Thursday, 20 August 2009

Direct TV - Take It With You When You Move

Direct TV - Take It With You When You MoveWell the football season has started and I have moved home recently so I can’t attend matches anymore. What’s more, I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford to go now and see any matches live now anyway even if I lived next to the stadium. I use to many years ago, but I just can’t afford to nowadays. Such a shame that this regular Saturday afternoon visit to watch my local football team play is now a thing of the past.

When I used to attend I didn’t really get a good view of the match anyway, I was in a good sitting position behind one end of the stadium behind the goal, but if anything happen the other end I just didn’t’ get a sight of the detail. Beside that, if there was a part for the game that potentially could lead to a goal the supporters in front of me would stand up and block my vision, therefore I’d miss the most exciting and best parts of the match!

Have you sent he price of the food at football matches? Astronomical in price to say the least, how can anyone enjoy a simple hamburger and coke when the price exceeds $5? This is another cost that I just couldn’t manage to cover. So have I given up watching football? No, there is an alternative with many benefits surpassing watching the match in person.

A friend in the US also has the same problem, not being able to afford to go to football matches so he watches it live on Direct TV. He also recently moved after getting married and wanted to continue watching live football. It’s cheaper, you get to see everything that goes on and you can shop for your food at as fraction of the cost in local supermarkets and scoff while you watch the match. Getting Directv is the best thing he has every done apart from recently marrying his childhood sweetheart. He has now got the system installed in his new home and everything is great on all fronts

I also watch live football now on cable TV but I can’t choose my games they show, it’s pity the Direct TV in Texas doesn’t extend to my own backyard. Still there’s always my local minnow football team I can watch for free, but they’re not very good.
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