Monday, 26 October 2009

Winter Warming Tips

Winter Warming TipsThe cold of winter is still with us, but not for much longer. Seeing it through is an achievement and with some useful tips on how to stay warm until we get to spring, it should see us all through.

Have at least one hot meal a day alongside many hot drinks throughout. A little exercise every day will help keep you warm, try and get outside to do it, but if not no worries. Whenever you go outside always dress up warmly for once you do get cold it take lots to warm you up again. If you wearing several layers of thin clothing rather than a couple of thick materials clothing this is more effective for keeping warm.

The recommended temperature you should keep your home at is 21°C or 70°F. I don't know who has the right to tell you what the right temperature for your home is. This is a load of twaddle as far as I can see. Set your home to the temperature that you feel comfortable with, that surely is more sensible.

If you open the bedroom windows for around half and hour daily in the morning to air the room, then leave them securely shut all other times to keep the warmth in, this is a good system to have in place.

Winter Warming TipsWhy not use an electric blanket, it seems to have gone out of fashion recently even though it is an excellent way to keep warm. Just turn it on half an hour before you go to bed, then switch it off just before getting into bed. All you need is to be warm to get to sleep and you should dream through to the morning. By the way, never have a hot water bottle in bed with you if use an electric blanket.

A little time to wait now and these tips needn't be used, but don't forget, winter comes around every year so don't forget to stay happy and warm next year as well.
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Monday, 19 October 2009

Electric - A Power That Should Be Respected

Ever since electricity was discovered is has transformed this world. Electricity is lean, efficient and product that a secondary source of power from a various range of sources. Today we can choose the way we create electric and the use of fossil fuel is now being turned over by solar, wind and wave power. We will never run out of electric sources form these primary sources of power and that is a small relief in a world of crisis on the environmental front.

Electric - A Power That Should Be Respected

We still must learn to conserve out electricity use until technology refines the way in which electricity is created with renewable sources. There is still a long way to go for that to be the main feed for power, but it is happening as the realisation that old sources are now running out.

Nuclear power electric is potentially the most economic form of power, but waste products that it produces are lethal to this planet and accidents do happen. There will always be an element of risk involved with this kind of generating of electric, whether we are prepared to take that risk has to be weighed up with what the alternatives are. Realistically nuclear power has its place as a minority source of power until renewable energy has established itself.

The cost of electric seems to go up each year, along with the electric services, but a percentage of the bills you pay go towards the development of technology and investment in alternative and greener sources of energy. Without this development funded by an electric using public progress in this field would be difficult if no impossible as governments usually have tight purse strings to funding this.

There are many ways you can save on your electric bills by just being sensible about things at work and at home. Probably the most effective way to save electric and of course save on your monthly bills is to educate yourself in this very much electric borne world of ours. Switching lights of you don’t need, turning the standby off on appliances that have it, getting energy efficient bulbs is just the tip of the iceberg on energy saving. It is up to you to take action of course, many millions of people already have, but then many millions haven’t and they should.

At the end of the day we need electricity imagine life without it now. At the same time we need to respect the luxury it gives us and not waste something that should be treasured.
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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dealing with Burst Pipes and Water Damage During Winter

Underexpected Waterfeature

Every winter, more than 200,000 homes are water-damaged due to frozen pipes that have burst. For affected families, the effect is not just mere inconvenience but a serious interruption to their daily lives. Some families are even forced to seek temporary shelter because their homes have been rendered inhabitable by severe water damage. It is a fact that one in five homeowners insurance claims every year is related to water damage and such claims peak come wintertime when pipes become frozen and eventually burst.

Pipes that are Prone to Freezing

Some pipes in your home are more susceptible to freezing with the most obvious ones being those that are positioned outside such as pipes running along the house's exterior walls. Other pipes that are most exposed to the cold weather like pipes in crawl spaces, garage, and lofts are also likely to freeze. Also, the main water supply pipe carrying water to your home may also freeze in severely cold weather.

In addition, hot water pipes are not safe from freezing so it is important to winterize them too along with cold water pipes. Keep in mind also that cold air can travel up the pipes so the temperature outside the pipe does not have to be 0° Celsius or below for the pipes to freeze.

Steps to Take When Frozen Pipes Break

1. Turn off the main water supply line at the street. Call a plumber immediately if you cannot shut off the main line.

2. Switch off the electricity supply to your home at the meter box to prevent electric shocks form happening, which is something that could very well happen if there is a leak somewhere near an electrical wiring or anything electrical.

3. If there is water damage, call up your insurance company. It is standard for most home insurance polices to provide coverage for this kind of water damage. Talk to your agent about the necessary repairs and be clear about the details of your particular coverage.

4. If the affected room is not flooded but some parts are wet or damp from a leak, open the windows and doors to air dry the area.

5. Take your documents and possessions out of the affected area to make sure they don't get damaged by water.

How Does Water Freezing Cause Pipe Bursts?

During winter, the freezing temperature outside makes water supply pipes naturally at risk of freezing. Because water expands when it freezes and turns to ice, you can expect that there will not be enough room in the pipe for the sudden bulk. So, this creates the breaks and cracks in the pipe causing water to burst out of the pipe the moment the ice melts. Obviously, you will have to pay for the necessary pipe repair and replacement. However, the repair costs are preferable over spending thousands of dollars to fix more serious water damage caused by a massive leak.

Call for Professional Service

In most situations, calling a plumber to deal with a burst pipe is the best course of action. It's also the least troublesome for you. This is also true if there is water damage to your home caused by the burst pipe. Consider calling a professional water damage restoration company rather than try to do the job yourself, which could even lead to more damage

Leo Nov is an editorial staff member of, a leading service provider for water damage cleanups. To learn more about burst pipe and water in Basement, visit

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Save Money And The Environment With A Water Softener System

Save Money And The Environment With A Water Softener SystemThis is a good tip and not only is it better for your health but save an enormous amount of money on replacing machined that use water to run such as washing machines, coffee making machines, kettles, water boilers etc.

One of the biggest problems in many households is the quality of water that comes from the mains. There are hundreds of thousands of home that up until now had no choice but to use the ‘hard’ water that comes directly through the municipal water pipes. This is not good for you health and causes many problems with the ‘furring up’ of heating elements.

Well now there is an option you can take that doesn’t use salt or magnets and requires no maintenance at all. Once installed it will deliver a never-ending supply of pure healthy water, which will be healthier for you and your family, including your pets! Also the appliances that use heating elements in contact with water will have a much longer live and heat more efficiently saving even more money on electric bills. This of course has a knock on effect environmentally with less carbon emissions.

There is a company that offers a water softener system that can be installed in your home fitted by professionals who have been working that way since 1984. This blog is about saving money and at the same time helping the environment and this is exactly what this water softening system does.
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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Get Rid Of The Car - Electric Bikes Are The In Thing

Get Rid Of The Car - Electric Bikes Are The In ThingThere is a marriage of certain things that just make something so useful and it stares us in the face so much but we don’t always realise it. Riding bikes and caring for the environment are these two things that I and many others should aspire to. May people hate cars and greener alternatives to should be used more often, but like most things greed and selfishness push the majority of people away form looking at this unfortunately.

The invention of the combustion engine are the scourge of the earth, they pollute and use up earth’s natural resources which will run out sooner than we think so when I see something that will slow this down I get excited. The Electric Bike is not a new thing it has been around for quite a few decades but has never really taken off. Today however it has a new look new features that make it ‘cool’ to be seen on and of course the economics compared to the horrible car are incomparable. No petrol, insurance, tax and the minimum of maintenance make it the best option if you are the only person who has to travel.

Electric Bikes For Sale is something you don’t often see advertised. That is because there aren’t that many about, but they are increasing in number and more are being produced. An Electric Bike For Sale is something I always look for and one day I’ll buy one and use it. My Lada is a guzzler and the gas prices are going up all the time. With an electric mike in my garage I also won’t have any problem starting it up in the mornings that are getting colder and colder as winter arrives.

If you want a tip, get rid of your car and buy and electric bike, make am environmental statement to your neighbours and workmates. You’ll be seen as a pioneer if you do and other will follow.
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wear Hard Hats In Construction Sites - It's Not Difficult

Wear Hard Hats In Construction Sites - It's Not DifficultIt is a wise old bird that speaks here as an experience recently had really sunk home how important it is to reduce risks in a world that has so many potentially dangerous places although they may look safe in the first instance.

Safety comes first was always the first principle when I used to teach in primary schools in the UK. Since coming to Bulgaria this principle has been relegated to extinction and the dangers that are around are just increased with no provisions for safety here.

I was working with a few Bulgarians on a building site, no Bulgarian ever wears hard hats here. Even builders for the UK that have to wear them on a mandatory basis in the UK just disregard that previous rule and they also increase the risk of injury of death by taking a leaf out of the Bulgarian risk takers. It was an ambulance that was needed as one of the workers knocked himself unconscious by not seeing a stone beam he walked into when venturing the new build. If he had been wearing a Jackson hard hat he certainly wouldn’t need treatment form doctors and an ambulance.

It was my advice to other builders that were around that they should really consider wearing safety equipment such as hard hats, they all laughed even though their work mate had just been taken away by the medics. Well after decades of high risk taking they aren’t prepared o change their ways even though the cost of safety equipment is easily supplies online. If I wanted a MSA hard hat or any other type of construction safety gear I can get it cheaply, quickly and securely online. Pity these Bulgarians haven’t realised this yet. It will be law here soon though as Bulgaria is in the EU.

The tip is to get safety gear before you plan to go on building construction sites whether your work there or are just a visitor. Accidents are just waiting to happen otherwise as I found out.
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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Get Outside More With Good Garden Furniture

Get Outside More With Good Garden FurnitureMy favourite place in my home is my garden, whenever I get a chance I’m our there just taking in nature, so much better than being indoors watching television. My grandfather once told me if you want to see the news don’t watch television just look outside, that’s where the local news is.

Well the news form the garden today is that my Patio furniture needs replacing. I bought it from B&Q some three years ago and it hasn’t lasted long. What I should have done was invest in better quality Outdoor furniture that would last as longer than this cheap plastic stuff that has become brittle in the summer heat and deemed useless now.

Many years ago I used to have wicker garden furniture that was out in fair weather an put inside when not used. It is light enough to do this with ease and lasted us at lease ten years. It would have lasted even longer but we moved home and left the wicker garden furniture behind unfortunately. We are now seriously thinking of buying the same again and have come across a site that stocks the largest selection of wicker as well as outdoor furniture, metal patio furniture and teak outdoor furniture collections. I wouldn’t consider ever buying form DIY stores again after the outcome of the plastic furniture last time round.

My partner is of the same opinion, Wicker furniture is the best suited for our garden as the wood blends in with the surround. Luckily we have storage space to put it away win bad weather and over winter, even though much of the furniture on offer is designed for all weathers. If you are looking to get more out of evenings and weekends, get yourself garden furniture and spend more time out in the garden, it’s good for you and of course it’s all good news as opposed to all bad news on the television.
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Monday, 12 October 2009

Eyeglass Wearers Have Been RIpped Off For Far Too Long

Eyeglass Wearers Have Been RIpped Off For Far Too Long

One of the best tips at the moment is to save money on prescription eyeglasses. Opticians have had it their own way for decades and for too long where they do a superb job looking after your eyes, giving advice and eye test, then take you to the cleaners as the cost of the eyeglasses they have on offer is either bland at the lower end price or way over the top for more fashionable glasses. I know, I have been wearing prescription glasses for over 40 years and I hate to think of the money I have spent in recent years when there is an alternative.

It was five years ago since I last had my eyes tested so my plan now is to attend my local optician to have my eyes tested and when the prescription is in my hand I will say thank you and goodbye, I’m now going to buy my eyeglasses online. This is How You Can Start Spending Smart, wave goodbye to big spending in opticians and say hello to bargains galore online without any lowering of standards or quality.

Eyeglass Wearers Have Been RIpped Off For Far Too LongNot having much disposable income, My favorite high fashion eyeglasses would be a bargain basement deal in fact I already know what pair I would choose it would be the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. Where on earth can you buy prescription eyeglasses for that price in the high street with the quality and fashion still in place? With fast and very secure delivery service and a guarantee that comes with it, I just can’t lose.

This tip is to bei taken by myself soon, and I say that all people who need prescription glasses should seriously consider it. Far too long high street optician retailers have ripped us off. Look at your own glasses now, think how much you paid and look up a simlar pair online, you will know for sure what to do next time once checked.

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Problem? Talk To People They May Help You

This is quite amazing but just yesterday one of my cousins in America was talking to me on Skype as she was out of a job and wanted to be consoled. Time s are hard and her job, I thought was quite secure as an optician, but apparently many people are skipping eye test because of the recession and jobs are last from this.

This is the amazing thing, as having recently done an article on finding jobs on another of my sites, I came across a website that specifically dealt with optician careers. I gave my cousin the web address and later that same day I she called me up on Skype to tell me that she now has an interview with a new employer and she hopes to be in work soon.

The site is free and deals with jobs local to you. All you do is put your job title you want to look for and the area you live in and the site does the rest. It is as simple as that. I really do hope my cousin gets the job, even though I will hear form her less as she won’t need consoling.

I suppose the tip here is to talk to people is you have a problem like being out of work, you never know what they might come up with!
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Friday, 9 October 2009

Earthquakes Can Happen Anywhere - My Home Wasn't Insured

Non-life insurance premia written in 2005

It is a fact that in Bulgaria the vast majority of homes, especially in the villages are not insured. If there is an earthquake, flood, fire or other disasters they will get no compensation whatsoever. Insurance is new to the many people here.

It is something that will now grow and the awareness is being made gradually that insurance is worth getting. . My home was not insured for 4 years here, then we had an earthquake and I had no cover. My home had to be repaired with my own money. Insurance is something that I am now looking for and I am looking at home insurance companies for the best deals around.

Not all insuaracne companies deal with Bulgaria so my options are limited to those companies that can provide adequate insurance here, hopefully not too expensive.

The tip is really to tell everyone to get their home insured. I thought that earthquakes didn’t happen here, but it happened. The same could happen in your area, not to mention the unpredictable and extreme weather the world is getting right now.
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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Swimming In Open Water Safety Tips

ROME - JULY 25:  Sean Ryan and Alex Meyer of t...

Having heard so many stories of peopel drowing this year in Bulgaria, I came across this article which just gave very good tips on how to stay safe. Having nearly drowned myself at one point I wish I had read it before the horric experience.

Swimming In Open Water Safety Tips
Swimming in open water can make a pleasant change from the mind-numbing lengths of a swimming pool. Instead of the claustrophobic feeling of being enclosed in a swimming lane, you have a sense of freedom in the open water. Any large expanse of water will do, whether it is the ocean, a lake or a dam. Open water swimming is great fun if you're training for a triathlon, iron-man competition or if you're just wanting to stay in shape and improve your stamina. It is important not just to enjoy your swim, but also to swim safely! Here are a few tips for swimming in open water: (more great swimming and diving tips can be found at

1) Don't just take the plunge, especially if the water is cold. Your body has to adjust to the water temperature gradually. If the water is cold... below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you should wear a wet suit. A swim cap and earplugs help to keep your head warm. Ear plugs also guard against earache and infections. Ease yourself into the cold water and start with a session of around 15 minutes the first time.

You can then gradually increase your time in the water with each swim.

2) Upon leaving the cold water after your swim, take your wet suit off, wrap yourself in a towel, have a warm drink and dress warmly. Your body temperature drops quicker in water and you need to get warm again.

3) For safety purposes, never swim alone. Always take a "swimming buddy" or join a swim club and swim together in a group. In the open water, potentially dangerous situations can arise. There are unknown elements such as currents, boats, seaweed and fog which you may have to negotiate. If you have a buddy or group, there is someone to help you if you get into difficulty.

4) On hot sunny days, especially if you have fair skin, apply waterproof sunscreen at least 20 minutes before your swim. Your skin can burn quite badly in the water if you don't take the necessary precautions.

5) If you wear spectacles, consider prescription swimming goggles or daily disposable contact lenses with non-prescription goggles over them . In the open water, it is important to see where you're going and to look out for any boats.

6) Swimming goggles come in various tints. Use blue lenses for cloudy days and dark lenses for bright, sunny days.

7) Beware of fog. It's easy to lose sight of the shore and get lost in dense fog.

8) If a lightning storm is brewing, don't swim. This is one electrifying experience you want to avoid!

9) Chaffing can be a problem, especially in salt water. Rub petroleum jelly over areas of friction if you are prone to chaffing.

10) Be careful of becoming entangled in seaweed when swimming in the ocean. Try not to kick when in seaweed as it tends to wrap around your legs. Also try to stay high in the water.
By following these practical tips, you can ensure that your open water swim is both an enjoyable and safe experience. Swimming is a great way to keep in shape. Get into the water and have some fun! Just remember the old adage "if in doubt, get out."

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

By Perfume Online - You Know It Makes Scents!

By Perfume Online - You Know It Makes Scents!A tip that my partner gave me was to always by the best perfume you can afford as copies just don’t’ hack it. Well she’s a woman and an expert in choosing perfume. The scent of her everyday sends me crazy and she knows it. What a great way to start the day with you partner’s scent first thing in the morning as you kiss and cuddle when going off to work.

Before I came to Bulgaria perfume was something I never really cared for or took any real notice of. It was only being matched with a perfume expert who used to work in a perfume shop that the realisation of what perfumes can do to transform the mood of a person. Not only from the point of the received but the wearer knowing that this effect is being given out. It is no surprise we have learnt this from the flowers and herbs that use their own perfume to attract pollinators.

Quality, original and effective perfumes like Christian Dior (my partner’s current favourite) and Ralph Lauren can be bought online. Like many things bought online, the deal is a better one that buying in the high street. My partner knows the profit margins made in shops and looking online she now feels a bit guilty about selling customers overpriced original perfumes and colognes. The site that took her interest also sold many skin care products, makeup and gifts sets all at much lower price that shops.

The tip here again is to buy online with delivery quick, cheap and guarantees in place there is no better alternative. Forget the hussle and bustle of crowds in the high street most full of germs and shop from home. You know it makes Scents!
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Monday, 5 October 2009

Top EC Droppers For September

Here are the top EC droppers for Tips n Wrinkles for September:
Dropper # of drops
Learning Corner 30
Business & Life Success 30
Akila's Blog 25
allotments4you 22
atenean101 @ Blogspot 22
Kamila the Camel 21
The Vegan Lifestyle 20
All 2 Read 19
earth to holly 18
The Sweet Life 17

A big THANK YOU to all EC droppers on this site!
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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Credit After A Recession - Think Twice!

National Copper Bank, Salt Lake City 1911Don't Rob A Bank

Here’s a tip to all you chaps on the USA, don’t get credit you can’t afford and think twice before committing yourself to it You can however keep your cap on now as things are getting better and there is at last a light at the end of the tunnel with the recession. After it is all over will you have learnt anything about why it happened and how this kind of turmoil can be prevented from happening again? I don’t think so.

It is quite simple why it will happen again as we humans are never content with what we have, we always want more and more. Even the richest of the rich want more, but of course they have money to make more money. And the poor? Well the poor just borrow money to get what they want. Credit will always be in contention and used as a convenient way of getting things you can’t afford at the time. Thousands of dollars on mortgages to pay for the best house you can’t afford will always be in demand.

With this credit and buy now mentality I guess we all have to just think a little more before going head into loans and advances and make sure that you can afford to take it on once committed. This brings me to a company that can help you get the credit you want and quick. It is open to USA resident only, so if you aren’t it’s jolly well hard luck and you’ll have to risk going to another loan company and take your chances.

Have you ever used a loan service company before? If you have the chances are that you wish you had not rushed into it as you could have got a better deal with a company you found after you had committed yourself to the contract. What reasons do you need a loan for? Whatever your answer is, it won’t make any difference to the process. Under the guise of usa fast cash it gives you credit swiftly as we all know if you want something invariably you want it now. So why not look them up if you can’t wait for more complicated and time consuming ways of getting cash in the USA. Or rob a bank, but this is one tip I wouldn’t recommend.
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