chances of getting more advertising opportunities from third parties as well as other bloggers who will take a vested interest in being advertised on you now more popular blog.

Well the tip has been given and you can start next time you log on. The secret is to do a little but often.
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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Autumn Leaves - Make Use Of Them

Autumn Leaves - Make Use Of Them

It is autumn and the leaves are falling with their many colours. What do you do with those leaves once gathered? Are you allowed to burn them? I bet not you have to dispose of them in another way, perhaps in plastic lined bags or in wheeled bins to be taken away by services that specialise in disposing of garden waste. What a palaver!

Falling leaves are a natural phenomenon but this world treats it as a big inconvenience and industries have been built up to deal with it. The leaves are natures way of putting goodness back into the ground by decomposing in their environment, but unfortunately many trees are in built up areas and the surround is concrete based, leaves that drop there have to be moved, far do, but what about the majority of trees that are in gardens? I fear that many claim that it would ruin the grass areas and they have a valid point, but the leaves should not be sent away but recycled near where they lie.

The practical thing to do is make compost form them. Composts are very easy and leaves added with other decomposing material make a valuable contribution to next year’s free compost. How much did you spend on compost this year? Leaves will continue to fall year in year out, this is a benefit for you not an inconvenience.

Changing the way we think about this natural annual occurrence will really make a difference to the environment and the money in your pocket.
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Friday, 20 November 2009

Television The Ultimate Advertising Machine

Television The Ultimate Advertising Machine

Do you watch television? I bet the answer is yes for the vast majority. Added to this I guess you watch television out of habit rather than anything else. I suggest that watching television is the greatest waste of time on earth – Why?

Quite simply, television is advertising, nothing more or less. It crawls into your mind with images, sounds and sub conscious viruses that make you do things that you wouldn’t do not watching television. The whole process is of course passive, you do nothing other than sit there and get drawn into the spider’s parlour and the advertising devours you.

Even when you aren’t watching television you can hear it and what your hear is so familiar you know what picture is on the screen without the need to view. Such is the power that the advertisers have over you. How many times to you quote a phrase from something you have heard form television or whistled or sung a tune that you cant’ get our of your head. This of course in third party advertising as the people who hear this also recognise the pictures they relate to it and of course their minds are focussed on the advertisers goods or services! This is imprisoning your mind and millions don’t even realise it.

If you want to watch television, schedule what you want to see, watch it and turn it off and do something more constructive like blogging of going for a walk, it is more healthy for the mind and body respectively and of course you will be out of the control of those manipulative marketing moguls who are ruining the earth with their greed for commercial greed.
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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables - No Excuses

Supermarket in São Paulo

Fruit and vegetables are overly expensive and so many people have no other choice other than to buy them from supermarkets and grocer stores, after all what else can they do. What a silly statement that is, what else can they do! Grow your own.

I don’t have the time! Bull, how much television do you watch a day, at least an house guaranteed. Imagine what you could do with that hour each day growing you own fruit and vegetables!

I don’t have the space! Bull, get rid of some flowers and put some eating produce there. Don’t have a garden? A balcony will do, tomatoes, potted herbs, grow-bags that will entertain most vegetables.

I don’t have the knowledge! Bull, how much intelligence does it take to put a seed a couple of centimetres into some earth and make sure it doesn’t dry out by watering regularly?

Supermarket fruit and vegetables are far better than I could produce! Bull, they are chemically engineered to EU standards and have toxins within that your grandchildren might find out how much damage they could do down the line of generations who eat them.

Even is is a simple plate of water and cress for a sandwich it is better then nothing – Have you sent he cost of water and cress in supermarkets! It’s criminal!
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Monday, 16 November 2009

Direct TV - Well Worth Comparing With Your Current Package

2-D logo.

Television is part sand parcel of life now. All out information and news is sought from this means of communication, but people still get conned into getting television packages that ore over priced and just don’t give value for money. We certainly are now looking again at our own cable package that to us seems overpriced for what we get. This is what took my attention and now we are seriously considering changing our contract to a more competitive and comprehensive one.

Direct TV is a package that delivers a quote within 15 seconds online, this way you can compare your own cable pricing and service with what’s on offer here. DirectTV can give a package that cost as little as $29.99 which includes more than 150 digital based channels, does your current contract compare with that?

Directv seems like a good tip to check out, there is no harm in finding out what the competition is like. It is always been said on this blog that if you want to save money you should shop around and look for the offers that are open to you before buying anything. This is how the expensive and often rogue based companies’ get away with conning people purely from customers not doing their homework.

I won‘t say anymore other than saying, “Happy viewing, come what may!”
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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Good Advice During The Winter Season

A tree covered with Snow

One tip that was given to me some 40 years ago by a schoolteacher is one of the best tips I have every heard and has made me laugh for as many years whenever I recall it. Let me get you laughing as well, but don’t forget to take this tip seriously as well especially now as the winter is arriving and it is the season for this plain advice.


There you are, you now are that much wiser for the next round of snow you get.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

British Airways World Sale - Book Before The World Sale Ends

British Airways Boeing 767, featuring "De...

Okay guys, here is a tip you may want to take up and in hindsight never forget. Pick a place in the world you’d like to go to and make the most of British Airways World Sale that is on at the moment. The reason British Airways have got this sale on is promote flight and packages to and from the US and Canada. It will have to be a quick decision as the offer is open only from the 10th - 19th November so you have 9 days to get your bookings in.

If I had my choice it would be Nairobi as I have a friend who lives and words there and I haven’t seen him for nearly 20 years! British Airways are offering flights form New York (JFK) for $512 each way or $1,297 for a return trip, which includes 3 nights Bed and Breakfast in a 4 star Jacaranda Hotel.

British Airways is renown for their world-class service with upgrades covering complimentary food and cocktails on all flights, 200+ On-Demand Entertainment Choices and a destination guide that will enhance you holiday experience. With their ergonomically designed seats the flights will give you the best ever comfort. Have you every flown by other so called cheap airlines and found the service cramped, charges for everything that should be standard in a flight? I have, it’s a con and wouldn’t fly with these airlines again

If you are going places or want to go places and you want to go now, book your flights or package now. It would be a great idea to go Christmas shopping abroad and be different this year.

Click Here

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Don't Do It! - Smoke That Is

Don't Do It! - Smoke That Is

Don’t do it! Please, please think twice before you buy and use this and reflect on the damage it can do to you, the people around you and the environment. It is quite simple – SMOKING!

The reason I am saying this is that this weekend I am seeing my best friend slowly and painfully dying due to smoking. He can’t turn the clock back and his addiction, that had been aided and abetted by money grabbing cigarette companies and government who are also money grabbing for the tax they generate. It is also a government who are laughing behind his back as he will not reach pension age and receive his hard earned pension which he has paid toward all his working life!

Don’t do it! Think of all the people who benefit from smoking and this will certainly help you to curb the habit. Why do you let them get a way with it, they are killing you and stealing your hard earned cash, on the face of it they should be put behind bars!
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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Want A New Webhosting System? - A Tip To Take

Want A New Webhosting System - A Tip To Take

Tips come in all shapes and sizes, from fixing a leak in the pipe to saving money on holidays. From getting rid of a stain to getting rid of hiccups. Today’s tip is quite simply a place to go before you consider your choice of web host.

One of the biggest wants of modern times is buying a web hosting facility, literally millions of website administrators choose their web host as it is needed for either their business site or personal site. It is a minefield of a market and without proper detailed information about the web host you are considering could well be blown up with the result.

Every website is different and therefore every site has different needs and that is where this site comes into play. Whether you want a dedicated server, a budget hosting system, vps hosting, or the most comprehensive service money no object, this site is a must. is run and administered by experts in their field. If anyone know the web host market it is a web geek. You are in excellent company for advice and information to guide you through the maze of web hosting options. And of course it FREE!

My blog is all about giving tips and wrinkles to readers and this post is no exception. It will save you lots of headaches form something that is not suited to your site or doesn’t offer what you wanted. With reviews web hosts are tried, tested and accounted for from people who have actually used them. It differentiates the good from the bad and that is something you should take up if you have any sense.

If you are after a new web hosting facility, take the tip you know it makes sense.
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Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Top Dropper On Entrecard For October 2009

A big, big thank you to all the Entrecard members who had the consideraton to drop on Tips n Wrinkles. It is a hard time right now and sharing is a main play in survival and success in blogging. It is will great optimism that Entrecard will survive the transition due to the kind and caring community that has built up there.

The month of October saw two top contedners both on 31 drops. Business & Life Success just beating Learning Corner
. It is a grateful blogger to all those who made it to the list given below and of course those hwo just missed out hoping November is even better for all.

Business & Life Success

Center for Business Success, Life Success, Management Success and Career Success

Learning Corner

Center for Personal Development, Professional Learning and Education, Finance, Smart Investment, Business Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Business Success, Computer, Technology Update, Lifestyle Improvement.

Akila's Blog

This is the personal web blog of Akila Mendis

The Sweet Life

Pink stuff is my favorite.
A fashionista wannabe because when you dressed up neatly and appropriately it somehow add confidence to yourself.
My blog title is The Sweet Life.It is a personal blog.It tackles everything that interests me.Every little thing that make life sweet. I am newbie here in blogger world. Also here in Entrecard.

Living well

Life is colorful and meaningful. Appreciate and learn all about the wonderful things and everyday greatness and let this be an inspiration for a meaningful life.

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Traders' Hub

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Civilianism News

A progressive political blog about U.S. and world news, with a focus on war, peace, civil and human rights.

All 2 Read

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Futurism Now

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Kamila the Camel

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Dosh For U - Extra Money Tips

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Always returns drops.


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