Wednesday, 2 September 2009

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Waste is the biggest problem, but not worldwide. Many countries that the western world look at as backward as in fact leagues ahead in terms their resourcefulness in eliminating any form of waste. It is of course done as a necessity as poverty forces the issue.

If we look at how wastefulness is utilised in poverty stricken countries we can be better to the environment and save money at the same time. Being wealthy is quite simply a poor excuse for being wasteful. It is a fact that millions are in this position and equates to most of the rich being an uncaring and selfish genre in making this world a worse place for everyone in the long term.

Poverty really helps you realise how important recycling and making the most of resources available. It would be a good lesson for everyone to have a taste of being poor, that way they will realise how important saving on valuable resources is.

This is just a post about looking to poverty for ideas on making the most of what they have. Certainly lessons can be learnt from this. But then again, why should many of the rich ever consider doing this anyway as their nature is basically all about themselves, very much a product cultured by Thatcherist politics.
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