Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Young Hands - An Excuse For Champagne Toast

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Its funny you know, but it wasn’t that long ago that my wife never needed to use any cosmetics. She had a young looking complex and there wasn’t’ any need to enhance it with expensive chemical enhancing treatment. As you get older her views on this are changing especially recently after an experience she had.

It was some pictures we took on holiday around five years ago. We were looking through the photograph archives one evening and one picture that stood out as one of our favourites was us at a restaurant with some champagne saying cheers with two topped up flutes. The glasses touched and we could see that our hands quite clearly. Looking at this my wife suddenly looked at her hands now and compared then to the picture. A mood of depression came over her, as she was clearly quite shocked seeing wrinkles that had formed. This was a stark contrast with the smooth and young looking hand in the photograph, and not so long ago.

There and then, she decided to do something about it by buying some wrinkle cream. She was to look at reviews and find the best one that would make her wrinkled hands become younger. She promised that we would drink champagne again and clink glasses once her hands had found their youth again.

I'm sure she is right, we all need a little help when we get older and for me having slightly wrinkled hands is more acceptable as a bloke. For a woman it seems it is a more sensitive issue. And for those who felt that cosmetics for hand wrinkles are not natural, think again. Many wrinkle creams are made from natural ingredients. It is not harmful to use and indeed healthy to use.

The tip here is if you want an extra few years of young hands there is nothing wrong with a little help. After all it will certainly cheers you up and make for a good excuse for more champagne toasts.
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