Friday, 5 June 2009

Tips Prevent Stop Foxes, Rats and Mice Raiding

6:01pm - Fox on Hardings Beach

Foxes, mice and rats love food that is left out for them. Why attract them to your home? Here I have given a few tips on how to avoid your place becoming a regular haunt for them. Nothing is worse than having to deal with the aftermath of these pests around the home.

  • Only fill bird feeders in winter months when they need it.
  • Don’t leave pet food outdoors always make sure it is brought in before bedtime.
  • Always store rubbish in secure steel containers or in airtight containers and in an inside area.
  • Wash your rubbish bins frequently with a strong disinfectant.
  • Wait until the morning of your regular rubbish pickup before you put it out.
  • Get rid of grease and food residue from barbecue grills, including the grease cups that may be underneath after each use.
  • Do not put meat, fish or sweet food and that includes fruit in your compost.
  • Always keep meat and fish leftovers in the freezer until rubbish pickup day (make stock or soup from them first of course.)
Image by Chris Seufert via Flickr
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