Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sensible Fingernail Care Without Cost

Sensible Fingernail Care Without CostNow I am a bloke but I have lovely fingernails and I don't use any chemicals, have never had a manicure in my life and have never had any problems at all with ailments throughout my life. Don't get me wrong, I had always done the housework, vacuuming, dusting scrubbing, hands immersed in washing up liquid etc. It is not as if my nails have been protected from the wear and tear of daily work routines. So why am I writing about nails? It is purely from the fact that I see so much written on nail care but the prime reason is to sell mainly chemical based products that in my own mind aren't needed.

Apart from the fashion side of nail painting (that's another genre) general nail care can do without all this commercial garbage that is thrown out all the time. I put it down to a healthy diet and regular trimming of the nails. It really interests that the vast majority of information about nail care involves buying chemical products to treat fingernails from parties that are interested in profit rather than care.

I have however found some little tips from other that don’t involve buying products that have been marketed to make you think you can't do without them.

  • Cut a lemon or lime it in half, squeeze the juices in a cup and rub inside of the lemon/lime onto your nails. This will make your nails stronger. Do this every day and then reduce it after a week or so. Apparently it makes your nails stronger and really works!
  • Take clove of garlic cut it in half and rub it on your nails once a day. This is another tip for strengthening fingernails!
  • Sensible Fingernail Care Without CostFingernail care is through a well planned and balanced diet is the best way to get your nails in tiptop condition. The right kind of foods added in your regular diet can easily bring your fingernails to a great appearance. However, remember that nails are made of keratin (a protein) this enables the nails to protect your fingers and toes from injuries. A poor diet will reflect itself in weak and brittle nails.
  • Soak your fingers in a bowl filled with mild soapy water this will soften your cuticles. After around 10 minutes, dry your hands and gently push back the skin and cuticle of each fingernail.
  • Splitting nails is often traced back to dehydration. It is important to drink plenty of water and regularly to keep your hydration levels up.
  • If you trim your nails regularly this will avoid them breaking off. The pointed tip of your fingernail will break off mostly so cut your fingernails in a squared or rounded shape.Sensible Fingernail Care Without Cost

Do you need to spend hundreds of pounds on nailcare proucts of go for a manicure once a week/month? If you look after your own health this shouldn't be necessary, but then you may just got for the treat that's fine.

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