Thursday, 20 August 2009

AT&T Small Business Competition - Well Worth Entering

Attention needed here for all people who have small businesses or small business ideas. Firstly, AT&T Small Business InSite has released a Web destination that is designed for small business owners. With site now running the company is giving away a Small Biz Tech Makeover as a prize to the winner in celebration of the launch. Could you do with this with your small business or business idea? If so, you need to read on about how to take part.

Having been launched on the 10th July AT&T is a great source of information and hands on help to many small businesses trying to make their way up the road to profit. In a recession every bit helps to stay on top of the competition and this site really makes a difference. The Makeover online contest began on the 13th July, but it is not too late to enter with the chance of winning one year of free AT&T products and services alongside valuable expert advice.

Completing an online form sending it in with a short video with your small business story can make the entry, it’s as simple as that. Fuller details about the competition guidelines and rules short video with your story. More guidelines and contest details can be found by visiting

Well worth the effort if you qualify.


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