Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hire A Car - The Best Option For Holidays And Business Travel

uux 223  BMW  [28-01 edit: 'paper cars are cuter']
Here's a tip if you are in the UK and want to get around at your own convenience. There have been many tests and trials as to what the best form of transport is to get around the UK. The car turned out to be the quickest, most comfortable and least stressful - shame really but that's the verdict

Car hire, or should I say UK car hire is a simple process of paying money to borrow a car and is a great benefit to holiday makers and business people alike. This is the most cost effective way of getting around the UK and of course gives the freedom of going where you want when you want rather than relying of transport timetables and set routes. UK car hire is not only refined to cars, but vans and larger vehicles can be hired as well if there is a group on holiday or business associates.

Finding a UK car hire company is not difficult as there are in excess of 14,000 location worldwide where you can get cheap hire of a car. UK car hire has grown over the last few years and remains the best option for travel if you don't own a car in the UK.

So UK Car Hire has to be the choice and the tip is to take advantage of getting to see the country if you are on holiday and don't be late for that appointment if you are in business.
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

10 Tips On How To Get Up In The Morning

The worse time of the day has to be when you have just woken up and have to get out of bed. For me the biggest hurdle is trying to drag myself away from my partner who I am normally cuddled up to when I wake up. The are many people who find it difficult to get up in the morning so I though I'd give some tips on how to make it easier.

  • If you are a couple, have to single beds rather than a double bed
  • If the floor is cold, place a rug or a mat that you will stand on by the side of the bed exit
  • Your alarm should play soothing music and have a snooze function
  • Leave the curtains open overnight and you should wake up to natural light in the morning
  • In the winter have a side light switched on in the morning and acclimatise to the light for ten minutes before arising
  • Buy an automatic teasmaid and use it. The sound of trickling tea in the morning is a great sound
  • Don't put your clothes on straight away use a dressing gown, it is so much easier to put on on when you're half asleep
  • Wear pyjamas at night, the cold firs thing in the morning will disappear
  • Think of your partner and make him\her breakfast while they snooze more, take it in turns to do this
  • Go to bed earlier, it is far easier getting up after an extended night of sleep
All these tips will help you get over the worse part of the day and yo never need to be late fro work again. I must admit the hardest tip is to have two single beds, but that's just me being a softie!

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Do You Have A Storage Boiler? - There Is A Better Alternative

A great tip on how to save money on heating bills is to consider the type of water heater you have. It has been the standard for many a year for homes to have storage heaters as ready to use hot water at any time seems a good system to have in place. But are storage heaters as efficient as other forms of providing your household with hot water?

Well I used to thing that my storage boiler switched on all the time was efficient. Once the water had reached the required temperature it would just have a trickle of electric keeping the water at that temperature. Of course if I used some hot water it would requite more electric as cold water to top up the boiler needed heating. This to me now is not the way to prudence in providing hot water, especially when it is provided only for two people in the household.

The way forward is for tankless heaters and the environmental benefits of tankless heaters has been proved as it only heat up water you use. What could be more simple? It is the case that I am seriously considering getting rid of my boiler (and it's quite new)and replacing it with a tankless system just like the San Francisco water heater company provide.

This tip is taken on by millions who have inefficient boilers sapping the energy that this earth provides, it would make a major contribution to the world environment. Furthermore what you can expect is an endless supply of piping hot water immediately and of course lower electric bills.

Saving money and and world is exactly what this tip does and what this blog is about!
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tips On How To Ruin A Relationship

Relationships happen all the time, many last others don't. The tip here is to follow the following rules that will ensure your relationship will break up. On the other hand don't take these steps and you will be more sure of a lasting relationship something all sane people would like.

  • Don't Listen to your partner - Simple just don't take in what they are saying especially when it is an emotional outburst and talking about their feeling. Turn away and ignore them.
  • Historical Baggage - Lay on your partner all the things that have happened in the past continually, especially previous relationship and compare them with your current partner.
  • No Commitment - After a while when relationships are established refuse flatly to any commitment together, i.e. joint bank accounts, buying a home together, getting married etc. Your excuse being that you don't trust your partner.
  • Sex - Don't bother about giving your partner an orgasm, just think of you own.
  • The Family - Have your family around all the time and make excuses for your partner's family not to be invited. If they do turn up, ignore them.
  • Work Rules - Never stop working, even in bed at night with accounts.

When you finally to break up the relationship you should be glad and relieved rather than sad and deflated.
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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Eco Friendly When Promoting Your Business Is An Option

This tip is for businesses who want to promote their products or services, but have the option to do it in a eco friendly way. It is with deep interest that I and many other take with products that are eco friendly. Faced with a choice of choosing between a product that is doesn't harm the environment in production and in use against one that does I know where my leaning are going to be. The trouble is in this world that in many case you have to pay extra for eco friendly products and that is something that has to be addressed if this world is to be saved. Whether a business or an individual, a little though behind the promotional product you buy must be made.

The tip here is based upon a good source of business promotional goods many that are focused on being eco friendly products. You have of choice of that cost more or less the same as non eco friendly products. There are not many place where don't have to break the bank to buy something with that feel good factor because ecologically is is a good buy event though is is business oriented, the concern for the environment should still be there.

The online store sells low cost promotional products for your business is one of the most versatile I've seen to date. Amongst the massive array of advertising products you can choose from and being a keen amateur photographer is a cool leather photo frame something that get your business name in the face of customers yet looking dandy on any living room shelf.

Bags as promotional products are also offered what better way of advertising you r business with something that is gong to be mobile seen by hundreds and of course practical for the owner as well. Certainly potential customers will look favourably at any promotional product that is 'green' in essence and view your business more favourably as well.
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Monday, 15 March 2010

Look After You Ears And People Won't Shout At You

I hope you can hear me! Well if you can't then you should have taken the tips I am about to give you on how to look after your ears. Sounds good, well it will sound even better once you have read up and put these tips into practice.
  • Many people clean their ears by sticking thing in the ear like cotton bud or hair clips. This is not good for your ears as it could conceivably tear you ear drum
  • Wax that sometimes turn up on the rim or outside the ear can be easily cleaned just with a soft rub with some cotton wool or soft tissue
  • No matter how tempted you may feel, scratching the ear with unclean fingers or other tools should be avoided. It could well lead to infection
  • If you have symptoms of sinusitis, toothache or tonsillitis you should not hesitate to visit your local GP
  • If for some reason you injury your ear, make sure that you seek medical help straight away from a qualified Ear Nose and Throat specialist
  • Do not subject yourself to loud music for extended lengths of time. Earphones are the biggest culprit
  • Contrary to belief pouring hot water or oil inside the ear to flush insects that may have entered your ear is bad. The better alternative in this instance is to have water sprayed lightly inside the ear
  • If you have taken paracetamol to try and cure earache and it hasn't worked it is time to visit your local GP for more professional medical care
With all these tips now on board you should now be more than equipped to deal with ear problems. I know many people who just don't look after their ears in the proper fashion and are riddled with infections year after year. These people will end up being the pensioners who you have to shout at to hear. Don't let this happen to you.

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Bifocal Prescription Eyeglasses + Shades For Under $20

Your eyes are important and looking after them must be a priority. Many people need glasses to correct their vision and this can be an expensive business. I myself have worn glasses for over 40 years and up until now it has been an expensive disability with the price of prescription glasses at my optician. However, here's a tip for eyeglass wearers that can save you wads of money, by ordering their prescription glasses online.

It is only recently that I discovered that I had been paying 'over the top' for my prescription eye glasses. I always had in my mind that buying elsewhere would be a risk in terms of quality and professional standing in service and after sales service. Well I have now had my mind un-blinkered as my optician obviously had his business to think about when he insisted that buying his eye glasses in his store where the only safe option. Beside that you felt obliged to buy there after just having an eye test.

No longer as I have found an online site that sell prescription eye glasses giving a far greater range to choose from that my optician and using the latest modern materials. Coming directly from the manufacturer, there is no profiteering from 'middlemen' or unnecessary overheads from retail stores. The #1 online Rx glasses store stops you paying stupid money for brand name eye glasses is just foolhardy when you can get just the same quality from other manufacturers. Okay wearing glasses is a matter of personal fashion, but fashion doesn't have to be expensive. If you think that then you have been conned with commercial tactics that lead you to believe it.t.

Prescription eyeglasses are important for your health and a necessity for most who need them. This is why I am more than pleased to have found this source of eye glasses that provide high quality fashionable products with safety and comfort at mind alongside more than reasonable and affordable prices.

For under $20 I have found a pair of eyeglass (see the picture) that are just up my street being bifocal and come with a clip on shades. All I need is my current prescription and I could be wearing them within the week with a full guarantee included. The same type of glasses in my opticians would be in excess of $120! Now that is a tip to be reckoned with.

For more details you can go and check out Eric's Review of Zenni Optical. If you are an eyeglass wearer it is in your interests financially to fin the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. Why should eye glass wearers be taken advantage of just because they have to wear eye pieces? This now could well be the end of 'rip off' in your retail stores and excellent news for people like me. A tip well worth taking up next time you need eye glasses.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Good Healthy Teeth Is Basically Down To Education

Photograph of mild fluorosis.
Tips on how to keep health teeth is definitely not being taken up by most people. Looking around me there are so many people with bad teeth it is quite disturbing. There are simple things to can do to ensure your teeth remain in good condition throughout your life. I must put my hand up and admit that at 51 years of age my teeth are in almost perfect condition. Apart from being hit with a cricket ball my teeth are good enough to see me through to my pension if I carry on with the practices I have been a lifetime's habit.

I put people who have bad teeth down to lack of education. So let me start to educate and give a list of the things I do to keep my teeth in tip top condition:

  • Visit your dentist for check ups and cleaning at least once a year (no surprise there)
  • Make sure your vitamin C intake is on pare with the recommended does each day
  • Drink tea whenever you get a choice of a hot drinks
  • Only carbohydrates to three times a day
  • Use a straw to drink cold soft drinks
  • Make sure you have a calcium intake daily (milk or cheese based products)
  • An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but the dentist as well
  • Go for whole grain bread every time
  • Finally, brush your teeth, gently for at least 3 minutes after each mealtime (Use an egg timer)
  • Don't smoke
  • If you play contact or ball sports, consider using a gum shield
If you follow these tips you will certainly ensure your teeth will not only last much longer, but will be healthier. The other benefit is of course that and you will have the choice of all foods with good teeth that can manage any type of food.

I am not a dentist or profess to be an expert of teeth and gums, but I draw conclusion form personal experience and consultation the various dentists who made educational visits to the schools I taught in, in the UK.
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Martial Arts - Great, But Not All Are Based On Self-Defence

Only the grips below the belt are allowed. The...Image via Wikipedia
Here a tip if you like fighting as a sport and I am certainly one of them. Martial arts, boxing, wrestling Karate, I just love the all action, skills and sometimes the blood. Watching and following these sports contrary to some people's beliefs does not encourage violence outside the sport. It is a controlled environment and at the end of a day a sport that has far more credibility than many other sports which have no aerobic involvement.

There is a lot of following for fighting sports like I say and if you are also one of those who love the tangle of muscle, agility, as well as attacks then it is worth checking out websites that cater for that gender. there is one in particular that stadns out fromt he rest in terms of action packed updated news, info, pictures and links from around the world all about i.e. Mixed Martial Arts. I for one will be bookmarking it to keep up to date on these sports.

A word of warning though, this is not for the young who of course should be discouraged from having access to this kind of violence. Karate or a similar sport is fine, but some of the martial arts go beyond just self-defence and is a genre solely for adults.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New To Blogging? - Take These Tips And Improve

In late 2004, Ellen Simonetti was fired for wh...
If you are new to blogging and writing then this may well be just up your street. I have given 10 good tips on how to become a more effective blogger and for your popst sot have more clout online. Writing for blogs takes some technique for you to become good at it. Tips along the way will be useful. you may not remember all of them but even 10% will improve the SEO so vital in this writing format.

  1. There is a tendency to write too much, 200 to 300 word is enough, too much puts people off.
  2. Use links within your post - very important to impress Google
  3. Do like I am doing and make bullet points or number lists
  4. Also write about what you think, this is what blogs are about
  5. The Title and first sentence are the most important, make it turn people's heads
  6. Always go over you blog and check for spelling and grammar, you WILL find mistakes and you WILL improve the post by doing this!
  7. Get emotional about your topic or subject, this will spill over to readers
  8. Look at the layout of you blog post, can reader get to scan it easily, if not they might just move on
  9. You may not know about keywords, but if you do make sure you have ample for Google to eat up
  10. The C word - Consistency, important for followers to remain with you and know what to expect

Even if you just follow some of these tips, you will improve you blogging and get more people reading and following you not to mention little 'brownie points' from Google to improve you ranking.

Happy blogging....... :(


Have you met anne a lay apostle? She has a good following and has many good things to say online. Just a thought.

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Do You Have STP? - Find Out From Home

This is a bit of a sensitive area but a very important area not only for you but others who you have relationships with. Today in this permissive society there are a lot of germs going around, some of these germs are transmitted sexually and this is where today's tip comes into play.

If you at any time feel that there is not something  right  down below, you needn't have to go to your GP or clinic for a check up, there is a simple DIY test that you can take within the comfort of your own home which will confirm one way or the other whether you have indeed have a STP (Sexually transmitted Disease.) It is always better to be in the know so that you can get treatment and not become the transmitter to others. 

Today engaging with new sex partners without getting tested is irresponsible. This happens often though because STD testing has a taboo about it, its embarrassing, takes up time and not least unreliable in many cases. A Home STD Test solves all these problems in one go!

As a matter of routine and care for your partner(s) the tip is to take the test at home. This is more than a matter of consideration, but a matter of health.
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Tips For Cycling In Cold And Icy Conditions

Winter road in northern British Columbia.
Cold winter weather is extended this year, but the cycling goes on. It seems to be colder in March than in previous winter months here for some reason. It can be an absolute pleasure riding in icy and snowy conditions, but only if you take precautions. There is no need to use the winter trainer in front of the TV if you read on.

Dress is important, without proper dressing you will become uncomfortable very quickly. You need to dress against the cold wind factor and wet conditions and layering your clothing is the best method. Three layers is best with a wicking material as a base, the second a insulating material and shouldn't be too tight, synthetics, wool, fleece and down all work well. Lastly a wind and water resistant top layer, gore-tex material although expensive works wonderfully well.

Gloves, booties, toe-covers and arm and leg warmers are essential in really cold weather and of course an insulated cap underneath your helmet to keep your head warm.

You need to warm up before you ride and you should spend a little more time with this in the winter even up to 30 minutes in extreme cold. It is important to get the blood flowing before excursion it made.

Feeding is just as anything else important as you will be working harder than normal in the cold to maintain your body heat. This means yo need more food for the energy you will be using up. Up the amount of liquid and food you take on a normal run in the warmer weather. Remember little and often is the most effective method of intake. Just because yo are not thirsty doesn't mean you are not dehydrating.

Don't just think of yourself think of your bike. You bike is going to take on snow, ice, salt and sand. The last thing you need is poor gear change and braking due to corroded cables. I always put in new cables all round just before winter as an insurance. Mudguards although not fashionable do a great job protecting not only you but you bike frame and components, consider it. Get some heavy duty tyres that will outlast winter road conditions.

Safety has to be your main consideration. If the road is snow or ice bound use a mountain rather than a road bike even consider studded tyres studded tires if it is an ice rink! Always ride defensively and fix lights tot he front and rear as sometime daytime can be quite dark.

With all this in place you should still be able to enjoy the outdoor riding. One last tip though. Go out in groups, if someone has a problem there is always someone there to help out. Besides that and it's more fun sharing the experience in extreme weather and talk about it over a beer or two afterwards!
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City Walking Tours - Save Money And See More

Top: City of London skyline, Middle: Palace of...
Having spent most of my life in London it is quite amazing how little I know about the City. The saying goes that you don't know what is on your doorstep. It was only when I moved away from the Capital I began to learn more about the place. In fact I knew more about Paris than London whilst living in England biggest City. It is quite strange that my hobby is walking but I chose country locations to do it. I'd never thought of walk in urban areas such as London or Paris. It was always a bus or a taxi to destination in the City.

Well last year I returned to London as a tourist not a resident and found some great walks seeing the sites. I never knew there were so many parks and landscaped areas within the centre of London. Being a keen photographer, what better way to get pictures than to be on foot. Far better than being on a stuffy bus or paying through the nose with taxis. I was lucky though as my stay there was subsidised by staying with family - no Hotel bills to worry about.

My plan this year is to visit Paris and do exactly the same thing namely touring by waling with my camera ready for action - I can't wait. It will be more expensive though as I will need a selection Paris Hotels to stay at. Well at least I don't have to put up with sleeping on the sofa as I did in London and there are quite a few bargain a few Kilometres outside the centre of Paris.

The tip here is to recommend walking in cities, you see and experience things you would never see any other way, it's good for your health and the environment and saves you money. In fact the tip is commensurate to this blogs principles of saving money and the world!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Take A Break At Lunchtime - It Makes Sense To Do So

A header for the "Meals" infobox tem...
If you work all day you know that lunchtimes is a very important time and what you do in that time will determine how the afternoon goes. It was the case where lunchtimes were used to catch up on other things such as shopping or other errands that involve running around or working like a headless chicken before lunchtime ends. How wrong was I in those olden days to do such things and not even have time for a snack. The tip today is to take a break during lunchtime it make total sense. 

Since taking a full hour for lunch, sitting down and eating then for 30 minutes after a cup of tea I slip my hat on to cover my eyes and doze off in the chair or lie down if there is a place to do so doing and doze off. Since doing this daily so my energy levels have increased tenfold for the afternoon of work. My head is clear and thinking straight and the time just whizzes past with my mind focused on the jobs in hand. This is a new lease of life I have discovered since coming to Bulgarian, taking a break is a major find.

Think to yourself, why am I rushing at lunchtimes. There is always other times to do the jobs that you feel you have to do in your time allocated for a break. Some people I know don't take any break at all and work through their lunchtimes, (all for extra money of course) and they look ill. Money is not the most important thing, your health is. not only that these lunchtime workers are less efficient at their work without the mental break and the boost of energy from food and drink needed after a morning of slog.

So whatever your profession, make sure you allocate time during midday for food and rest, it makes so much sense to do so. I won't go into what foods to eat, but something is better than nothing and a ten minutes close of the eyes is better than not rest of the mind.

You boss will thank you for taking a break at lunchtime when they see your work rate rise in the afternoons.
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Monday, 8 March 2010

A $8000 Give Away For New Home Buyers - Are You One Of Them?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Coldwell Banker. All opinions are 100% mine.

Some tips given on my blog can usually save you a few cents here and there, but today there is one tip where you can get a tax credit of up to $8000! It all depends whether you are looking for a new home. Many people now the recession is apparently in decline will be looking for new homes. There should be a rebirth of property buyers with the confidence to get on and start climbing the property ladder. You may well now be asking, who qualifies and how do you go about taking steps to claim this tax give away?

This offer is open to first time home buyers or people who haven't owned a home of their own in the last three years. There is also and option where you can get up to $6500 if you haven't been resident in a home consecutively for 5 out of the past 8 years so it is not only open to first time buyers.

You will have to be quick, as to qualify you need to have a binding contract by April 30, 2010 - (The actual closing date is June 30, 2010.)

Moving along to the income front, there are income limits of $125,000 for single people and $225,000 for couples that are married. In addition to this there is a $20,000 phase out of the credit for both.

The reason for this most attractive 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits give away is that it is an incentive set up as it was needed for move-up property buyers which had dipped over recent years. This would help many to make this move bring the percentage back up to levels that have always been lower than the peak in 1991 at 44%.

So if you think you qualify, get your skates on and start the ball rolling, there may never be a better time to buy a property with the market prices low and the tax give away offer now in place.

If I could turn the clock back knowing this offer, I would have put off the purchase of my home a few years with this offer.

If you need more confirmation about this great help in home-buying just have a look at the video on this link:

Visit my sponsor: 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits

How to tell an egg is bad

Common Quail eggs compared to a chicken egg
Eggs have had a bad press over the years what with salmonella, high cholesterol etc.. The fact is eggs are one of the most natural forms of food you can eat and the bad press mainly comes from business of industry who have a vested financial interest in the public's egg eating habits.

I personally get my own eggs from my neighbour's farm, I know they are laid on the day I buy them so I have no worries. Many supermarket eggs have been through the chemical chain through chickens that have been fed goodness knows what to get bigger and more colourful yolked eggs, however they to have a date on them to give you a guide on how old they are. I personally don't trust anything egg producers (not the chickens!)put on eggs. If I have to buy from a grocer or another source I am not too sure about I have my own method to judge the freshness of the egg.

I simply put some cold water in a bowl with enough to cover the egg. Put the egg gently in the water and observe what it does. If the egg lies on its side on the bottom, you won't get an egg much fresher than this as the pocket of air is small. If on the other hand the egg stands up or bobs up slightly it is slightly older due to more air trapped within. Lastly, and you know what is coming now, if the egg floats on the surface store it is not fit for eating due to being rotten. It does have a use however for throwing at politicians.

A small point but quite important. Only use this way of finding out how fresh eggs are just before you intend to use them for as the immersion in water will block up the shell pores and not allow the egg to breathe.

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Progesterone Cream Not Only Good For Women

I know better than most when my partner is about to start her menstrual cycle. Anyone who has a female partner will also know what both partners have to go through during this 'period.' Most times it is consider part of nature and we all put up with it month after month, but sometimes help is needed. This is where today's tip comes in.

The women's menstrual cycle of course is there naturally and fertility and PMS is all part of the process. When things get slightly out of hand there is a simple product that can help to regulate the menstrual cycle and at the same time increase fertility. It is a simple hormone replacement made by administering hormone cream called progesterone. It has benefits that come to the rescue not only to women but men who live with them. It is a therapy that is widely used to great success by many women who want more control over their menstrual cycle.

You can easily get progesterone cream online with lots of information online about on how to use it. In fact I would recommend buying it this way as it is cheaper and you have more choice over product brands. One I found with a good background was "Paraben-Free Pro-Gest®," which is basically a natural progesterone cream that also helps cure issues pertaining to the menopause. 

Luckily for me my partner has not reached the menopause stage yet and her PMS each month is not too hard on her and me, but who knows in the near future progesterone cream may well have a place in out medicine cabinet. We're lucky, but other partners may not be so lucky in one sense but lucky to know that there is help at hand with products designed to reduce or eliminate all inconvenient symptoms that are associated with this.
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How To Buy One Item From a Supermarket

Child driving shopping cart in Japan

How many times have you made a trip to the supermarket with a mind just to buy one item and come out with much more than that? More times than you think, supermarkets are designed for you to buy more than you need. How can you avoid being taken for a multi buy ride when you intention from the outset was for one item?

The firs thing to think about is do you really need to go to the supermarket fro one item in the first place. Think of the petrol you are wasting for a start, it is not just the cost of that one item it is time and money getting there and back. You may have a neighbour next door that can borrow you that item which will be replaced next time you bulk shop.

If you really have to go and buy that one item, don't take a shopping trolley, go empty handed into the supermarket and make a beeline for that particular item. Don't take the kids, they will be another distraction for buying extras not needed.

If you are not in a rush, take a walk or ride a bike to the store, this again will make you think about how much you have to carry, save on fuel and of course give you a little exercise - all positive steps.

Only take the amount of money you know that single item will cost and no credit cards, this again will literally force you just to buy that single item you had planned in the first place.

It is all about 'fighting' against supermarket tactics to make you spend more than you need to and if you take steps to counteract this you will have more money in your pocket more than you realise at the end of the month.

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