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Tips On Ear Health

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Ears and their health generally look after themselves. What advice do you need to know to keep your ears in fine health indefinitely? Well here are some good bits of information to help the health of your ears remain in tiptop condition.

Wash your ears regularly with soap and water this should be done daily alongside washing other parts of your body over a sink in the bath or in a shower.

Earwax serves a purpose, it protect the ear. Don’t try and clear all the wax from the inner ear, just clean the opening of your ear gently. You can damage your ear by messing there. A cotton tip shouldn't be used either as it will force wax further into your ear and lead to infections.

You need to take care if you have pierced ears. When you get your ears pierced your earring should remain in until your ear(s) are completely healed up. If you don't do this the pieced ear could close up and you’ll need to go through the whole process again.

Newly pierced ears are prone to infection so always wash your hands before touching tem at this stage. Applying alcohol also regularly will also prevent bacteria forming. This can be done with a little cotton wool applying it to both sides of the ear and then rotating your earring to circulate the alcohol.

When water gets stuck in your ear canal, perhaps from swimming this can irritate the skin as bacteria has got hold. You can simply get special eardrops can help you get rid of this, it is know as swimmers ear. Always dry your ears after swimming and give your head a good shake to remove any water that may have got into your ears.

The sun and sunburn is a major problem for ears, always wear a hat and rub some suntan lotion on your ears. In the cold of winter keep your ears covered up with a hat or headband.

There isn't much more that you need to know to keep your ears healthy apart from avoiding excessive loud noise. Always try and block yourself away from this as it can lead to partial or total deafness later on.

Enjoy the multiple senses you get from your ears by looking after them; it’s easy and common sense in the main.

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