Friday, 3 October 2008

Your Daily Bread

Whether you are on a diet or not, your daily bread should be there. There is this crazy idea that you have to give up all bread on certain Guru diet plans. That's rubbish, but you can opt for healthier choices. Bread options are plentiful, including making your own., but how can you tell the good bread from the bad bread? Let's explore a bit more.

Most diet experts say that that you should avoid eating too much white flour and abstain even more if you are on a diet. White flour is used in the main ingredient in many supermarket breads. This flour is full of with carbohydrates, which cause a flood of blood glucose levels. There is no getting away from the fact that white bread tastes good, but many experts advise it’s not too good for you. Eating white bread will give you a sharp increase in energy levels then suddenly you will experience a huge drop once that energy burst has subsided. Therefore you may feel hungry not too long after eating white bread. White bread is usually cheaper than other types of bread, which to many is another pulling factor along with the taste, but this might be a false economy as you may well end up eating more.

Whole grain breads are said to be very healthy for you, filled with whole grains it is a more satisfied eat. You will get the most out of the calories you consume. but colour is not an label to say it is wholegrain. Don’t get conned and buy bread based solely on its colour, it doesn’t mean it contains whole grains.

Many types of bread are just coloured with food colourings to make them look healthier. Reading the label before purchasing is the wisest step to ensure what type of bread it is. Look and read what the very first ingredient listed is, this will be the main ingredient, the flour. This will tell about how healthy the bread actually is. A very good tip is to avoid breads that have a very long list of ingredients, the more ingredients the less healthy it is.

Buying bread at natural food stores is an option but the prices are so high it is not prudent to line these businesses pockets with excessive profit. This will also encourage even more profit making by getting away with it. After all this is one of the simplest forms of food on this earth. Besides, in many supermarkets you can find the same type of breads much cheaper is you do your research on the labels.

If you can only afford inexpensive white loaves, there is a simple answer, make sure you are aware of how much you consume each day. Don’t fall into the trap of overeating, especially when you are trying to eat a sensibly diet.

Baking your own bread is the best method, it is cost effective and you know what's in it as you can choose the healthy ingredients that you select. Homemade bread provides the perfect platform for your diet and the cost and quality both stand out.

Invest in a bread-making machine if you haven’t time. They have been on the market for a number of years and are well worth the investment to many who continue to use them.

Whatever bread you get the secret of dieting is simple, less calories and more exercise but you can enhance your health by eating bread that is better for you and do it on a budget rather than falling into the expensive trap of buying 'designer' bread that claims to have miracle ingredients to aid your diet. The only miracle you should really believe in is your own knowledge and insight as to what constitutes a good healthy bread and how it you should eat.

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