Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Young Hands - An Excuse For Champagne Toast

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Its funny you know, but it wasn’t that long ago that my wife never needed to use any cosmetics. She had a young looking complex and there wasn’t’ any need to enhance it with expensive chemical enhancing treatment. As you get older her views on this are changing especially recently after an experience she had.

It was some pictures we took on holiday around five years ago. We were looking through the photograph archives one evening and one picture that stood out as one of our favourites was us at a restaurant with some champagne saying cheers with two topped up flutes. The glasses touched and we could see that our hands quite clearly. Looking at this my wife suddenly looked at her hands now and compared then to the picture. A mood of depression came over her, as she was clearly quite shocked seeing wrinkles that had formed. This was a stark contrast with the smooth and young looking hand in the photograph, and not so long ago.

There and then, she decided to do something about it by buying some wrinkle cream. She was to look at reviews and find the best one that would make her wrinkled hands become younger. She promised that we would drink champagne again and clink glasses once her hands had found their youth again.

I'm sure she is right, we all need a little help when we get older and for me having slightly wrinkled hands is more acceptable as a bloke. For a woman it seems it is a more sensitive issue. And for those who felt that cosmetics for hand wrinkles are not natural, think again. Many wrinkle creams are made from natural ingredients. It is not harmful to use and indeed healthy to use.

The tip here is if you want an extra few years of young hands there is nothing wrong with a little help. After all it will certainly cheers you up and make for a good excuse for more champagne toasts.
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Flu Treatment Drug In Big Demand

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Swine flu is the big worry recently and a worldwide problem. It may have been sourced from Mexico, but the virus has spread to most parts of the world and is still with us. Government and the media have been making is very clear that severe precautions have to be taken with anyone who has symptoms.

One of the leading online treatment and prescription services, PrimaMed has been inundated with orders for flu treatment. This is because many governments have been stockpiling the flu treatment drugs. The tip here is to make sure you have you own supply if the onset of flu hits. Stocks may dwindle if the rate of cases of influenza carries on as it has.

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Monday, 29 June 2009

A Recession - Great For Low Mortage Rates

A Recession Great For Low Mortage Rates

Great news for many in this recession is that fact that the mortgage rate is rock bottom. If you are in a position to buy a property now is probably the best time for many a year to go ahead. Not only form the bargain mortgages that are available now, but also from property prices that have tumbled in recent time.

Whether you want a 10 year mortgage or 30 year mortgage there is a massive choice out there and an even better deal with so much competition from banks and building societies. It really does pay to shop around and get as many quotes as you can to compare. This will save even more in the long run. It can’t get better than this right now in this doom and gloom recession.

If you are looking for a property get your skates on and buy now, the recession won’t last forever!
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Limited Music In Schools - There Are Other Options

Limited Music In Schools - There Are Other OptionsMusic education is something that you never forget and never regret learning. I have always said that music is like a passport, as musicians get to travel the world performing and sharing their talents. Being a musician myself having been classically trained I know that the benefits of music are endless. I have fought endlessly to make music education in schools to be just as important as English, Mathematics and Science, this unfortunately hasn’t happened. Children are missing out big time on musical experience and tuition in the school curriculum. There is an alternative though.

Getting child music education is not just confined to mainstream schools, there are other sources where you child can be taught music outside this area. The earlier you child starts the more benefits they gain. Starting up pre-school through baby music classes is something that many parents might consider. Look at is as an investment into your child’s future. With this they will gain all the benefits of developing a musical brain and more than make up the demotion of music in mainstream schools.

I started musical training in my teens and wish I had the opportunity to start younger. If you child attends a child music class, it will instil musical skills that will never be forgotten and lead to a future where many children just don’t get the opportunity. Such as shame that parents now have to rely on outside resources to fulfil the musical gap in schools’ general curriculum base.

The tip is to consider giving your child a musical education above and beyond what schools offer, there are options and that is good.
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Monday, 22 June 2009

Love Reading Books? - Rent Don't Buy

I love writing and reading other authors' books but can’t always afford to buy what I want to read so the tips is to rent books as an alternative. This saves money and cuts back on the amount of trees that need to be reduced, as someone else will reuse the same book after you.

Booksfree.com was set up nearly 10 years ago and provides exactly that. With over 200,000 book titles including 25,000 audio-book titles in stock once you are a member you can’t fail to find what reading material you want. With the website open 24 hours a day once you have found you book it will be shipped to you straight away and once you have read it you can return it. The beauty is that there is a free shipment both ways!

This certainly is a great way to save money on book you like to read and there is also an option to keep the book at a discounted price if you wish. What a great idea!

Certainly this tip is a good one if you are an avid reader like me and spend wads of buying books.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quality Power Tools Make DIY Easier

Quality Power Tools Make DIY EasieEvery since moving to Bulgaria is quite noticeable that DIY is done my hand in the main. This takes lots of time and effort and a small job can last for days. The small amount of tools I brought over with me has played an important role in the renovation of my house. The main tip here is to use good quality power tools to get the best possible results from DIY.

Even though I have some power tools, the quality isn’t very good, it was always a case of getting he cheapest available; this really is a false economy. Cheap doesn’t always mean better and now I am kicking myself with tool that are on their last legs only after a couple of years use. Time to rethink about getting replacements as my house is still not totally renovated and it is well worth waiting for the right tools for the job before I start up again.

Quality Power Tools Make DIY EasierOne tool I do need is a tool that is quite underrated, these are the very useful rotary hammers. These tools tackle concrete, masonry and stone so that will make my job so much easier. Every jobsite should be equipped with one and I know where I am going to get it. I will shop for it online, as there are no shops that sell this brand of tool in Bulgaria, from an American company called Powertools.us. They have a great range to choose from and quality brands such as bostich.

I can’t start work unit the autumn now, as it is too hot here. This give me time to order the tools I need, which will still end up still being cheaper than buying in high street shop. I know they will last a lifetime and come with a guarantee with is the norm form American based products. I can’t wait really it make DIY so much nmore enjoyable and I can share these power tools with my neighbours who work so hard doing it the hard way. That’s one way I can repay them for the kindness they have shown me here over the years.

The tip is to buy quality power tools as they make any DIY job easier, more professionally done and not least, more enjoyable.
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Monday, 15 June 2009

Credit and Debt Consolidation - Now Not Later

Credit and Debt Consolidation - Now Not LaterDebt Management is an area many people just put off. The big tip here is to act when it is still manageable and not let it run away out of control. There are wise heads out there that have seen to help many who need to control their debts and consolidate their finances breathing a sigh of relief in the process.

In most cases the outgoings are less than before and the debt is reduced each month rather than increasing before a debt consolidation plan has been set in. It makes so much more sense to get this running sooner rather than later with this in mind.

The main areas that will reduce your outgoing are credit card debt, or bad debt as it is sometimes called. Tailor made debt consolidation loans can be made to eliminate all your ‘bad debt’ credit cards and that is just one example of reducing your debt. there are many other forms of 'bad debt' that exist and can be routed out with cheaper credit and a light at the end of the debt tunnel.

There are many financial companies out there who have your interests at heart, they want to help and have the expertise to do that. It won't be for everyone, but for many it is an answer to a problem that can be solved.

Again, the tip is take professional advice now as each day that goes by you are paying more for your credit as it stands.
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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Rent An Apartmernt When On Vacation - It's Better

Rent An Apartmern When On Vacation - It's Better

Holidays are now upon us as we strive to find the best deals around. There is a simple rule that can save you hundreds of pounds and make you feel like you have been on holiday out of your neighbourhood rather that just being in another space for a week or so.

Package holidays usually include you staying in a hotel. Hotels are usually sterile places with no atmosphere and staff that all speak your won language is you are abroad. It would be far better if you were to rent an apartment when you are on vacation.

Why rent an apartment? Well firstly you go away form home to experience that different area and culture. By renting an apartment you will be living live a local within the community. The other benefit is quite simply it is much cheaper especially is you cater for yourself, more savings!

The tip here is to rent an apartment when you’re on vacation the benefits are far fetched.

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Friday, 5 June 2009

Tips Prevent Stop Foxes, Rats and Mice Raiding

6:01pm - Fox on Hardings Beach

Foxes, mice and rats love food that is left out for them. Why attract them to your home? Here I have given a few tips on how to avoid your place becoming a regular haunt for them. Nothing is worse than having to deal with the aftermath of these pests around the home.

  • Only fill bird feeders in winter months when they need it.
  • Don’t leave pet food outdoors always make sure it is brought in before bedtime.
  • Always store rubbish in secure steel containers or in airtight containers and in an inside area.
  • Wash your rubbish bins frequently with a strong disinfectant.
  • Wait until the morning of your regular rubbish pickup before you put it out.
  • Get rid of grease and food residue from barbecue grills, including the grease cups that may be underneath after each use.
  • Do not put meat, fish or sweet food and that includes fruit in your compost.
  • Always keep meat and fish leftovers in the freezer until rubbish pickup day (make stock or soup from them first of course.)
Image by Chris Seufert via Flickr
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Birth Announcements - Need Some Help?

Birth Announcements - Need Some Help?When the occasion arrives of the birth of your child, you want to tell the whole world about it. It is such a proud moment in your life and Birth Announcements have to be made not just from a point of telling the world but to inform family and friends who wouldn’t forgive you for not letting them know.

Whether it is a boy or a girl or even twins a photograph is the best way to let people know about it. Baby Announcements is a joyous occasion and there is plenty of help out there to make the process easy and even more enjoyable. Doodlebug Designs specialise in birth announcements, holiday photo cards and shower invitations they have the materials that make the announcements even more special. I only wish they or something similar were around when we had our twins delivered back in 1984, it was one of our proudest moments.

The tip here is quite simple. If you want to make birth announcements during this very busy time for parents use help that is there. Parents need all the help they can get during this time. Also it is a joyous occasion not for just the parents, but the people who receive the announcements.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Credit Card Tips

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When you are issued a credit card check how long it will take to pay off a card's balance when you make minimum payments. You will find it’s a very long time and will encourage you either not to use your card unless you pay the full balance each month. Cards issued by banks you can get this information by calling the payoff information number.

  • A person carrying a £5,000 balance with an annual interest rate of 15 percent who makes no more charges and makes the minimum payment on time each month will shell out around £1,640 in interest and make payments for 10 years before the balance is paid off. That really does make you think!
  • If you have a credit card that awards points, the best policy is to redeem points sooner rather than later. The reason is quite simple; the redemption value is largely hidden and can be changed by the card issuer at any time.
  • Choose a reward that fits the type of spending you do, such as earning extra points for grocery, magazines or chemist purchases. Always make sure that the rewards you get does involve you having to spend more.
  • Consider cash-back cards. Cash rebates, they are pretty straightforward and there are no blackout dates.
  • Beware of hidden fees and read the fine print of the reward program's, policy, terms and conditions. Check for the expiry dates on points or miles and know that the current terms are subject to change with little or no notice.
  • A good tip is to be true to one credit card, this will maximize your rewards-earning potential. It is also good advice to use a card that has a low interest rate and no annual fee then simply do all your spending with that card to reap the most rewards.
  • Add you partner as an authorized user on your account to leverage all of your household card spending and increase your reward-earning power.
  • Just don’t bother with reward cards if you consistently carry a balance. Reward cards charge higher interest rates making them expensive. Another option is to get another card the lowest rate of interest you can find.
I hope these tips will give you an edge on credit card company tactics to try and get you to spend more and fall for hidden traps in rewards and cash back systems
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Monday, 1 June 2009

Top Ten Entrecard Droppers For May 2009

A BIG Thank you to my TOP TEN Loyal Entrecard Droppers

They now have free advertising on my blog for a month

Thanks to all other who contributed, I hope you make it into the top ten for June!


Dropper # of drops
Zero 31
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Everyday Living 26

Life Term Insurance - Underrated

Life Term Insurance - UnderratedIf you die how will my family pay the mortgage and look after them? A simple question that may give rise to certain unrest if the answer is “ I don’t know!” There is a massive financial gap exists that needs to be filled by thousands of people who give that answer.

Underrated is a word that comes into play when describing term insurance. It is the cheapest form of insurance, the simplest form and the most essential. It puts families mind at rest with the financial safety net it gives is death happens. I have myself covered that will more than cater for my family is I am no longer there – I am the bread-maker and my term insurance will rise to the rescue in such instances.

In a nutshell, term life insurance is essential and I recommend you get a quote to see how cheap it actually is. The longer your leave it the more expensive it becomes; the younger you are, the cheaper it is.

There are many places you can get quote, but the best place is from a site that offer free instance quotes from most if not all the top life insurance companies and have been quoted form Forbes Magazine, “ ReliaQuote is setting the standard for insurance companies on the Web today..”

The tip here is to get a quote for term life insurance now, don’t wait and to get it from probably the best online broker that has won award after award for the service they provide on line. You can then realise how cheap it is and why it is underrated.
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Good Flooring Installed - No Ants

Good Flooring - No AntsIt's warm weather we are having right now and this causes problems. – Ants! They come from the foundations and make their way into my kitchen every year, I don’t like killing them, but I have not option right now.

The reason for this is my flooring has gaps in the joins of the wood. What I should do is get new flooring. Natural stone would do the job and look great. Surfing for possible professional installation Orange Flooring from Calafornia ust popped up that provide high customer service and consistent excellent quality of work. This is just the type of company that I should use.

The tip today is not to use poison to kill ants, but get your flooring installed to professional standards and they will not invade your home. Better for you, better for the environment and of course better for the ants.
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