Monday, 29 September 2008

Stress Management for Free

We all need a certain amount of stress that is good for you. It helps us concentrate and even save our lives in certain cases. The problem lies when stress builds up and in this day and life excess stress is a major factor that affects many. This in turn is a health hazard and stress management come into play.

Stress management come in many forms, the cheapest and sometimes the most effective is self-management. Why pay out lots of money when understanding how to manage you own stress levels is free?

The first tip to free stress management is to recognise where your stress comes from.

A very simple tip is to take a deep breath and count to ten; this deep breathing puts more oxygen to your system instantly and helps you relax. The activity also means your are focussed on relaxing and will give you more composure, which is exactly what is called for in stressful situations.

This technique is easy:

Sit up and take a deep breath.... Count to ten slowly, then stand up and do a few stretches whilst smiling. Afterwards, go for a short walk or take break from your workplace as long as it is away from a stressful place and will change your focus. When you get back the cause of the stress will never be as bad as it was before these activities.

Rushing things and trying to fit too much in too little time is a major cause of stress. Too often we put the good things in life on hold and the reason is there isn't enough time. You can't can’t add time on in a day it will always be 24 hours long, it’s the same for every person on this earth. The only person who can make time for the good things in life is you, this time is just as important as work.

Sleeping on it is sometimes a great way to turn things around. At the end of the day you are tired and your thinking is never going to be as efficient as it would be after a good sleep. Try it, it is a simple answer and free and what's more it sometimes works wonders.

Don't be scared to say no, if you can't say no say I can't or later. Taking too many things on is purely down to your answers being yes all the time. Think about it!

Ask for help if you need it. Most people are more than willing to help and love to be asked. Use that help to reduce the burden that causes stress. You will find that most help if free and builds up good relationships between people, another stress factor reduced.

Simple cheap and easy was of helping yourself getting less stress is all about common sense and sensible living. Get a good night's rest and eat healthy food. Try to avoid fast food and chemically laden foods. Make time to listen to your favourite music and get some exercise or take up a sport or activity. Walking, jogging or riding a bike is a cheap way of achieving this.

Plan your time and prioritise a balance between work and play and talk to someone close to you about any problems you have. These really help reduce stress and cost nothing.

Take an afternoon nap; you will have more energy to get through the rest of the day. Finally, have a bath in the evening just before you go to bed, this will certainly help you get a good night's sleep.

Reducing stress levels is easy but it is down to you to take action. The beauty is, all the tips given costs absolutely nothing.

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