Saturday, 27 December 2008

Jogging - Not Hi Tech but Still Good For You

Jogging - Not Hi Tech but Still Good For YouJogging is something that has fallen out of fashion over the last few years, other hi-tech machines and fitness centres seem to be the craze now. Jogging was at its height in the 1980 with marathon running becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It still carries on now, but not on the same scale.

Jogging is not the same as running, more of a trot It burns calories and gives good benefits for blood circulation and well being. The benefits of jogging and the burning of calories and cardiovascular fitness far outweigh the disadvantages of impact injuries on heels and knee joints.

The most important part of jogging is the jogging shoes. They have to absorb impact shocks and a good effective pair of trainers will reduce the risk of injury substantially. They must have good cushioning soles with added all round protection and support to ankles. It goers against my principles but always opt for reputed brands of jogging shoes, they may be high priced, but in the long run (pun) they payback.

Once you get into a routine of jogging you begin to see benefits coming through. It is definitely the best exercise for overweight people as from the impact they can burn more calories from hips, thighs and abdominal area. It also rotates the body giving an additional strength to the waist muscles.
  • A good pair of jogging shoes is essential.
  • Before starting up jogging consult your doctor, this is important if you are overweight before getting started with jogging.
  • Choose a sensible place to jog, away from crowds and traffic with a good road surface.
  • Don't bounce too much and try and keep an erect posture. i.e. Don’t hunch over.
  • Smokers need to seriously consider giving up. Quite simply, smokers get exhausted much faster that non-smokers and this could well result in palpitations.
  • Hilly terrain should be avoided to prevent injury. Running downhill give more impact on your body, plus you can fall and injure yourself.
  • Your strides should be longer and steadier. Try to mark your steps straight line without splaying to prevent ankle injury.
  • Begin slowly and pick up speed as you get used to jogging. Always listen to you body, it will tell you if you are doing too much or going too fast.
  • Lastly, it can be helpful to carry a radio and earplugs with you Music helps relax and helps your rhythm of stride as well as relaxing you.
Jogging - Not Hi Tech but Still Good For YouThe main thing is to enjoy the exercise and not turn it into a chore. You may find that you will become addicted to it if you make it a part of you routine and the investment you put into jogging will reap benefits not just from health but food will taste better and you can eat more of the forbidden fruits without conscience.

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