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Shaving - The Best Method for Men

Shaving - The Best Method for MenIf you're like me chaps, you like to get up early and shave more or less straight away, it really does freshen you up. This isn't the right thing to do; you should wait 10- 15 minutes after rising from bed before hitting it with the metal. You face needs to wake up as well as you.

Before having your shave you should wash your face, this will get rid of any dead skin and soften up your face. This should be done with warm water. The best way is to use a flannel or face cloth. If this advice is followed it will cause the swelling of your facial hair shafts and make it much easier for closer shave with the blade.

Shaving - The Best Method for MenI know it is a bit old fashioned but the advice is to always use a shaving brush. Most chaps have one tucked away somewhere as an old birthday or Christmas present, the cream and aftershave used left with a solitary shaving brush used once or never at all. Get into the habit; it's there for a good reason. The technique is easy. Wet the shaving brush with warm water and put a little shaving cream in the centre of the brush. Or you can just work the brush into your shaving soap directly.

There are many pre-shave oils on the market, get hold of a decent on and use it. It does what is says on the label. These pre-shave oils or pre-shave gels will give a good lubricate to your face therefore give you a perfect foundation for not only a close shave, but also a comfortable one. It will reduce razor burns, rashes and blotchy skin.

Lather your face in a circular motion with laden shaving brush. Be sure you lubricate every part of your skin getting under any beard stubble. You can dampen the brush head with more warm water, doing this and re-applied it to your face will create even more lather.

Use a sharp blade is essential, double or triple blades for shaving give both a safe and close shave if used. If you shave with grain of the hair on your face you will avoid burns, cuts and rashes. The head of your razor should be rinsed in warm water after every stroke. Strokes of the shaving action should be slow and deliberately.

Once you shave is finished, rinse your face in warm water and gently apply some aftershave, balm or even moisturiser. This will sooth and protect the face.

Shaving - The Best Method for MenYou need to rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in clean warm water and then squeeze the head of the brush with a few flicks to get rid of the excess water. Your shaving brush once cleaned and just damp should be placed on a brush stand. This is to enable the water to drip away from the base of the brush hair. If it is stood on its end to dry all sorts of bacteria will cause it to smell, rot and become mouldy.

With these tips taken on board and applied daily you will feel good, look good and your women (or men if you're that way inclined) will be able to get closer to your face with touches and kisses.

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