Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Avoid Post Christmas Blues

Avoid Post Christmas BluesChristmas, who needs it? Crazy, its October and another reminder that Christmas is on its way, but fro very good reason this time.

Look back to January 2007 are you still paying you credit card bill off from last Christmas? Christmas doesn't have to be a financial suicide this time around if you take sensible actions.

Try and plan where you will be at Christmas then plan what food, drink and presents you will need for that place, (or home for that matter).

Avoid Post Christmas BluesYour budget can now be worked out and how much you can afford to put aside each month or week. By stashing your money in bank account that pays interest monthly, one or two presents will have paid for themselves by the time Christmas arrives..

If finding much extra cash to tuck away, try and economise in the meantime, there are many place this can be done from saving electric to eating less, it all counts. Tips on this can be found here on this site Top-10-energy-saving-tips.

Avoid Post Christmas BluesIf you're cooking lunch on Christmas Day, the secret to success is organisation. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. Ask guests who may be coming to share the big day with you to bring a dish or alcoholic contribution. This will reduce cost and stress all in one big fell swoop. Stock up on food that can be kept for long periods and use food that you can store in the freezer. Between now and Christmas look for items you have on your list and buy when they are on special offer or on promotion.

How about savings stamps schemes? Don’t, its better not to bother and just pile all bit and pieces in a interest giving savings account, the interest is always going to be more than saving stamp and less bother! Besides you can only normally spend you stamps in the shop that is running it. What use it that?

Avoid Post Christmas BluesMake the most of reward schemes it all makes a difference to your disposable funds laid down for Christmas. You could save them up if planned carefully. Don’t fall for buying stuff that isn’t on your list just for promotional rewards points or credits, it just isn’t worth the bait
Presents cause stress financially and most presents are bought for the sake of it rather than for something that is needed, what a waste! Why not agree in advance to only buy gifts for the children most consenting adults that you will be seeing and normally buy presents for at Christmas will probably be just as financially relived of the idea as you are.

Again buying presents can be based around what is on special offers and deals in the run up to Christmas. This is the most sensible way to shop if on a budget. Ever thought of making you own presents to gift as gifts? It can be done and quite often more rewarding that something bought as it is more personal and thoughtful.

Avoid Post Christmas BluesWhy do people spend so much on decorating the home. You can re-use last year’s decorations, I also do, they last for many years, Christmas trees often pop up as people upgrade theirs or make your own decorations and bring the kids into the equation. They’ll love it and appreciate the results they produce.

Avoid Post Christmas BluesChristmas Day is after all just another day and getting in debt all because of one day is just crazy. If you talk to anyone about having Christmas on a budget this year they will be of the same opinion, it is a good idea as Christmas has beconme wasteful, over commercialised and overrated.

You don’t need to break the Bank to have a good time at Christmas. Yes, it is a time for giving, but not to the credit companies who have the best New Year ever with the profits they make.



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