Friday, 21 August 2009

Special Offers - Where to look

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Special offers are an all year round exercise from retailer, especially supermarket chains. Every single supermarket store in the world has a promotion on right now, not always what you need, but millions of people are led to buying it just because it is on offer. How can you fins things that are on promotion that you need?

Looking for specials offer outside the supermarket is the key. If you find the offer in the supermarket you are led into a trap of buying something you may now want do your research for special before you go shopping. Like I say, every store has specials on and they don't just advertise in their stores. Look for them in your local newspaper, talk to friends who may have seen offers and listen to radio and television adverts. Even advertising on passing vehicles such as buses or commercial vans might show something you actually need on offer.

When you do get to the store they often have unadvertised specials and this is where you can pick up more bargains. The supermarkets want you to buy stuff on the shelfs that are at eye level. Look on the higher and lower shelves for deals, they are much cheaper away from eye level.

Lastly, don’t buy stuff unless they’re things you need. With this in mind you will save quite a bit from offers you need and not buying stuff you don't need.

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