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Dental Care Tips

Dental Care TipsDental health is widely ignored in many parts of the world, mainly though lack of education, even in westernised societies. Tooth and gum disease are one of the most common diseases and it is a fact that the wealthier the people, the more likely it is for tooth loss to occur.

Most problems occur due to of bacteria activity in the plaque. This collects on the teeth and gums and bacteria breed on it. If you can rid yourself of plaque and keep it that way, most teeth and gum problems would disappear.

Dental Care TipsDental diseases are not lethal, but the cost, the pain and suffering and man-hours lost from work is plain to see. If Governments took measures to get rid of dental problems through better education, this would result in a much more efficient population.

Dental Care TipsCleaning you teeth is the source to having healthy teeth. To do it properly you must me shown how to and then actually practice it. A tooth has five different surfaces, the front, the back, the two sides and the chewing surface. The advice is to brush the top and bottom teeth separately. Most dentists say that bristle tips should be applied at around 45 degrees to the gum area. This should be just above where the teeth emerge and should concentrate on the gum margins. Many people don't do this. The bristles should then be are moved back and forth incorporating a gentle circular motion with short strokes. You teeth right at the back of your mouth mustn’t be forgot. Lastly, brush all the biting surfaces. If yo practice this every day you will get into a habit of a lifetime.

There are a couple of other tips to follow:

  • Don't put too much toothpaste on the brush; paste the size of a pea is all you need. If you put too much there will be a tendency to spit it out too soon with all the foam it makes.
  • Start with a dry brush when you put the past on. The reason for this is that it alters the action of the bristles and stops them removing plaque effectively.

Dental Care TipsMost dentists recommend dental floss. The main reason is that it reaches parts a brush can't' reach, mainly in between the teeth where plaque is trapped. All dental floss is a kind silk/nylon thread that is passed the spaces between the teeth. This is done with a gentle backwards and forwards motion. You can buy waxed floss; this is easier to use than non-waxed floss. Using floss is a skill therefore children may have trouble mastering it. This is where the caring parent comes in to educate the children to brush and floss their teeth every day. They will thank you when they still eat peanuts at 70 years of age!

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