Friday, 17 October 2008

Washing Machine Spinning Speed Yarns

Washing machines are now commonplace for most households in developed countries. Gone are the days where the wife would take the linen to the local stream and wash it on a rock. Having said that I have still see that go on in Bulgaria but then dealing with poverty and using practical means of getting around that leads to this happening.

Washing Machine Spinning Speed YarnsEven though washing machines have been around for over half a century, they still use masses of energy to do the job. In fact the ever increasing scale in spinning speeds has led to a spin war going on to see which machine can spin the fastest to save on tumble drying times.

Faster spin speeds = less tumble-drying time, yes! But does it really save energy with the effort on the spin? It is a fact that faster spin speeds are just a marketing tool and gimmick that leads people into believing faster is better and cheaper. Furthermore, it is another con to the believers of faster and better machines; they pay more for the product.

The difference between an 1100 spin speed and a 1200 spin is negligible and to be quite honest more psychological, so why on earth does this matter to people when considering buying a washing machine?

Let's look at the basics of why it is better not to fall for the 'faster is better' marketing trap.

If you buy a washing machine with lower spin speeds you will get cheaper washing machines, less noise, a machine that is more stable with less violent vibrations, longer lasting machines due to less wear and tear and your washing will suffer less as it will be more gentle with it. Added to that you will get cheaper electric bills as the energy these machine use will be less..

Washing Machine Spinning Speed YarnsAs covered in previous posts I am not a fan of tumble driers and a big fan of washing lines. We personally don't use the spin facility at all on warm sunny days, even in the winter. And if it isn't the right weather for washing on the line we will use a clotheshorse in the main room next to a radiator or wood burner, which we use. There is no additional cost to doing this, just time.

Washing Machine Spinning Speed YarnsIt remain another fact that I had found out in my research that the most common washing machines are not made to a high enough build quality to cope with super fast spin speeds. In essence a 1000 rpm machine has the same build as a 1600 rpm machine. The 1600 rpm washing machine will break down more often, therefore requiring more spare parts and basically become an environmental nightmare in waste in redundant materials, noise pollution and excessive energy.

The bottom line is not to get a fast spinning machine and try to avoid using tumble driers if the is an option to use washing lines.

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