Saturday, 20 December 2008

Horse Racing Betting - How to Win More

Horse Racing Betting - How to Win MoreHorse Racing Betting is something that I have never really done, but I know lots of people who do and aren't very successful at it. You only hear about when they win and that isn't very often. So I decided to find out about how to improve the odds on winning with bets on horse racing. All for fun of course.
  • If your horse always loses bet on the horse to lose the race! It is called Lay betting.
  • Use a betting system, i.e. bet on multiple horses in a race, try staking plans or betting on particular trainers on certain courses.
  • Do some research through articles help you find out new ways of assessing you bet and finding winners. This includes horse racing magazines, book guides to do with betting basics and race card form publications.
  • Make the most of your computer to help you make the most of your betting. there are programs for best bets and analysis, horse form and predictions of winners.
  • If you don't have the time for form study, check out some tipsters who provide free tips, some charge for this of course.
  • Look up the speed and form ratings services for UK and Irish horse racing which can be found online or in sporting newspapers.
  • Check out message forums on Horse racing and betting message groups. These can include discussions about betting strategies, general racing chat and tips.
  • Up-to-date odds should be compared taking all the major online bookmakers and betting exchanges.
  • Online via the Racing-Index bookshop you can buy books on horse racing gambling written by experts. You'll pick a thing or two up here.
Horse racing is fun and if you have every been to a meeting is it a great day out not just for you but for the family, if you come back richer than you went out, that's a bonus.

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