Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Save Money By Sharing The Load With Parties

Save Money By Sharing The Load With Parties

Anther great tip from Bulgaria where the econonics and savings never fail to amaze me. It happened today at the factory work party where a great end of year feast was organised for the workers. This is an expensive business in a year where many have been made unenployed due to a turn down in business through a drop in sales. However the company was still in business and that was enough to celebrate this year.

As we were tyring to save money the idea was that every worker should bring in a dish and some drink. All 27 workers brought in a home cooked dish and the end result was a feast laid out fit for a King. The drink was plentiful and of course this didn't cost the company a penny. The left over were fed to the factory chicken and dogs and the left over drink returned to the owners. Most of the drink (wine and rakia) was homemade and it gave a change for everyone to sample different drinks something that many don't get a chance to as 99% of their food and drink are from their own home.

This saves money, noting is wasted therefore economical and a great talking point with the tried recipes and drinks. It was a great success and the workers felt that they also had contributed to the company's financial welfare doing this. We all hope we are in work this time next year and even if things are better business wise will probably do the same thing again it was that good.

So the tip is to share the contributions with parties, people will be more than willing to help and help the host, it doesn't have to be work based but home based.
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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Tip How To Save Money On Wasting Fresh Foods

Tip How To Save Money On Wasting Fresh Foods

You buy fresh food to eat, but how many people end up not eating it and throwing it away as it has past its best. There is a simple solution to this problem where you will be saving money and or course helping cut the waste that so many of us are guilty of.

There are two parts to this solution. The first is quite simple and involves a little calculation and will power. Buying fresh fruit and vegetables are the main culprit of waste, you should know beforehand how much you would need to cover the week's supplies in your household. Stick to your quantity as the grocer undoubtedly will be trying to get you to buy more than you need. Supermarkets are of course experts in this with 3 for the price of 2 a regular taunt to buy more. If you just want 2, just buy two and ask for a discount on these with the offer in mind. this won't work always but always worth asking. Supermarket staff are trained to bend over backwards trying to please so you may be pleasantly surprise if you do ask.

the second method to save money and waste is to get the longest life out of your purchased fresh foods. Ask the manager when the delivery of its fresh fruits and vegetables come in on the shelves. Fruits and vegetables go past their sell by date quickly as they have to be shipped quickly. If they restocks on Monday shop for these products on Monday. You will get a few extra day life on the foods if you do this.

Most people haven't got the courage to ask these things, more fool them! Supermarkets and big grocer stores are making enough money out of you, don't let them palm you off with less than the freshest possible foods and put you in control on how much you want to buy.
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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tips To Prevent Home Fires This Christmas

CHANGCHUN, CHINA - NOVEMBER 9:  Uncertifed fir...

Fire kills and during Christmas and the cold weather fire risks are at their greatest. I have given a few tips on how to reduce the risks and get through Christmas and the New Year unscathed.

  • Candles are a popular during the festive season. The fact that a live fire is being used means that the risks of fire are increased. Don’t let children play with them and keep away from pets that could knock them over. Place them away from material that is combustible such as curtains and always make sure they are put out before retiring to bed.
  • Extension chords may be burdened with extra electrical present as gifts. Make sure you don’t overload them as they can overheat and combust in certain instances.
  • The log fire if you have one may not have been used since last winter. Make sure that it has been cleaned and given a good bill of health. Chimney fires are a common problem with un-maintained chimneys.
  • Always be present with any cooking you are making. A distraction such as guests turning up can easily lead to you forgetting there is something cooking and this often causes kitchen fires.
  • Drink is a common element at Christmas; smokers will tend to be very clumsy with their cigarettes so make sure you keep a beady eye on these people. Again cigarettes are a major cause of fires in the home, especially under the influence of alcohol.
  • If you have smoke alarms, make sure they are working and put fresh batteries in if they run on them.
  • Lastly, the Christmas tree is a big fire hazard if natural and dried out. Have you ever burnt your old used one; it goes up like a towering inferno! Make sure that you tree is watered and this will stop it from becoming inflammable.
With all this on board you should reduce the chances of your Christmas becoming an unforgettable nightmare with the outbreak of fire in your home and turning it into an Happy Christmas.
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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Extend The Life Of Your Boots With Leftovers

A pair of boots Extend The Life Of You Boots With LeftoversImage via Wikipedia

Here’s a tip that I picked up only yesterday at work and very useful it is as well. It eliminates waste and is put to good use to extend the life of footwear. If ever you are using glue or putty fro filling in gaps in walls or repairs on your car bodywork you are bound to have some left over when you have finished the job here’s what to do with it.

Simply use the leftover putty or glue and apply it to the sole of shoe or boots you may have. It will give further life to the soles and more cushioning when walking. It may not be practical to use it on all footwear, but working boots and walking footwear will certainly benefit from this application from material that would normally be thrown away.

I had some car filler putty applied to my working boots yesterday and it works really well. It is a tried and tested method that many of my workmates have used for years and of course typically Bulgarian in practical application that makes complete sense.
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Friday, 18 December 2009

Face Up To Laser Skin Cures And A New Life Awaits

I have many friends many whom I have not seen for years, school friends, University friends and former work colleague friends. Because my home location has changed many times over the years I loose contact with some, so it is great when I find someone who I haven’t seen for decades. Is happened recently.

I toured America back in 1976 and made many friends there, one in particular living in Los Angeles. I found her again by accident on Facebook. I always remember her for her outgoing personality even though she has a serious condition of port mark stains on her forehead, which she has had since birth. Having this problem was something she had o deal with most of her life, but when I saw a recent picture of her when catching up with all the lost news over the years, these marks had disappeared.

She admitted that her life had changed since she has had treatment to cure these birthmark stains that were so pronounced. Her confidence soared and a new person can about from the marks. She had found a local laser surgery clinic approved by the American Academy of Dermatology. A Celibre Los Angeles Dermatologist had given his assurance that she could be rid of this unfortunate birthmark that has plagued her for so long with modern laser techniques that also treat many other skin disorders.

My friend also had known someone who had had this treatment for a different ailment wrinkles laser treatment for a friend in orange county was another live changing experience and this is what led my friend to go ahead with it.

Needless to say, she is indeed a new person, more bubbly than before and enjoying a new found freedom and this is great to see. We plan to meet next year in Bulgaria (she is richer than me) where we will catch up with things face to face. Something she found hard to do before.

The tip here is to not resign yourself to skin ailments that give you an inferiority complex. The new laser technology can cure, and at a reasonable price, giving a new horizon to whoever has the courage to take it up. My friend has found a renaissance of life from this.
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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Screws Are Seven TImes Better Than Nails

Screws come in a variety of shapes and sizes f...Image via Wikipedia

I don’t know why people use nails when they can use screws instead. The reason for this has been known for many years now and has stuck in my mind for decades. Quite simply, screws are seven times more secure than nails.

How many time have you bought some furniture and found that after a short while the nails start losing their grip and eventually wear the wood and become looser and looser as you keep knocking them back in.

Well here’s the tip – When you buy god that just have nails that are securing bit and pieces, take them out whenever practical and replace them with screws. Screws only cost a few pence each and being seven times stronger and also as an equivalent last seven times longer.

I have done this with wardrobes with nailed backing (plywood) and cabinet draw bases with tacks, both from new and I have not had any problem with the screws not budging in the slightest since. For the amount of time it takes to do this it is time well invested.

You can also save the nails that should be brand new and can be used again for other jobs.
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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dimmer Swtches Should Be More Widely Used

Dimmer Swtches Should Be More Widely Used

Dimmer switches for lighting in the home have been around every since I can remember. Somehow though the innovation of these has not really been taken up as standard in homes and that is very surprising.

Dimmer switches save energy therefore save you money, but it is not as simple as that for one very good reason. You can’t use dimmer switches with power saving bulbs and this may well be the very reason they are not used in many homes that have already made the switch to energy efficient bulbs. His aside there is sill a massive waste of energy in homes that have standard light bulbs and no dimmer switches.

I myself have energy efficient bulbs in 90% of my only because some of the fitting can’t accommodate them. Where standard light bulbs are used two out of the three places have dimmer switches fitting. The one that isn’t is an outside security light therefore not practicable.

The chances are that your own home hasn’t got these useful dimmer switches that can add a certain romance to the rooms they are installed in. The television become more of a cinema with dimmed lights and your conscience will be aware of the saving on electric being made. Don’t forget full power can always be used if a bright light is needed for reading etc.

You can simply buy dimmer switches in many style and very cheaply. The saving you make on electric will pay for the cost of the change to dimmer switches before you know it. So don’t just think about it, do it, it’s a great tip.
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Friday, 11 December 2009

Back To Basics Using Chalk and Chalkboards

A chalkboard.

Back to basics sometimes is the best solution. A tip on how to save paper and chemically based writing materials can be made simply by doing exactly that. Whether at home or at work using pens and paper is a common for various tasks. Why not go back to the chalk and chalkboard?

The chalk and chalkboard was something I used when teaching in schools for a number of years and its use was really quite underrated. Why other industries don’t use it more often is a mystery when you consider the cost effectiveness. This is certainly a consideration that should be taken into account as business are not just about making money but cutting overheads and saving money as well.

The idea occurred as work here where they use chalk and a metal door to record number units that are manufactured there. Every evening these are taken and recorded in a computer database and the chalk is rubbed off ready for the next day’s figures. There is no wasted paper or plastic pens that have to be disposed of. The additional benefit is that you can’t lose the information on a door unlike a bit of paper, which adds to the practicalities of using this system.

If you are currently using pens and paper look to see whether you can change to a chalk and chalkboard system and give the environment a little extra help.
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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Short Hair Saves Money And The Environment

Short Hair Saves Money And The EnvironmentStill Pretty - But short

It may seem like quite a strange thing to do to save energy, but having short hair makes a massive difference to the amount of energy that is used to look after it. What on earth am I talking about I hear you ask? Well making saving on energy comes in all forms and many ways are just not thought of and this is one.

Fair do, if you are set on having long hair and spend hour upon hour each week washing it, using electric curlers then blow drying and frequent trips to the hair designer using their electrical systems to get you hair just right, you have to live with the guilt of using electric purely for vanity. Have you every considered having short hair designs that are just a trendy but more economical and environmentally friendly? If not think about it.

I not suggesting we all go around bald, (which also seems to be the fashion with men right now) but just reduce the amount of hair that need washing and drying. It is a simple equation of the more hair you have the more hot water you use and the longer the hair dryer is running. On top of this long hair needs more frequent washing added to the energy needed. It makes so much sense without even to mentioning healthier hygiene with short hair.
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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Think Before Buying Replacement Cartridges For Your Printer

Think Before Buying Replacement Cartridges For Your Printer

If there is one source of money down the drain that it has to replacement ink cartridges for printers. The vast majority of business and home printers users just buy new cartridges without doing any research into where their sources come from. How much have you put down the drain over the last few years?

I have to put my hands up as well and say I have done the same many times shopping in the high street for a new cartridge as I want it now rather than buying before the old one runs out.

To save money here you have to shop in advance, that way there will be less temptation to buy the first one you see in the rush to get it installed and running in your printer. Buying online makes complete sense from the point of getting outstanding value compared to retail shop suppliers. Many online shops of ink printer cartridges give a post free service with fast delivery and money-back guarantees. The difference of buying now and waiting a couple of days for cartridges will make a big difference in your pocket.

In addition to this a good tip not only for you money but also for the environment is to only print essential material not only saving ink but paper – ultimately trees! Take both these tips and you’ll not only be richer, but in addition have a less guilty conscience.

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Short Shared Showers - Good For The Environment

Short Shared Showers - Good For The Environment

Taking a shower is meant to save on water and heating opposed to having a bath, but that of course depends on how long you are in the shower. I for one love a bath but take quick showers to save on water, electric and an always aware of the time spent doing this.

Just one minute less time spent in a shower could over an extended period make big difference in you electric or gas bills. Just think of the money and energy wasted by just standing in the shower doing nothing. If you are that way inclined then perhaps you would be more economical by taking a shallow bath.

Try trying the shower off while using the shower gel and sponge, it is only being washed away before it has a chance to clean anyway so you will be saving on shower gel as well.

Another tip if you have a shower unit that is placed above your bath is to put the plug in the bath while showering and you can then wallow in the water that is now effectively a bath.
It goes without saying that sharing a shower or bath with someone is still a great way of saving money and of course having fun!
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Friday, 4 December 2009

Top EC Droppers For November 2009

Here it is folks, November's Top Ten Entrecard droppers and Pure Natural Diva takes the honours, but it was a close run thing! She won by a technical knock out, which I'm not too sure how it works; Traders' Hub was on equal 31 drops for the month which only has 30 days! Another enigma!

Thanks to all who take the time to drop on 'Tips N Wrinkles' blog, I try and recipricate to all who do daily.

Here's the list:

Dropper # of drops
Pure Natural Diva 31
Traders' Hub 31
Business & Life Success 30
Learning Corner 30
The Sweet Life 29
Akila's Blog 29
All 2 Read 27
atenean101 @ Blogspot 24
Photojournalist ! 24
SkipRatt mountain bike blog 20
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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Doorbells Versus Knockers - Knockers Win!

Doorbells Versus Knockers - Knockers Win!A Classic Knocker

Electricity is expensive for the household and every home should be thinking about trying to restrict the energy that is used. It is not only good for the household finance with cheaper electricity bills, but also for the environment and peace of mind knowing you are doing your bit.

Everything should be considered on ways of saving energy and the tip here is to look at your doorbell if you have one. It is either power directly from the mains or from a battery and that of course means using up energy that can be saved on. The more visitors you get the more energy is used up. Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that you discourage visitors but look at alternative ways of them making their presence known.

Before electrically powered doorbell gadget came out home used to have a knocker. This is something that would be good coming back into fashion. Knocking on the front door is also much more fun than pressing a button. Think about it. Over the period of a few years you will have made a difference with the energy you would have saved by using a manual knocker on your front door and it can be a fashion statement with thousands of designs to choose from.

I personally got rid of my electric doorbell years ago and have a knocker, but even this isn’t used as the dog is my doorbell.
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