Friday, 31 October 2008

Dental Care Tips

Dental Care TipsDental health is widely ignored in many parts of the world, mainly though lack of education, even in westernised societies. Tooth and gum disease are one of the most common diseases and it is a fact that the wealthier the people, the more likely it is for tooth loss to occur.

Most problems occur due to of bacteria activity in the plaque. This collects on the teeth and gums and bacteria breed on it. If you can rid yourself of plaque and keep it that way, most teeth and gum problems would disappear.

Dental Care TipsDental diseases are not lethal, but the cost, the pain and suffering and man-hours lost from work is plain to see. If Governments took measures to get rid of dental problems through better education, this would result in a much more efficient population.

Dental Care TipsCleaning you teeth is the source to having healthy teeth. To do it properly you must me shown how to and then actually practice it. A tooth has five different surfaces, the front, the back, the two sides and the chewing surface. The advice is to brush the top and bottom teeth separately. Most dentists say that bristle tips should be applied at around 45 degrees to the gum area. This should be just above where the teeth emerge and should concentrate on the gum margins. Many people don't do this. The bristles should then be are moved back and forth incorporating a gentle circular motion with short strokes. You teeth right at the back of your mouth mustn’t be forgot. Lastly, brush all the biting surfaces. If yo practice this every day you will get into a habit of a lifetime.

There are a couple of other tips to follow:

  • Don't put too much toothpaste on the brush; paste the size of a pea is all you need. If you put too much there will be a tendency to spit it out too soon with all the foam it makes.
  • Start with a dry brush when you put the past on. The reason for this is that it alters the action of the bristles and stops them removing plaque effectively.

Dental Care TipsMost dentists recommend dental floss. The main reason is that it reaches parts a brush can't' reach, mainly in between the teeth where plaque is trapped. All dental floss is a kind silk/nylon thread that is passed the spaces between the teeth. This is done with a gentle backwards and forwards motion. You can buy waxed floss; this is easier to use than non-waxed floss. Using floss is a skill therefore children may have trouble mastering it. This is where the caring parent comes in to educate the children to brush and floss their teeth every day. They will thank you when they still eat peanuts at 70 years of age!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Fashion for Men of all Sizes

Fashion for Men of all SizesMen's clothing and what suits different figures are often overlooked. There are simple rules that men can follow to look their best in clothing. And why not?

Women have had it far too long in advice and fashion tips, why shouldn't men be pampered a bit. Besides that, if want to impress the women, some tips on choosing the right style of clothing to get the best in the 'looking good' stakes are given here.

  • Wear hipsters with a short fly
  • Try to avoid short length jumpers; they will tend to 'show off' your short waist.

  • Long fly trousers are the best bet.
  • Wear double breasted jackets three button jackets are an excellent choice.

  • Close fitting trousers with no pleats are ideal. Make sure they don't have baggy bottoms.
  • Lean fitting clothes will enhance and emphasise “Racing Snake” appearance

  • Simply wear pleated trousers, these will distract from your feature
  • If you wear loose fitting jackets, shirts and knitwear this is a good disguise

Fashion for Men of all SizesGOT A BEER BELLY?
  • A light weight fabric with a dark colour would suit.
  • If you wear light shaded clothing this will tend to emphasise your stomach.
  • Loose woven shirts i.e. T shirts and polo shirts are ideal
  • If you adopt flat fronted dark coloured trousers this will also be well suited.

  • Don't go for vertical stripes, it will make you look taller
  • Wear your trousers from the waist not the hip.
  • Obvious but essential, make sure your trousers are on the long side.
  • You can break up length with tops and trousers that contrast.
  • Go for roomy fit on the shoulders and chest.
  • Don't bother with shoulder padding.

  • Vertical stripes styles will make you seem taller.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes and checks patterns.
  • Too loose or too tight clothes should be avoided.
  • Have clothes that are a comfortable fit.
  • Simple colours and tonal balance between tops and trousers work well.
  • Don't go for chunky, flashy accessories e.g. chunky jewellery and never don trouser turn-ups.
  • Wide legged trousers are out.
  • Go for a bright tie that will draw the eye upwards.
  • Finally, a single breasted suit is much more preferable to a double breasted suit.
There you have it.

If you follow these guidelines you'll look your best on all occasions no matter what size or shape you are.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Smoking - Advice on Giving Up Cigarettes

Smoking - Advice on Giving Up CigarettesAdvice and tips on how to give up smoking come from all angles. Everyone is different and there is no one way that is a perfect solution. Smokers have their own ideas of when they want to stop smoking how they are going to do it and why they feel they should. What I have done here is give a few tips that smokers might want to consider, no pressure involved. It is advice, which can be taken or left, no pressure. Being an ex-smoker myself I know how hard it is and what make it worse is people nagging you to give up, that really doesn't work at all.

  • Try planning a day on which you want to quit; you can then put in place strategies to help you well in advance such as having nicotine patches or sugar-free chewing gum in stock.
  • Tell everyone you know you are going to give up smoking and ask other smokers in the house to restrict their smoking to outdoors.
  • You will have extra money by giving up, write down how you are going to spend it.
  • Throw away all matters that are to do with smoking such as lighters, cigarette papers, ashtrays etc.
  • Another writing exercise: Make a list of the good and bad factor to do with smoking. Then place it in a place where you will see it most of the time at home or at work.
  • Try using public transport or walk to work or when taking the kids to school instead of taking a car. This will prevent you from the temptation of smoking whilst driving.
  • Give your car a thorough spring clean and install an air-freshener this will be a deterrent.
  • Try to avoid alcohol and refrain from going to the pub, these activities and places are normally conducive to having a cigarette.
  • Eat raw vegetables, their great especially those that require a lot of chewing, especially carrots. Smoking - Advice on Giving Up CigarettesThis will help get over cravings or to fill breaks at work.
  • Keep hands and brain occupied, take up a hobby such as model making, do crosswords or cook, these really help to keep your attention away from smoking.
  • Start writing letters and telephone people, these are good ways of keeping activities going and distracting the brain.
  • All this effort deserves a reward. So do just that, reward yourself initially every hour you achieve a non-smoking status. This reward will eventually expand to a full day and then to a weekly, months etc.
  • Drink plenty of non-sugar fluids can help, if you get a craving make a drink. Most cravings will just pass you by after within 5 minutes getting a drink will see you through.

Smoking - Advice on Giving Up CigarettesLike I said, there is no right or wrong way to giving up. There are no sets of rules of how long it should take. But it is worth trying to think all the time about the reasons you are smoking. The main one is the government stealing tax off you by drugging you up and trying to kill you before you can claim your pension, which they don't want to pay!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Waste - Avoid It

Waste - Avoid ItSaving waste is something we should automatically do without thinking but many don't. This is because we have been living in a wasteful use and throwaway environment so long now that we think that is normal. Well, it can't last as future generations will pay for the price of out uncaring attitude to waste.

Waste - Avoid ItSome of these tips have been mentioned in passing by many but without the consistent plugging and advise there is no hope for the future. We all have to do out bit.

  • When looking for certain products go for durable products. Products that are disposable just don’t make sense; beside this again will save you money in the long run.
  • Make a compost, they are great for your garden for wildlife around it and cost absolutely nothing. not to mention the better results from using this with your growing.Waste - Avoid It
  • There is no point in buying in bulk to save money if you don’t use all that you have bought. Think very carefully when falling into the trap of buy more pay less, it doesn't always work.
  • When buying fruit and vegetables, buy them loose rather than pre-wrapped. You may need fewer than you actually are presented with and you save on packing waste.
  • Simply buy refills of products such as washing powder, herbs and spices, etc. Less waste by doing this and of course cheaper.
  • Plastic containers are great for storage. Don't throw them away, even without food they can be used to top up freezer space.
  • Rather than buying shop-packaged sandwiches make your own, the choice of filling is then only to your own imagination. Make a dream sandwich and still save money.
  • When shopping, and this is where most of the waste comes from, use reusable cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Saves you money as well.Waste - Avoid It
  • There is no point in buying in bulk to save money if you don’t use all that you have bought. Think very carefully when falling into the trap of buy more pay less, it doesn't always work.
  • Why use tissues when you can use a cloth handkerchief. This is only a modern trend; everyone used them in the 'Olden Days'.
  • Finally, another tip I personally practise all the time is to refill plastic drinks bottles rather than buying a new one. I also use tap water instead of spring water, it's just as good and virtually free.

Just try and pick one or two of these to start off with, you'll feel so much better about yourself, save money and make a step in the right direction for a brighter future you and for many generations to come.

Thank you for reading this.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Washing Machine Spinning Speed Yarns

Washing machines are now commonplace for most households in developed countries. Gone are the days where the wife would take the linen to the local stream and wash it on a rock. Having said that I have still see that go on in Bulgaria but then dealing with poverty and using practical means of getting around that leads to this happening.

Washing Machine Spinning Speed YarnsEven though washing machines have been around for over half a century, they still use masses of energy to do the job. In fact the ever increasing scale in spinning speeds has led to a spin war going on to see which machine can spin the fastest to save on tumble drying times.

Faster spin speeds = less tumble-drying time, yes! But does it really save energy with the effort on the spin? It is a fact that faster spin speeds are just a marketing tool and gimmick that leads people into believing faster is better and cheaper. Furthermore, it is another con to the believers of faster and better machines; they pay more for the product.

The difference between an 1100 spin speed and a 1200 spin is negligible and to be quite honest more psychological, so why on earth does this matter to people when considering buying a washing machine?

Let's look at the basics of why it is better not to fall for the 'faster is better' marketing trap.

If you buy a washing machine with lower spin speeds you will get cheaper washing machines, less noise, a machine that is more stable with less violent vibrations, longer lasting machines due to less wear and tear and your washing will suffer less as it will be more gentle with it. Added to that you will get cheaper electric bills as the energy these machine use will be less..

Washing Machine Spinning Speed YarnsAs covered in previous posts I am not a fan of tumble driers and a big fan of washing lines. We personally don't use the spin facility at all on warm sunny days, even in the winter. And if it isn't the right weather for washing on the line we will use a clotheshorse in the main room next to a radiator or wood burner, which we use. There is no additional cost to doing this, just time.

Washing Machine Spinning Speed YarnsIt remain another fact that I had found out in my research that the most common washing machines are not made to a high enough build quality to cope with super fast spin speeds. In essence a 1000 rpm machine has the same build as a 1600 rpm machine. The 1600 rpm washing machine will break down more often, therefore requiring more spare parts and basically become an environmental nightmare in waste in redundant materials, noise pollution and excessive energy.

The bottom line is not to get a fast spinning machine and try to avoid using tumble driers if the is an option to use washing lines.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Avoid Post Christmas Blues

Avoid Post Christmas BluesChristmas, who needs it? Crazy, its October and another reminder that Christmas is on its way, but fro very good reason this time.

Look back to January 2007 are you still paying you credit card bill off from last Christmas? Christmas doesn't have to be a financial suicide this time around if you take sensible actions.

Try and plan where you will be at Christmas then plan what food, drink and presents you will need for that place, (or home for that matter).

Avoid Post Christmas BluesYour budget can now be worked out and how much you can afford to put aside each month or week. By stashing your money in bank account that pays interest monthly, one or two presents will have paid for themselves by the time Christmas arrives..

If finding much extra cash to tuck away, try and economise in the meantime, there are many place this can be done from saving electric to eating less, it all counts. Tips on this can be found here on this site Top-10-energy-saving-tips.

Avoid Post Christmas BluesIf you're cooking lunch on Christmas Day, the secret to success is organisation. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. Ask guests who may be coming to share the big day with you to bring a dish or alcoholic contribution. This will reduce cost and stress all in one big fell swoop. Stock up on food that can be kept for long periods and use food that you can store in the freezer. Between now and Christmas look for items you have on your list and buy when they are on special offer or on promotion.

How about savings stamps schemes? Don’t, its better not to bother and just pile all bit and pieces in a interest giving savings account, the interest is always going to be more than saving stamp and less bother! Besides you can only normally spend you stamps in the shop that is running it. What use it that?

Avoid Post Christmas BluesMake the most of reward schemes it all makes a difference to your disposable funds laid down for Christmas. You could save them up if planned carefully. Don’t fall for buying stuff that isn’t on your list just for promotional rewards points or credits, it just isn’t worth the bait
Presents cause stress financially and most presents are bought for the sake of it rather than for something that is needed, what a waste! Why not agree in advance to only buy gifts for the children most consenting adults that you will be seeing and normally buy presents for at Christmas will probably be just as financially relived of the idea as you are.

Again buying presents can be based around what is on special offers and deals in the run up to Christmas. This is the most sensible way to shop if on a budget. Ever thought of making you own presents to gift as gifts? It can be done and quite often more rewarding that something bought as it is more personal and thoughtful.

Avoid Post Christmas BluesWhy do people spend so much on decorating the home. You can re-use last year’s decorations, I also do, they last for many years, Christmas trees often pop up as people upgrade theirs or make your own decorations and bring the kids into the equation. They’ll love it and appreciate the results they produce.

Avoid Post Christmas BluesChristmas Day is after all just another day and getting in debt all because of one day is just crazy. If you talk to anyone about having Christmas on a budget this year they will be of the same opinion, it is a good idea as Christmas has beconme wasteful, over commercialised and overrated.

You don’t need to break the Bank to have a good time at Christmas. Yes, it is a time for giving, but not to the credit companies who have the best New Year ever with the profits they make.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Microwave Ovens - Not Totally Indispensable

Microwave ovens are part of the set up of many kitchens in many parts of the world, some people say they can't live without them. They are now relied on for many things, not just for food. But how many people really know about the microwave? I have given a few tips on aspects you might be surprised to find out about.

Microwaves have hot and cold spots; this is not obvious to the human eye so to find them there is a trick you can use. Quite simply cover the base of the microwave with white sliced bread; making sure the whole floor area is covered. Then set the microwave on maximum look for the brown spots that will appear on certain areas of the bread floor peering through the glass.

Many people are unaware whether the cookware or dishes are microwave safe. There is a simple method you can take to check whether they are safe to use. Put the empty dish in the oven and switch the setting to low. Place a glass of water next to the dish and turn the microwave on for one minute then check if the water has warmed up. From this you will know the microwave is working. Next, turn the microwave up to maximum power for one minute. After this, check and see whether the dish is still cool. If it is the dish is certainly safe to use. if it's hot you know that this dish is not for use with microwave ovens.

If you wipe out the oven after each use you will get the full benefits of the power that the microwave has to offer. Make sure you clean around the door seal, which is often neglected, you will save energy and subsequently money by doing this. It is recommended that you use a mild detergent or even a bicarbonate of soda based solution to clean with. To help soften stubborn stains and hardened food, use steam by boiling a cup of water in the microwave oven. Then clean with a synthetic scrubbing pad, don't use steel wool for obvious reasons.

Here's a cooking tip you can take on board. Meat cooked in microwaves don't brown. To get over this problem of a bland appearance, brush some soy sauce water diluted soy sauce on the meat before cooking. The finished result will be just like a conventional oven cooked meal.

After a while the microwave can get quite smelly from stale food smells. To freshen up your microwave you can put thick slices of lemon on a paper kitchen towel then microwave it on maximum power for 90n seconds. If you leave this in the microwave overnight the next morning you will have a microwave that is fresh as a daisy.

Finally, it is a fact that microwaves are very expensive to run if used for cooking. I personally just use them for defrosting and warming food up. If you're worried about high electricity bills avoid cooking in a microwave and use a conventional oven. It is much cheaper this way and most food also tastes better if cooked in an oven. not only that but you can cook other things alongside to economise even further.

The microwave has many uses but to get the best out of it you must understand its limitations and best uses.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

DIY Window Replacements

Every once in a while accidents happen and you will have a broken or cracked window to repair. The cost of getting a professional out to fix it is not only very expensive. DIY repairs are just about having the confidence to do it. Replacing windowpanes is not a difficult job, but there is a certain amount of know-how you need. It's not just about inserting a new windowpane held in with little putty.

Instructions are given here for any sized wooden framed window. If it is a large window the complete window frame needs to be put a flat surface before attempting to remove the broken glass.

Removing all the broken glass is the first step. Broken glass can be very dangerous so wear work gloves to avoid accidents to your hands. Pull one broken piece out at a time, the job is quite easy

All the old putty from the window frame needs to be removed by using a wood chisel, a putty knife or another suitable knife. Take your time and do a good job removing every trace of putty. This is quite relaxing work so enjoy it. You will find that if you try to remove too much putty at one time, you may split the wood frame on the window. So the best way is to take it out in little chunks.

There will be small metal triangles driven into the frame underneath the putty that hold the glass in place. These need to be removed with a pair of pliers.

Once the putty is cleared use the point of a chisel or knife to smooth out any rough areas in the frame where the new glass is to be placed.

If it is a very old window, take a paintbrush and put a good coat of linseed oil to all the wooden sections around the frame and allow it to completely soak in. This will make the new putty pliable and last much longer.

Apply a very thin layer of putty completely around the frame where the new glass is to be laid. This will provides a cushion for the new glass to be inserted. This also stops the leakage of air around the glass.

The replacement glass must be exactly the right size. Double-check your measurements to be sure. It should be just a fraction of an inch smaller than the window area it is to fill.

Put new windowpane into the frame carefully, pressing it down firmly. Then the glazier's points can be inserted with only a small amount of pressure 4" apart. Make sure to keep the glazier's points firmly against the glass wherever they are applied.

You need to knead the putty until it is pliable and lump free, then roll it into pencil-size strips.

You can then start applying it in one corner of the window frame laying the strip completely around the new piece of glass. Once all in place, smooth it out with a putty knife or scraper/glazer using long, even strokes.

You may dip it into a can of linseed oil just before using it to spread putty to give a good finish. Scrape completely around the puttied area removing any excess putty in corners or along the edges. Use a little fine sandpaper to get rid of rough spots.

If you keep the putty in an airtight container, it will remain usable for many months later and not be wasted.

Finally you need to use at least two coats of outside paint for a good job. A good tip is to allow the paint to cover not only the putty but also part of the glass and don't worry about straight edges as you can use a razorblade scraper for removing the extra paint from the glass.

How easy is that? What’s more, the money you save will be an added bonus.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Your Daily Bread

Whether you are on a diet or not, your daily bread should be there. There is this crazy idea that you have to give up all bread on certain Guru diet plans. That's rubbish, but you can opt for healthier choices. Bread options are plentiful, including making your own., but how can you tell the good bread from the bad bread? Let's explore a bit more.

Most diet experts say that that you should avoid eating too much white flour and abstain even more if you are on a diet. White flour is used in the main ingredient in many supermarket breads. This flour is full of with carbohydrates, which cause a flood of blood glucose levels. There is no getting away from the fact that white bread tastes good, but many experts advise it’s not too good for you. Eating white bread will give you a sharp increase in energy levels then suddenly you will experience a huge drop once that energy burst has subsided. Therefore you may feel hungry not too long after eating white bread. White bread is usually cheaper than other types of bread, which to many is another pulling factor along with the taste, but this might be a false economy as you may well end up eating more.

Whole grain breads are said to be very healthy for you, filled with whole grains it is a more satisfied eat. You will get the most out of the calories you consume. but colour is not an label to say it is wholegrain. Don’t get conned and buy bread based solely on its colour, it doesn’t mean it contains whole grains.

Many types of bread are just coloured with food colourings to make them look healthier. Reading the label before purchasing is the wisest step to ensure what type of bread it is. Look and read what the very first ingredient listed is, this will be the main ingredient, the flour. This will tell about how healthy the bread actually is. A very good tip is to avoid breads that have a very long list of ingredients, the more ingredients the less healthy it is.

Buying bread at natural food stores is an option but the prices are so high it is not prudent to line these businesses pockets with excessive profit. This will also encourage even more profit making by getting away with it. After all this is one of the simplest forms of food on this earth. Besides, in many supermarkets you can find the same type of breads much cheaper is you do your research on the labels.

If you can only afford inexpensive white loaves, there is a simple answer, make sure you are aware of how much you consume each day. Don’t fall into the trap of overeating, especially when you are trying to eat a sensibly diet.

Baking your own bread is the best method, it is cost effective and you know what's in it as you can choose the healthy ingredients that you select. Homemade bread provides the perfect platform for your diet and the cost and quality both stand out.

Invest in a bread-making machine if you haven’t time. They have been on the market for a number of years and are well worth the investment to many who continue to use them.

Whatever bread you get the secret of dieting is simple, less calories and more exercise but you can enhance your health by eating bread that is better for you and do it on a budget rather than falling into the expensive trap of buying 'designer' bread that claims to have miracle ingredients to aid your diet. The only miracle you should really believe in is your own knowledge and insight as to what constitutes a good healthy bread and how it you should eat.

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