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Cold and Flu - Cost Free Tips on How to Avoid Them

Cold and Flu - Cost Free Tips on How to Avoid ThemHaving a cold or flu isn't very pleasant at all, not least is the fact that you will be spreading the germs around yourself no and affecting other people in your environment. Prevention can be practiced that is completely free and is always better than a cure. This is especially this case where there is no known cure for the common cold or flu!

Warding off colds and flu is the best policy, it saves you suffering, other people suffering and of course saving money from medication and loss of work. Getting a flu job from your local general practitioner is a good starting block, it may not be the most natural way of dealing with it, but it is normally free and works. There are many other things you can do to prevent you from getting a cold or the flu, even if you take a few of these on board the risks of infection will be reduced.

Direct contact is the main reason for contracting flu. A sneeze into the hand and a touch on the telephone, the computer keyboard or even a door handle will get you if you follow up with a touch there yourself. Germs can survive on surfaces for weeks. If wash your hands often this will prevent infecting objects. Even rubbing your hands together causing heat from the friction will kill bacteria, so a hand-basin doesn't have to be around all the time.

As mentioned viruses and germs cling to your hands as you invariably muffle coughs and sneezes with your hands. If you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, use a tissue and dispose of it right away, (we throw ours in the wood burner.) If there is no tissue, sneeze or cough away from people (which is courteous as well) or into your hands and immediately wash them. Your eyes, nose, or mouth is where viruses and germ enter your body. If you touch other peoples' faces this is the main area in which people catch colds.

Cold and Flu - Cost Free Tips on How to Avoid ThemAn underrated precaution and something that should be done on a regular basis is drinking water. Water flushes your system, as well as re-hydrating you it detoxifies your system. If you check the colour of your urine and it deep yellow, you need to drink more water until it runs clear. Many people just don't practice this and it is such a simple and effective precaution to take. As well as water, access to fresh air is recommended. It is not always possible, but if you have the means to do so, get some it's important, especially in cold weather. There are so many people who stay indoors with their central heating and air conditioning this generates more germs. Get out and breathe germ-less air.

Speeding up your heart to pump larger quantities of blood can be achieved by doing aerobic exercise, this helps transfer oxygen from your lungs to your blood. You begin to sweat once your body heats up and your natural virus-killing cells will become more active with fighting off any attack of germs or viruses it comes across.

The food you eat makes a difference. The natural chemicals in plants give essential vitamins giving a boost to your immune system. If you eat more fresh vegetables and fruits this will also reduce the risk of infection. Living in Bulgaria I know all about yogurt, the bacteria that makes yogurt can only be found naturally in Bulgaria. Of course it is now cultured worldwide. Yogurt can reduce the risk of catching a cold by up to 25%. Researchers results show that the beneficial bacteria in yogurt stimulate production of immune system that fights diseases such as colds and the flu.

Cold and Flu - Cost Free Tips on How to Avoid ThemSmoking and drinking are two areas that are causes of colds and flu. It is a well-know fact that if you are a heavy smoker you are more likely to get more frequent and severe colds. The reason is that smoke dries out your nasal passages and restricts the effectiveness of the natural defences designed to keep germs out. Research has proved that just one cigarette smoked can bring down the natural defences from viruses for up 40 minutes. No defence at any time for chain smokers with this in mind. The body's primary filtering system is your liver; drinking large amounts of alcohol will cause germs to remain in your body for longer than usual. Heavy drinkers therefore are likely to be more prone to infections. Alcohol actually takes more fluids from your system. This effectively dehydrates you system. A bit like taking water out of your body. If you do drink, make sure you interweave the drinking with glasses of water to combat this.

Cold and Flu - Cost Free Tips on How to Avoid ThemThe final tip is all about stress. Stress is a common symptom for most people but excessive stress contributes greatly to efficiency of you immune system. If you can teach yourself to relax your immune system will improve. It will increase in the bloodstream and renew your bodies fighting potential against germs and viruses. Find pleasant or calm things to do for half an hour a day and sustain this for six months. Relaxation is something you have to learn is not about doing nothing but doing something that distracts your attention and puts you at ease. There is a difference between being relaxed and being bored. It has been tested and was found that being bored has no affect on the immune system whereas being relaxed does.

All these tips cost absolutely nothing to practise and not only will help prevent you getting a cold or flu but will make you a healthier person as well.

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