Monday, 1 June 2009

Good Flooring Installed - No Ants

Good Flooring - No AntsIt's warm weather we are having right now and this causes problems. – Ants! They come from the foundations and make their way into my kitchen every year, I don’t like killing them, but I have not option right now.

The reason for this is my flooring has gaps in the joins of the wood. What I should do is get new flooring. Natural stone would do the job and look great. Surfing for possible professional installation Orange Flooring from Calafornia ust popped up that provide high customer service and consistent excellent quality of work. This is just the type of company that I should use.

The tip today is not to use poison to kill ants, but get your flooring installed to professional standards and they will not invade your home. Better for you, better for the environment and of course better for the ants.
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