Monday, 24 August 2009

A Fridge Based Shopping List Saves Money And Frustration

A Fridge Based Shopping List Saves Money And FrustrationImage by nep

It is really annoying that every week before we go to the farmhouse in the village we visit the supermarket to buy provision for the weekend and every week we just forget what we need and don’t’ need! This ends up with us buying stuff that we have already got and forgetting stuff that we needed to get. It is so frustrating get there and having doubled our cheese supply and not having washing powder for the washing machine.

We were fed up to the teeth of doing this week in week out and decided to do something about it. It had gone on long enough and the money we waste by lack of management in this area we could not afford.

The idea was tried out a couple of weeks ago. We kept a list on our fridge in the kitchen and wrote things down immediately that we ran out of. Not just from the fridge but from the freezer and cupboards. The fridge was the best place to stick the list as we used a fridge magnet to keep it in place. The trouble before was that when we run out of something we relied on our memory and getting older it just doesn’t stay there. We now jot it down immediately and over the last few weeks we take the list back to the town with us on Sunday evening and go shopping with the list on Friday evening.

We have for the last tow weeks now had the best possible start to our country weekends as we shop for all the right things as we know for sure what is needed and what isn’t. A simple economical and totally sensible plan that works so well.

We thought this tip might well be useful for everyone. Just put the list on the fridge and it is there eventually as a shopping list that is made on a daily weekly or even monthly basis. A great tip that now works for us and I’m sure for others who try it.
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