Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Water Helping Lose Weight and Save Money

This blog is just going to give one simple strategy to help you lose weight and save money, it works and will save you money rather than cost you money. What more could you ask for?

In the main, there is a one big reason why people are fat. they eat and drink too much. It's that simple. Not only that but fat people spend more on food and drink only naturally if their intake is bigger.

There are thousands of different systems, scheme and diet regimes to help you lose weight, some work some don't. But the most consistence element in weight losing programmes and diet promotions is that is costs you money, lots of money in many cases. Most are businesses designing diet programmes and the likes are there to make money and therefore getting you to lose weight is never going to be the priority.

What do you drink most of the time, tea, coffee, lemonade or some other soft drinks with sugar? What about diet drinks, does that make you fell better because they are sugar free? What about the chemicals replacing the sugar are these good for you?

All these drinks have one thing in common, they cost money and the reason you drink them is usually because you are thirsty. So it is a double bonus if you rid yourself of sugar based drinks, they will help you reduced calorie intake and save you money. The non sugar based drinks will just save you money. How do you achieve this?

First thing in the morning drink water, drink water with food, and carry a bottle of water with you taking sips throughout the day. you will not ever feel thirsty and the need for other drinks will be less of a temptation.

You don't need to buy water, just use tap water, which actually is more healthy for you than battled water in some tests done in recent years. Tap water is available in most places so even if you run out you can top up easily.

If you can't do without you tea, coffee or sweetened soft drinks then still do the regular water drinking plan. You will find that you will cut down on these other drinks and still save on calorie intake and money.

There you have it, it cost you nothing, saves you lots of money and make you healthier by calorie intake being reduced if followed. Of course you know full well that the type and amount of food you eat is another matter.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Envelope Stuffing

Imagine yourself making a living from home with no overheads and involves no buying or selling. A job where you can put as many or as little hours as you want, no pressure. What's the job?

Envelope stuffing! - Easy work, not real skills involved a bit repetitive but it pays well.

This may have been popular and a viable home business some some thirty years ago, but stuffing envelopes by hand is now very much a thing of the past.

There are mailing houses that have machinery that does the same process but faster, 5,000 per hour faster! Even faster is the label applicators which gathers lightning speeds of up to 12,000 per hour.

More complex envelope stuffing in no machine based mailing houses now have staff on site doing shift work, no sub-contracting goes on.

Hang on a minute what about the jobs I see advertising envelope stuffing working from home?

All work you see advertising envelope stuffing is a con and a scam, Nearly all envelope stuffing jobs advertised are scams.

If you see an ad in a shop window saying that will get paid for every envelope stuffed, there is a 99% chance that you will never get to stuff one envelope. Why?

They will ask for a nominal amount as a registration fee and the work they offer you is to advertise the same advertisement that you saw. You therefore have to con other people and become another scam business!

The tip here is to just avoid any jobs that involve stuffing envelopes at home. It is a business that is based solely around making money off hundreds of registration fees. They just play on the idea of easy money for easy work, which is why so many people fall for it.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Professional Window Cleaning for Everyone

Do you clean your own windows or get someone else to do it?

If you hire someone to do it save yourself some money and do it yourself. It is good gentle exercise and unless there is danger involved in getting access to your windows, there is no reason why you can't get results as good as the professionals that costs you nothing.

Here is a guide on how to get a professional standard of window cleaning that can quite simply be done by yourself.

The correct equipment is the most important thing to begin with. You will need:
  • Squeegee (30 cm or longer)
  • Clean scrubber
  • Sponge,
  • Soap or cleaning fluid
  • Clean lint free cloth
  • Lots of clean water
The scrubber is the first thing you use to get the dirt off the window. You will need to use lots of water when doing this

A clean sponge should be used with soap or cleaning fluid to cover the all of the glass.

The squeegee technique is to hold it at an angle and move in the same direction as the water runs down the glass. side strokes rather than up and down are the best method. Ensure all the soap or cleaning fluid is wiped off and don't leave any streaks on the glass. When you use the squeegee remember to wipe off any excess fluid on the blade on each stroke.

Take the lint free cloth and wipe around all edges of the window and ledge, By doing this you will have got rid of any water marks that were left behind.

With ground level windows this system works very well, but what about higher windows? There are useful products that make it possible to clean the upstairs windows in your home successfully with no need for ladders! There are now extendable water fed poles that actually clean the windows and on the end of these you can fix on squeegees that wipe away the excess cleaner and water.

You need to practice and have a reasonable hand eye co ordination, but the extendable squeegees are very flexible and the head can be turned to do the sidewards strokes which effectively doesn't cause too many streaks. These were originally commercial products, but are now readily available to anyone. The time and effort saved with these is substantially reduced.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

No Smoking v Less Smoking

Being an ex-smoker I know how hard it is to give up. I never got the support that is around now to give up, so I am quite proud of myself now having not smoked for near on 15 years.

If you smoke you should know all about the health hazards, the affect it has on other around you and not least how much the habit costs. All these things and more are good enough reasons for giving up but you carry on.

There is only one way you can give up, that is wanting to. If you want to you can. Thousands of people try to give up but in their own mind they don't really want to that the secret.

You can use lots of aids and free support to try and wean you off the drug but still this is not good enough for anyone who really enjoys smoking too much. There is no answer to completely giving up for those who love smoking so much.

Far be it from me to preach to those who can't or won't give up completely, that is their prerogative but there is something they can do that will still make a difference. This involves the word 'TRY'.

So, don't give up smoking just keep trying to give up, this will reduce the amount you smoke, therefore be less of a hazard to your health and the health of others around you and you will still be saving money on buying less cigarettes. Not 100% but a certain percentage is better than no percentage at all.

The tip here is for smokers who can't or won't give up, to try and cut down on their smoking, it will still make a substantial difference in all fields.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Two Way Shopping Saver


One of the most wasteful ways of spending necessary money is not plan ahead what you need. The ideal way to overcome this is to plan a weekly menu. By doing this you will now exactly what you need on a day to day basis and not have to visit the shops more than once a week. You know exactly what happens when you shop for the odd produce you will buy more than just that one or two items you went for.

Planning menus prevents you from having to shop again to supplement your larder. Try to ensure that your list is complete and that you have you have enough to serve your family dinners for each week. If you do plan a weekly menu it would be a good ideal to have the same menu for the following week, this way you can shop for two weeks at once.


How many time have you heard the saying, don't go shopping when you are hungry? Lots of time no doubt. But how many people just don't take that advice? Again lots of people in fact I'd go as far as to say that most go shopping when they are hungry.

Just don't do it, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry take the advice that is given time and time again. The reason the advice is heard so often is it’s absolutely true. When hunger is there so it the will to buy all kinds of junk and spending far more than you wanted to. Make it your routine to have a good meal before you go shopping and almost certainly you will have the stick to your list.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Acne Advice

Having never had acne before I really don't know how mach grieve suffers had had. It is common, age related condition affecting both boy and girls from generally from puberty to up to 25 years. Some times acne can persist to 40 years of age.

If you do suffer from this or know someone who does you should take this simple advice on board to help matters.

Do not pick, it will just make the part picked worse and spread infection, the same applies with using a rough cloth to rub your face, this has the same affect. Steroids such as Betnovate flucort shouldn't be used on your face this will not help nor will the use of medicated soap or excessive cosmetics, oil or cream.

Acne is not a diet related problem so don't change you diet with the though that it will help. Always known in you mind that this is completely curable and you should think about this positive aspect if every you get down or depressed

You can do many positive things to help matters such as cleaning you face frequently with plain soap and water or using a wet tissue to wash your face is the soap leave you too dry. Also drink plenty of liquid, water is best.

You should always consult a doctor and never take the advice of 'old wives tales' which could leave you scarred in some instances. the doctor can give prescriptions that have been tried and tested along with other medically proven advice that has foundation.

If it important to know there is always light as the end of the tunnel with acne. It does go away eventually it could be next week or next year and that is where you focus should be.

Check this site out: - It gives very informative information

Friday, 15 August 2008

Making Tea - Tips Given

Tea making seems such a simple thing to do, teabag and hot water and there you have it a cup of tea. But to get a better cup of tea you need to know a bit more than that.

Making a pot of tea is easy, it is not rocket science and yes making tea withe a pot is the best way to create that memorable cup of tea.

As with most food items the fresh the better, so make sure that the tea you choose has not been subjected to light, heat of damp conditions. the tea will deteriorate substantially even if one of these element get to it. To take precautions it is best to buy tea in small quantities, then seal in an opaque air tight container. If buying green tea this can be put in the fridge for storage..

The water you use is also very important as it has a substantial affect on the overall taste of the tea. The last thing you want is a quality tea spoiled with tainted water. Use filtered or bottled water. You need hot or boiling water so while the water is non the heat use a little to warm your teapot and cups. The rule of thumb is to use boiling water for black teas and very hot water say 190°F for oolongs. White and green teas require even less heat and should be made with water at 175°F.

Tea should be measured by weight not volume as it is more accurate more accurate and various types and grades of tea leaves make a difference.
As to qualities the rule is to use 5 grams of tea to 8 oz of water. With practice you'll know roughly what the quantities will be. The measured tea should be put into the warmed pot at this point.

Brewing is an important element, too short and you don't get the full benefits of flavour, too long and you end up drink a swamp. Also the time varies according to tea type; the smaller the leaves, the shorter the brewing time. Green teas should have around 3-5 minutes, black teas 3-4 minutes and oolongs types between 6-7 minutes.

You need to swirl the pot a few times before straining off the tea either directly into the warmed cups or into another warm pot.This is to remove the leaves to stop the tea becoming 'stewed'.


Milk and Sugar
Whether you add milk or sufar with your tea is up to you, I personally don't bother with either, it took a bit of getting used to but now I wouldn't have it any other way.

Less Caffeine
Tea experts recommend steeping the leaves for 30 seconds, hen pour off this first infusion. After rinsing off the majority of the caffeine, add more water and steep for the correct amount of time.

Cold Iced Tea
Just double the amount of tea you would use for hot tea. Steep in the water for around 10 minutes and add sugar if you wish. Keep this strained tea at room temperature and serve being poured over ice. You can store this in a fridge overnight.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Getting rid of Ants

There are many way to stop ants invading you home. The whole point of this is to stop you spending loads of money on insecticide and polluting your own ho,e with the poisons they contain. It's not good for you pocket or health!

One way is to use a simple and natural source of talcum powder, Create a barrier where you think they are getting into the home. Ants will not walk through that barrier, they hate it. Of course yo may need to retrace the boundary after rain it was placed outside. When the ant season ends you simple vacuum up the powder and wait again for the marching in spring. The bonus with this is that you have a scented environment as well!

Another idea is you insist on using poison to rid yourself of invading ants is to put some sugar mixed with the ant killer (borax) planting the mixture on a trail close to the nest. Ant will collect the powder and use it as feed brought back into the their nest. Effectively they have no poison their own community, including the queen ant.

Finally, this tried and tested method is given as follows: Get hold of some cinnamon. Just leave bits around the place on ant trails and they will not bother coming back to areas that have been planted. No scientific explanation for this. It just seems ants don't like cinnamon and that's good for us as it natural, it doesn't have to kill ants and it smells nice.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Six of the Best Shopping Tips

Number One
When stocking you larder think of things for quick meals that are easy to make such as spaghetti or a stir-fry. If you have the ingredients in stock you can make a meal up fast if you're a bit rushed or under the weather.

Number Two
You can save substantial money by buying in bulk. Plan your buying in bulk over a period of a month or two. Make sure that the stuff you buy will keep for that length of time you don't want to be throwing your savings away. The money you save will be more than you think if you buy sensibly and planning it properly.

Number Three
Keep your receipts, and put them all into a spreadsheet. This will be your home made price list and you can use it so you know when bulk or sale items are a good or a bad deal. It will also benefit you to comparing shops and store prices. Then you can plan you list according to which store has the best deals. You will be able to budge exactly how much you spend each tie yo go shopping and do some juggling to refine and save more money.

Number Four
While fresh vegetables are a little better you should still buy frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables are almost as good and with these in the freezer since you can keep them in the freezer unit the fresh produce goes out of season.

Number Five
When stocks of certain things are running low make sure you write it down. If you wait until you run out it's too late. As an example, the last thing you want to do is use newspaper in the toilet because low stocks were not written down when they needed to be.

Number Six
Keep an eye on the scanner and and be watchful at the checkout desk. If the cashier know he or she is being watched they will be that more careful and the changes are that mistakes will not be made.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Buying a New Car

Buying a new car?

Why on earth would you want to do that? This is the surest way to waste money especially paying the full asking price that is displayed on the windscreen in the showroom.

Let's look at why you want a new car in the first place. I was going to question why you actually need a car; however, that another argument.

The facts are that you lose up to 20% of the value of the car the moment it is signed over as your car. So, if you buy a new car at £20,000 you have just said goodbye to up to £4,000 the moment it's yours. No one will buy a car at showroom prices once the registration document has shown a previous owner! This is the biggest and most expensive reason to forget the deal.

Okay so you're prepared to throw that money away and still want to get a new car. Fine, then look at the price on the windscreen, never pay that price. A haggle is always something you should take part in. forget your inhibitions, the car dealers are laughing behind your back if buyers don't haggle, don't let then 'Take the Mick!'

So you've got £500 off by haggling, don't stop there. Look at the freebies they've thrown in the deal. Are they offering cash back, a free holiday, two years insurance or RAC AA cover for a few years? If you want to swap these for further discount push for it. That could be another few hundred pounds less for the car!

Look for adding extras onto the car for the same price, maybe a stereo upgrade or air conditioning, even if you don't get the full upgrade within the price you may certainly get it at a subsidised prices, something that yo wouldn't get once you've bought the car. Use you position as buyer to your advantage, you are at you re strongest at this point and at you weakest once you're the owner.

Don't take no as an answer to reasonable haggling, if necessary go away and come back after a couple of days and ask again. In the financial climate of today the car will still be for sale and you will be in an even stronger position.

Finally, have another think about buying a new car, the money you waste by doing this is just crazy.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Mens Shoes and Trousers

Okay women are masters of fashion they know what to wear and what not to wear.

The expertise is mastered in matching clothing and fashion, but what about the guys?

Here are a few tips for matching trouser and shoes for you chaps:

If you wear a belt try and get shoes that are the same colour and texture as the belt. It's easier to find shoes to match a belt rather than a belt to match the shoes!

Shoes should match the trousers or never lighter always the same shade or darker.
If you are wearing jeans, lug soles, loafers, boots, sandals and sneakers are all work well with jeans. Whatever you do don't wear shiny shoes with jeans.

Brown shoes are the best suited to beige, tan, brown, greens and other darker toned trousers.
Tan Shoes go surprisingly well with blue, lighter tan, beige, white or lighter of earthy shades.

With black shoes, they work well with gray, black or navy trousers.

If burgundy shoes are your thing they go well with blue, khaki, gray and lighter browns.

There yo have it. All you need to know to look stylish and have a complimentary match of shoes for every occasion. You will never look like Elton John again!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Five Star Tips to Saving Money


How much to you spend on snacks between you big main meals? Add it up over the week of month. It;s a fortune I bet. Why not pack your own lunch snacks Buying pre-made snacks over the shop counter is convenient, but a massive waste of money and resources. You can buy little snack bags and then purchase the snacks in bulk. The night before just prepare a snack bag for you to take with you in the morning. It doesn't take more than a moment to do this and you will be saving each time.


When you cook dinner, plan to cook a bit extra. Why? It is cheaper overall to cook in bulk and you will have leftovers that you can eat later or the next day without having to cook again. Saving on time and energy. you can use the leftovers as part of you daily work snacks or use for you children's' lunch at school if they have packed lunches. If you pack the snacks right away after your meal that is one less thing to do in the normal hectic morning routine.


If you cook a lot then freeze a lot. If you like potatoes, rice or pasta and eat it regularly, cook enough to last you a week then put it into portions and freeze. Again time the energy saved will make a big difference. If might be a good idea to use one Sunday to do this. You can even make enough for a month saving even more time and money. Don't forget the freezer is there and is more efficient being full as well.


Buy in bulk! Batteries, toilet tissues, light bulbs, washing up liquid etc. are much cheaper bought in bulk and even cheaper from a cash and carry warehouse. You need never run out of these time again and save at the same time. this also gives yo time to wait for a sale of promotion to take advantage of, another bonus of not having to buy these items there and then at premium prices.


Apart from luxury products, what is the most expensive food? It has to be meat so the advice here is to think carefully abut how much meat you buy. If you cut back on meat it will be better for your health, cheaper on you budget and the saving of energy as meat tends to take longer to cook than other foods. Have a vegetarian meal a few times a week. If you do have meat cut down on the meat content and substitute other non-meat ingredients as part of the meal.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Window Boxes - What a Good Idea!


Window boxes are great. You don't only have to use them for flowers but can grow herbs and small vegetable in them. They are fun to have for all the family and just use up vacant space on a windowsill with minimum maintenance involved.

All window boxes are available in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, terracotta. Wooden flower boxes provide better insulation than plastic or metal. It is best to avoid wood preservatives, namely creosote.

A list of different materials used for window boxes are given here:

Plastic pots are cheap, light, quite durable and they keep the soil moist. the disadvantage is that they turn brittle and crack with age and they look like plastic so the attractiveness is lacking.

Terracotta boxes are made from baked clay and are very attractive however, they are heavy, break easily and are subject to frost damage.

Glass fibre box containers can be moulded and coloured in many ways. They have very convincing stone looks but much lighter and stronger. The price might put you off though as they are more expensive than other many other materials.

Reconstituted stone boxes are are crushed stone moulded into box shapes. Yo can get imitation classical urns and vases which look attractive but not very practical in many cases. They are also very heavy. With the weight factor in mind you might want to restrict their use solely to roof gardens or balconies, not window ledges.

Tips to setting up and maintaining your Window Box

As a rule the proposed window box should be at least 20 cm deep to allow for root growth and this will ensure the soil doesn't dry out too quickly.

Pots can be put inside the window boxes instead of filling the box with soil. This is a good option as it allows you to lift them out and change them around without disturbing the plant roots. Another added bonus is that it also makes the the weight of the window box lighter.

Make sure the pots have drainage holes before you place them into the window box the plants will become waterlogged otherwise.

Watering will be needed every day in the summer, sometime even twice a day for the smaller boxes. Try to keep the soil damp but never standing in water, the plants will just rot otherwise.

Choose your plants carefully, low growing plants will give you good light from your window. Climbers are something you might want to consider as they can be trained against the wall around the window not affecting the amount of light you will get.

If the window box is situated in an exposed location to the elements, make sure it's secured with decent brackets or wire. High winds can damage poorly secured boxes and this can spell danger!

Ever thought of using women's pantie liners to line the bottom of hanging baskets? This works just as well as expensive gel crystals you buy in the shop. You might also consider using babies disposable nappies which again work really efficiently.

Teabags have their uses in window boxes as well. If you place a teabags over each of the drainage holes the water can still seep through but also acts as a barrier to insects creeping in!

Use waste products as liners for window boxes, this will cost you nothing. Wholesale boxes of apples or pears come with perfect lining material and when soaked in water for an hour or two this will mould perfectly into you own window box. And all for the price of asking at your local market stall that sells apples or pears and not least environmentally friendly.

And Finally

Window boxes may be a good hobby for you to taker up, it is environmentally friendly, cheap, productive and the activity helps relieve stress. What more could you ask for?

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Buy Store Brands

This again is a play on buying local products, this time it's about buying store brands. Politics aside we are looking at what is best for you and at the same time best for the environment. Doing it this was you actually save money and in most cases save on transportation which in turn means a more green policy.

The big brand names just sit there waiting to be picked up but by their side are the store brands in their economic, plain packaging, another plus for the environment. Also why pay extra for the packing which is just going to be thrown away when the goods are used? There's no point.

You may think that store brands are inferior in quality, think again, if you look closely at the origin of the food supplier many are actually supplied by the same. The difference is just in processing and packaging, the raw ingredients in most cases are exactly the same. Therefore most goods are just as good a quality and in some cases exceed the quality and freshness of the big brand equivalent.

Do you really want to pay for the big brands advertising bill? If you do, that is exactly what you are doing, paying extra for there advertising overheads. You should feel quite aggrieved with this and this alone should be a reason to choose store brands

Give the store brand a try you will be quite surprised in most cases, what have to you lose. The chances are that you even won’t notice a difference once out of the packaging and look at the money you save. The positive contribution you will make to the environment is an added bonus and you should feel proud of yourself.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Wise Shopping

Shopping is a chore to many of us and what makes it worse is that the chore cost money, in many cases more money than you bargain for. Why? Because shops are business, business is out to get as much money out of you as possible and they know all the tricks of the trade to do that. Billions of pounds have been spent on knowing how the shoppers mind works and that's what they play. That's why you spend more than you bargained for more.

You can take some counter action and fight again being drawn into spending money that you really don't want to spend. There are ways you can do this, tricks of your own that you can use against the bullies of spending. To help you I have given some tips on how to avoid being sucked into aiding their gaping profits.

Always go with a list. This is probably the best advice of all and covers all eventualities. If you stick to the list you can't go wrong, or can you? Read on.

Firstly let's look at someone going without a list and most do. There is a 90% chance that you will forget things added to which you will now bow to the advertisers campaigns in force and spend things on thing you don't really need, in fact you might as well just give them your credit card and pin number. This is no joke, the buying trap is in force for those without a shopping list. Next time you go to a supermarket just look at the shopper without a list, they just wonder around looking for things and being pulled towards promotions on things they don't want or need to buy, it's true.

To avoid overspending you need to prepare a list of everything you need, not want, just need. Make sure you don't forget anything otherwise this again can lead to trouble.

If you don't include everything you need on the list and remember something you didn't include when going around the shops, you will buy something that is not on the list and that is the start of the avalanche! Remember what I said about taking a list and nothing can go wrong? Well this is a possible flaw in the system.

So, a list it is then. Make the list in the kitchen, that's where most of the stuff you will need will be and if you have a partner or family make the list as a team this really helps you not to forget things.

Happy shopping wise and think of the money you will now save.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Dangers from Childrens Toys

Having taught children professionally for a good many years, it is a concern for the safety of many children that comes before anything else. With this I have drawn up some tips to reduce the risks involved.

The Three and Under

Everything goes into in the mouths of the under threes. Don't buy toys that are intended for older children, they may well have small parts that could well cause choking if swallowed.

Uninflated and fragmented popped balloons, they are a big danger and should not be played with. The dangers involved are again down to possible choking. Never let under threes play with these it may seem quite innocent but the danger is always there.

Glass marbles, other small balls, and games with small balls that have a diameter of of less than 4 cm are another big potential problem. Yet another oral choking hazard to the young children.

Pulling, prodding and twisting toys is something normal with the under threes. Only well-made robust toys should be tended with tightly secured eyes, noses and other parts.

Toys with sharp edges and points are still being made, check this before buying.

Up to Five Years

Thin, brittle plastic made toys that break easily therefore resulting into small pieces with sharp edges is something that needs to be tested before buying. Just look at the material and the density of the plastic, that should tell you enough.

Art materials, such as crayons and painting sets should have the mark "ASTM D-4236." This would give clearance by official toxicologist telling you that the products are toxic free and come with advice on the product. This mark will also give any warning that you need to be know about the product. Always check for this mark before buying.

Education is the best form of defence therefore it would be a good idea to teach the older brothers and sisters to keep their own toys away from their younger brothers and sisters. The toys may be fine for more responsible older children but may well be a danger to the younger ones.

Up to Twelve Years

Toys should be checked ever so often for breakage and potential hazards created from these. Damaged toys should be repaired if possible or simple thrown away, not passed on to other children or charity shops.

Advice on toy guns is important nowadays. With any toy gun make sure the barrel or the entire weapon is brightly coloured so that it's not mistaken for a real gun. My advice is not to buy guns in the first place then the problem of this is eliminated straight away.

Bicycles are great but whatever yo do don't forget to buy the helmet with it. There should be a campaign that you cannot buy a bike without producing a helmet for the owner. Even more important, make sure it is worn every time

Being tidy was something I taught all children in schools, it make so much sense. so when children have finished playing get them to put the toys away so they don't trip over and hurt themselves and also prevent toys being broken and thrown away.

Shop Safely

Install Shopping Advisor


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