Monday, 31 August 2009

High Tech Fantasy Football Is Now A Reality


Calling all Football fans! If you are football crazy and just cant’ get enough of the NFL this could well be for you. Some ex Wall Street guys are just that and disillusioned with the stock markets and who can blame them in recent times. They have taken their passion and turned their dream into a reality. The reality is ironically a fantasy, namely a world of fantasy football.

With fantasy football draft software you have a world of fantasy football that is never ending if you wish. With many innovative features well ahead of any competitors in the same field this is the place to be if you are into NFL fantasy football. There is a regularly updated football news and analysis sections along with a forum where you can communicate with thousands of other like-minded fantasy football fans.

You can expect to have access to over 100 local NFL trams with news feeds to keep you on top of what’s happening with your team. Needless to say, the masterminds of this site are dedicated entirely to the game for you. Will they ever go back to Wall Street? Not on your Nelly, football is too important in their lives and their enthusiasm really does show on this fantasy football site.

A big tip is to give fantasy football a go, it's a damn site cheaper that the real thing which to many is a complete rip off.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Only Two Problems With Growing Cabbages

Brassica oleracea viridis Cabbage at a market ...Image via Wikipedia

Right now I am growing cabbages, we rely on them for our winter salads in Bulgaria. They aren’t too difficult to grow, but getting past the seedling stage is the biggest problem and there are two reasons for that.

Regular watering is essential when planting out the seedlings, this really ensures they get a good steady grow in the summer heat and are never allowed to dry out. They need to be watered once a day on really hot spells but every two or three days will do. Another point is to not over-water as mould can set in.

The other major factor that prevents successful cabbages is butterflies and caterpillars. Butterflies are lovely to watch flittering around the crop but they lay their eggs and it is no long before your cabbage seedlings are nothing more than a skeleton.

Butterflies are fantastically beautiful especially with the many varieties that we get here in Bulgaria, but the most common butterfly is the aptly named cabbage white. Freshly planted tender cabbages are their favourite place for cabbage white butterflies and who can blame them in the heat of the summer when most tings are being harvested or has been harvested, the cabbage is the most green crop around and a magnet to them.

This is all very well but on a daily basis a check on every single cabbage needs to be made and any caterpillars seen need to be crushed immediately before they can inflict major damage and the loss of the crop. There is no room for sentiment here as it is a choice between the caterpillars and butterflies or winter food. We did not plant out cabbages for any other reason other then the latter. We don’t bother with chemicals it cost money and it’s not something we like doing form a health point of view. Five minutes a day squashing caterpillars is good enough.

Other than these two problems the cabbages will give a good crop providing us salad throughout the winter as we will gather them all up in November and store them in barrels of salted water. Can’t wait!
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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Learn To Play An Instrument - You'll Never Regret It


There is something in this world that is such a pleasure to possess and it is increasing rare for people to have now with money so tight and education neglecting the arts. Music is one of the most wonderful pleasure in life it is such a pity that many miss out because of this. Playing an instrument well is difficult. It needs time, dedication and expert tuition for the correct technique. If ever you get the chance to learn whether you are a parent with children or and adult getting the right instrument is a complicated task. You need to know quite a bit about the instrument you are buying, where to buy it and what to look out for.

Buying a clarinet for example is a minefield and salespersons know straight away whether you've done any research and know what you're looking for. As a musician myself I know quite a few people who wished they had taken me along with them when buying, as the salespeople will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

ShopWiki is a unique online shopping site and stands alone form other traditional shopping sites, which only show you stores that they have a financial reward for them. ShopWiki doesn’t do this and finding a clarinet on the site you will get information about the instrument and of course more products from more stores, which means better deals and savings.

You will never regret starting up playing an instrument and a clarinet is a good choice if you have learnt the recorder at school. Choosing you instrument through ShopWiki is also something you will never regret.
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Monday, 24 August 2009

A Fridge Based Shopping List Saves Money And Frustration

A Fridge Based Shopping List Saves Money And FrustrationImage by nep

It is really annoying that every week before we go to the farmhouse in the village we visit the supermarket to buy provision for the weekend and every week we just forget what we need and don’t’ need! This ends up with us buying stuff that we have already got and forgetting stuff that we needed to get. It is so frustrating get there and having doubled our cheese supply and not having washing powder for the washing machine.

We were fed up to the teeth of doing this week in week out and decided to do something about it. It had gone on long enough and the money we waste by lack of management in this area we could not afford.

The idea was tried out a couple of weeks ago. We kept a list on our fridge in the kitchen and wrote things down immediately that we ran out of. Not just from the fridge but from the freezer and cupboards. The fridge was the best place to stick the list as we used a fridge magnet to keep it in place. The trouble before was that when we run out of something we relied on our memory and getting older it just doesn’t stay there. We now jot it down immediately and over the last few weeks we take the list back to the town with us on Sunday evening and go shopping with the list on Friday evening.

We have for the last tow weeks now had the best possible start to our country weekends as we shop for all the right things as we know for sure what is needed and what isn’t. A simple economical and totally sensible plan that works so well.

We thought this tip might well be useful for everyone. Just put the list on the fridge and it is there eventually as a shopping list that is made on a daily weekly or even monthly basis. A great tip that now works for us and I’m sure for others who try it.
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Wastefulness - Who Needs It?

Here’s a great tip is you happen to be an organisation that needs software support for waste management, and let’s be honest there’s a lot of it about nowadays.

Wastefulness - Who Needs It?It is essential that you collect data and keep track of it and there is some new software that allows you to do this with the minimum of fuss. It will make the process you currently use a more efficient service as it is based on a singles data entry. This is opposed to older re-keyed data systems that need to be entered time and time again from one system to another. Included in the application is job dispatch software for automated communications, Mapping & GPS, which replace mobile phones with on-board computers.

At the end of the day and a new streamlined system in place you rcustomers will get a better and swifter service. A good tip in anyone's book or computer database in this case!

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Special Offers - Where to look

NEW YORK - JUNE 11:  A woman stands in a super...Image by Getty

Special offers are an all year round exercise from retailer, especially supermarket chains. Every single supermarket store in the world has a promotion on right now, not always what you need, but millions of people are led to buying it just because it is on offer. How can you fins things that are on promotion that you need?

Looking for specials offer outside the supermarket is the key. If you find the offer in the supermarket you are led into a trap of buying something you may now want do your research for special before you go shopping. Like I say, every store has specials on and they don't just advertise in their stores. Look for them in your local newspaper, talk to friends who may have seen offers and listen to radio and television adverts. Even advertising on passing vehicles such as buses or commercial vans might show something you actually need on offer.

When you do get to the store they often have unadvertised specials and this is where you can pick up more bargains. The supermarkets want you to buy stuff on the shelfs that are at eye level. Look on the higher and lower shelves for deals, they are much cheaper away from eye level.

Lastly, don’t buy stuff unless they’re things you need. With this in mind you will save quite a bit from offers you need and not buying stuff you don't need.

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Loneliness Can Be A Thing Of The Past

Loneliness Can Be A Thing Of The PastLoneliness is something that is happening on an increasing scale. Even thought they say the world is becoming smaller place many people, especially in big cities and town are isolated and have very few people they can confide in or have relationships with. There is a great tip and a very simple answer to that.

Online chat rooms are becoming more and more popular and for very good reason, there is a demand for friends and relationships and chat line supply the feed to that demand very successfully. It is an added bonus that chat lines are differentiated, which basically means that there a re chat rooms specifically designed for you taste of person. For example christian singles chat is specific to single people with Christian beliefs and ideals. This way it is not trying to find a needle in a haystack with people that have something in common with you, but pre-filtered system making very easy to find someone compatible with you.

There is no need to be lonely anymore with the online chats that are designed specifically for you.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

AT&T Small Business Competition - Well Worth Entering

Attention needed here for all people who have small businesses or small business ideas. Firstly, AT&T Small Business InSite has released a Web destination that is designed for small business owners. With site now running the company is giving away a Small Biz Tech Makeover as a prize to the winner in celebration of the launch. Could you do with this with your small business or business idea? If so, you need to read on about how to take part.

Having been launched on the 10th July AT&T is a great source of information and hands on help to many small businesses trying to make their way up the road to profit. In a recession every bit helps to stay on top of the competition and this site really makes a difference. The Makeover online contest began on the 13th July, but it is not too late to enter with the chance of winning one year of free AT&T products and services alongside valuable expert advice.

Completing an online form sending it in with a short video with your small business story can make the entry, it’s as simple as that. Fuller details about the competition guidelines and rules short video with your story. More guidelines and contest details can be found by visiting

Well worth the effort if you qualify.


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Direct TV - Take It With You When You Move

Direct TV - Take It With You When You MoveWell the football season has started and I have moved home recently so I can’t attend matches anymore. What’s more, I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford to go now and see any matches live now anyway even if I lived next to the stadium. I use to many years ago, but I just can’t afford to nowadays. Such a shame that this regular Saturday afternoon visit to watch my local football team play is now a thing of the past.

When I used to attend I didn’t really get a good view of the match anyway, I was in a good sitting position behind one end of the stadium behind the goal, but if anything happen the other end I just didn’t’ get a sight of the detail. Beside that, if there was a part for the game that potentially could lead to a goal the supporters in front of me would stand up and block my vision, therefore I’d miss the most exciting and best parts of the match!

Have you sent he price of the food at football matches? Astronomical in price to say the least, how can anyone enjoy a simple hamburger and coke when the price exceeds $5? This is another cost that I just couldn’t manage to cover. So have I given up watching football? No, there is an alternative with many benefits surpassing watching the match in person.

A friend in the US also has the same problem, not being able to afford to go to football matches so he watches it live on Direct TV. He also recently moved after getting married and wanted to continue watching live football. It’s cheaper, you get to see everything that goes on and you can shop for your food at as fraction of the cost in local supermarkets and scoff while you watch the match. Getting Directv is the best thing he has every done apart from recently marrying his childhood sweetheart. He has now got the system installed in his new home and everything is great on all fronts

I also watch live football now on cable TV but I can’t choose my games they show, it’s pity the Direct TV in Texas doesn’t extend to my own backyard. Still there’s always my local minnow football team I can watch for free, but they’re not very good.
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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Many Happy Returns (Labels)

Many Happy Returns (Labels)I remember the time some 30 years ago when return address labels where just in their infancy I thought that it was one of the best ideas around at the time. I used to write lots of letter in my business and sticking a return address label on was a professional and convenient way of getting replies for my business mail shots at the time. It has gone a stage further now.

The idea of return address labels is therefore not new, but the concept is still very much alive. The postal system is still being used more than ever with mail order and private letters and greeting cards still get sent regularly on an increasing basis with special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas of course and Easter only to name a few.

Whatever the occasion and address label is a great way to add your signature to any form of mail correspondence. It is cheap economical and an effective way to prompt a reply as well. If you add a few in your correspondence they can also act as a kind of personal business card!

Many Happy Returns (Labels)For one of the most comprehensive selection return address labels you can’t go wrong with a company that has over 5,000 label designs with a free address label image upload facilities/ And prices just start at $4.95!

I remember paying the same price 20 years ago with an inferior design, which was basically just text! I still use return address labels, but when my supply runs out I will certainly take another look at this source.
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Monday, 17 August 2009

Bodybuilders Are Nice People

Bodybuilders Are Nice People

A great tip it to try and keep fit. I love keeping fit and most of my fitness workouts are free such as walking, cycling, gardening and bodybuilding. I have a long-standing friend from my schooldays who also has the same ideals as me and we often chat about how we get on and swap tips.

One of the most enjoyable fitness activities for me is bodybuilding, which again can be done very cheaply. In Bulgaria where I lnow live, bodybuilding, weightlifting and other strength sports is a passion that has been a traditional pastime for generations. Bulgarian are naturally short and stock and they lend themselves very well to such sports.

There are many ways you can take up this sports which has a worldwide following, my friend suggested I joins a website that he has joined where there are bodybuilder chat rooms. This is a place where you can meet other like-minded people who also want to share their passion. It is also a great place to start off and find out about the hobby.

Most people I know who keep fit with bodybuilding are the nicest people around. Any aggression is taken out in the exercises they do. You could make some very good friends this way and of course become a healthier person and mentally more balanced. A tip well worth making note of.

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Crock Pot Cooking - Economic and Healthy

Crock Pot Cooking - Economic and Healthy

Try crock pot dinners, a thing of the past? No a thing of the future more like. In Bulgaria they do this all the time it is so practical and saves not only money but time. They are easy, cheap and tasty and actually taste better than any fast food made in 10 minutes.

The concept is based on convenience and economy of energy. Just throw some ingredients in the pot in the morning let is slow cook all day whilst you are at work and your dinner is ready for you when you get home. How efficient is that?

Why is this not the most common way to cook food in this day of tight purse strings and lack of time to do anything. It is faster than making a microwave dinner and of course much healthier if you use fresh ingredients with the taste ranking far outweighing any chemical flavour enhanced meal.

Crock pots should have never gone out of fashion, but then whose fault it that - Global convenient fast food advertising of course.

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Get Fresher Air In Your Home - Tips Given

smelly shoesImage by scottog

There is nothing like coming home to a home that is fresh and free of pollution. Your own environment can be just that with tips given here. It is just a matter of getting into the habit of dong things that can transform your house and improve your health at the same time. You may even get more guests who will feel more at home there!

  • Don't buy cleaning products with ammonia and chlorine as a base. They will make your eyes water and give you a sore throat, coughing and sometimes make you short of breath. Baking soda, vinegar and citrus oils are just as effective.
  • Some common indoor houseplants, such as bamboo, English ivy will give you a natural way to help fight against rising levels of indoor pollution as they absorb potentially harmful gases. One small green potted plant can clean a room of carbon dioxide within a day.
  • Some people are allergic to cats and dogs and if so and you have to keep pets don't keep them in the home. If you do have o keep them in the house keep them out of the bedroom.
  • It isn't economical but you can turn up the air-conditioning which doesn't only cool the air but reduce humidity levels something which mold doesn't like and will restrict its growth.
  • Air filters are there for a reason they particles such as pollen, smoke, dust mite debris, mold spores. So don't forget to change the filters regularly.
  • Air humidifiers generate moisture and can spread bacteria, mold spores and other chemical deposits. Keep the humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent this will prevent mold growth.
  • A simple tip is to leave your shoes outside get in the habit of taking your shoes off before your enter you home. The reasons are obvious.
With all this on board, you can't fail to feel better about your own home and personal environment.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Don't Keep Debts A Secret

Don't Keep Debts As A Secret

A close friend of mine came to me asking for help. She was faced with being taken to court due to her mounting debt on her credit cards. She wanted me to lend her money to help with paying the monthly interest that accrued each month. Why did she let herself get into this desperate situation having to ask friends for money?

Being a good friend I would have loved to help her out, but if I did, I would be in debt so I had to tell her I couldn’t afford to help her financially, but knew some reliable debt consolidators that have helped many people in the past and that they that may be able to help her with bill consolidation.

Debt consolidation is what she needed. She needed a plan where she could reduce her monthly outgoings and improved her overall debt each month with a light at the end of the tunnel. I asked why didn’t she do this sooner and the reason was that she was embarrassed with the situation and didn’t want anyone to know. She felt much better now talking about it to me and now feels that she can talk to professionals who can also advise and help her. She now is going to try and manage her debts with professional help and swears she will never again keep this a secret as it just get worse as time goes on. I’m sure she will get the right advice and things will get better very soon by gettgin advice on managing debts.

To anyone else, the tip is to manage your finances and don’t keep debts a secret. There is help out there – take it.
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Monday, 3 August 2009

July 2009 Top Ten Entrecard Droppers

A Big thank you to all Entrecard members who dropped in on my blog over the month of July. You now have a link here fore a month and the top blog Split Rock Ranch has their widget on display for the whole of August.

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