Thursday, 25 June 2009

Limited Music In Schools - There Are Other Options

Limited Music In Schools - There Are Other OptionsMusic education is something that you never forget and never regret learning. I have always said that music is like a passport, as musicians get to travel the world performing and sharing their talents. Being a musician myself having been classically trained I know that the benefits of music are endless. I have fought endlessly to make music education in schools to be just as important as English, Mathematics and Science, this unfortunately hasn’t happened. Children are missing out big time on musical experience and tuition in the school curriculum. There is an alternative though.

Getting child music education is not just confined to mainstream schools, there are other sources where you child can be taught music outside this area. The earlier you child starts the more benefits they gain. Starting up pre-school through baby music classes is something that many parents might consider. Look at is as an investment into your child’s future. With this they will gain all the benefits of developing a musical brain and more than make up the demotion of music in mainstream schools.

I started musical training in my teens and wish I had the opportunity to start younger. If you child attends a child music class, it will instil musical skills that will never be forgotten and lead to a future where many children just don’t get the opportunity. Such as shame that parents now have to rely on outside resources to fulfil the musical gap in schools’ general curriculum base.

The tip is to consider giving your child a musical education above and beyond what schools offer, there are options and that is good.
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