Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Rolex Watch Someone's Wish - Not Mine

Ladies Rolex

I really don’t know why people spend so much on watches and time pieces. Everywhere you go in town and cities there is a clock. At work 99% of the time you will know what the time is as you won’t want to work overtime without pay. Even in the countryside the sun tell you what time of day it is, beside which you don’t really need top know the exact time when out in the countryside!

People are tied to time and timepieces. I always remember one of my friends, who has a different outlook to life than me, say that if he had three wishes one of his wishes would be for a Rolex watch. The reason he gave was that this was the finest and most reliable watch in the world. I disagreed and said that the sun was the most reliable source of telling the time and it was free and completely environmentally sound. “What about at night?” He asked. I simply said that I didn’t need to know the time at night, as I would be asleep!

To date I still never wear a watch and am more punctual than most people who wear expensive watches, and I’m better off. But then everyone to their own I suppose!
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