Thursday, 6 May 2010

Guest Slippers - A Great Practical Tradition

A pair of low-heeled slippers.
Here's a good tip for the home if you don't already use it. Here visitors never wear their outside footwear in the home. They don't need to be asked to take their outside footwear off it is done automatically as it it a traditional thing here in Bulgaria. I the UK this is not the case and I cant' understand why.

You home is your pride, the last thing you want is guests tramping muck from the streets onto you floor and carpets that you spend so long maintaining. In fact I now consider it rude and inconsiderate for any guest not to take their footwear off before entering the host's home. The best tip to ensure this doesn't happen is to have a few pairs of slippers y the side of the entrance outside and this will give a strong hint that they are their for incoming guests. It is as simple as that.

Not only will this solve muck being brought it, but it will make your guests feel more at home in house slippers. They can be bought at really cheap prices and in fact here you can buy a guest slipper package containing 4 pairs of slippers for just a fe BG Lev.

Keeping your place clean, improving the homeliness for your guests is surely worth the small investment on your doorstep.

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