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Coffee Making Tips - For Further Enjoyment

Coffee Making Tips - For Further EnjoymentSome people can live without coffee. Somehow the moment can't be recreated with any other drink. It is unique and loved worldwide but so many of us don’t really know how to make a decent cup of coffee. Following a few tips the experience can be enhanced further making coffee drinking even more of a pleasure. Most of the advice is about cleanliness, freshness and common sense; this will prevent any foreign flavours and aromas affecting the brew.

  • It is not good idea to leave coffee standing on the burner for too long, the fine aromas will disappear. Use a thermal server if you want it to keep longer.
  • Brew the coffee in fresh filtered water.
  • The coffee pot should be rinsed really well before preparing the coffee making.
  • The coffee in the pot should be stirred before pouring.
  • Always use the filter paper, which is the right size to your system.
  • The coffee should be as fresh as possible.
  • If you use a coffee maker always make sure it is clean before and after you have made the coffee.
  • Once the coffee packet has been opened, keep the coffee in a tightly sealed container.
  • In order to get a consistent flavour, use the same amount of coffee each time.
  • The coffee is evenly distributed to get more flavour when put in the filter bag.
  • 96° Centigrade is the optimum temperature for coffee to be brewed and should be served at 85° Centigrade.
  • The coffee machine will need de scaling regularly, don't forget. How often depends on the hardness of the water in your area.
  • Always use clean serving decanters.

Here is a little guide to the range of of coffee beans that are freely available in most shops and supermarkets:

Coffee Making Tips - For Further EnjoymentAmerican
This is a light roast which has a very mild sweet flavor

Light to medium roasted coffee which takes its name from the colour of the coffee bean. It has a more of an intense aroma and bitterness than the American roast. Tis is still not strong enoigh from many coffee drinkers

This has a fuller body with a slightly less bitter taste. A good all-round roast and just as the name suggests is well chosen roast for morning coffee.

French, Spanish or Continental
The beans are dark brown and have a somewhat oily and rich flavour. This type of roast is used in espresso type systems.

Coffee Making Tips - For Further EnjoymentEspresso
Almost black in colour from extended roasting, these beans are shiny with oil. There are two varieties a light roast in the north of Italy and and a dark roast in the south of Italy. Another fact is that the Espresso roast holds less caffeine than any other roast coffee beans.


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