Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Treat Hotels Like Your Home

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Many people use Hotels, but they are one of the biggest polluter in town. It effectively is a home from home and what you do in Hotels should really reflect your habits at home. If you care about the environment you will be thoughtful and economical at home, why not do the same as if you where at home?

Do you wash you bathroom towel every day? Do you throw away bars of soap after being once or twice? Do you use cups that are wrapped in plastic? Do you use small packets of shampoo? What about disposable bottled mouthwash? All these are bad for the environment!

So when you go to a hotel next, think ahead. Use just one towel and don't touch the others. If they are left alone the service in the hotel will know they won’t need washing. If everyone did this think of the energy and water saving made.

Pack you own toiletries. By bringing your own toiletries, you will be using less plastic. Act the same way you act at home like turning lights off that are not essential for your use. And finally a good tip is instead of using the plastic wrapped cups provided bring your own glasses.

If we all did the tips above the amount of energy and waste would be tremendous and might even warrant lower bills with the savings the hotels save!

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