Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Hair Care = Health Care

Hair Care = Health CareThere has never been a time when people, not only women are concerned about they hair.

It has always been the case that everyone looks more beautiful, healthier, thicker and attractive hair. It is not a case of just giving it a quick shampoo and blow dry. Most of us go further than that and fall for the ambush of advertised product, which in many cases just fail and leave you out of pocket. If you can understand your hair a little better and the problems that come into play as well as picking up a few tips along the way you will be come wiser and richer.

The kind of hair you have is important as nearly all shampoos make different products for different kinds of hair. Your hair has three main conditions - oily, dry or balanced. Check out what your hair type you have then you can take steps to improve its condition from this knowledge.

If our body and general well being is not healthy this will reflect with a lack of nutrients in you hair. Not only hair but also your skin and nails will begin to look unhealthy. If you lose hair or when it looks damaged, it can be external factors or an imbalance or deficiency of nutrients. Your hair basically reflects and gives away the state of your health.

If hair loss is excessive and becomes brittle or even just loses its lustre, it is a sure sign for you to look as what you are doing wrong. It may be the hair products you are using which aren't suited to your hair type. It may be ageing and environmental changes or even relationships with you partner. Having said this, most often it will be a medical condition that you may be suffering from such as anemia.

Vitamins may prove to be the most helpful remedy in improving the condition of your hair. B group vitamins alongside other kinds are clinically proven to cure many hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, greying etc. Try to eat food that has natural vitamins, this new diet will help tremendously with the condition of you hair.

Hair Care = Health CareEveryone has suffered from dandruff at some point in his or her lives. It is a truly embarrassing and unwanted affair at the best of times. Itching aside, it simply looks bad and a sure way to become isolated. Dandruff symptoms needs to be understood, only then can the problem be fixed. A good shampoo can quite often be the simplest answer to this problem. Buy a local brand rathere than a brand name such as the overpriced 'Head and Shoulders', brand name, it will be the same stuff but half the cost. Try it, failing that you doctor can prescribe a remedy.

What about greying hair that normally comes with age? it is inevitable for our hair to lose it's young and vibrant colour after so many years but age is just one of the causes. Stress and environmental conditions have turned hair grey; age is not always the culprit. Hair colouring certainly comes into play here to help many look their age, and many other to look younger! Nothing wrong with that, but hair colouring is not just about dyeing, it is a fashion nowadays.

Hair Care = Health CareJust a quick mention that men of course can quite simply shave their heads and get away with it as that is the fashion now. Women haven’t yet got to that fashion point yet and why should they as quite often hair is part and parcel of a personality of a woman.

Our physical problems seem to increase with age, but you don't have to retire on that. It is all about taking the initiative you take for a healthy regime in diet and exercise, this is the secret to hair that will look good throughout your live. Look after yourself and your hair will not need special treatment. There is not need to spend hundreds of pounds on products that claim to enhance you hair when these are not needed if you are healthy.

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