Monday, 29 December 2008

Save Money - Don't Go Shopping with Children

Save Money - Don't Go Shopping with ChildrenDo you have children and want to save a bit more money this Christmas period after seeing your bank balance plummet? Well if you do have children, there is a way to avoid the temptation of more spending than neccasary, even after Christmas has now passed.

It's the school holidays and your children are around all the time. They may well be getting quite bored by now with the novelty of Christmas presents worn off. Having now had more than a week or so becomes a problem as to what to do with their time. They will want to be doing something and going shoipiing with you is an option they will want to take up.

So where does the saving money come into play? It is really very simple, just don't take the to the shops with you. This is very important in terms of the temptations they will incite you to buy. Especially just after Christmas where all the promotions are waiting to be set upon you. You may be strong, but your children will not let up and this is where the problem lies.

You can escape the pressures of buying by simply not taking you children into shops with you. Pay for a baby sitter for an hour, the investment will be good value as you are sure to spend more in the shops with children than the fee for the babysitter.

Save Money - Don't Go Shopping with ChildrenThe other alternative is to get someone to get your shopping for you or get your shopping online and delivered, this way you are in complete control. The temptation to give into children's' wants in a shop will be completely eliminated.

Finally, if you do have to take you children to the shops and they do kick up for something to buy, just give then a small budget which they will be allowed to spend. This will gives you a controlled limit where you children can then become prudent shoppers as well having to stay within that presented budget. Children will love the freedom and responsibility of shopping within the constrains of funds in hand.

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