Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Tips On How To Get Better Grades In Exams

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Exam time is here and every little helps when revising or getting ready for the tests. It was a terrible time for me when I was a kid, I wasn't too bright and had a deep fear of exams. Directly the warmer weather was here the fear struck and even now at 50+ years old the association with warm weather and exams still hits out every year.

Revising was basically reading books when I was young. There was not other options other than that. No internet, videos or other multi-sensory learning options around at the time. Today things are different and learning is far more fun than it used to be. An in thing right now is having a go at a quiz to revise. What a fun way to hep you remember things this way.

The big learning tool in all online right now including online testing. You can find out how well you are going to do in exams by testing yourself online. In addition there are many ways where you can improve you study skills as information on study skills is widely available online.

If only I was a kid right now I'd really enjoy revising for exams and not a a related fear of warm weather. Oh well! The tip by the way is to use online resources to help you revise for exams, if you don't you will certainly miss out on getting higher grades at the end of the day.
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