Sunday, 6 September 2009

Smoking - Never Stop Trying To Give Up

Smoking - Never Stop Trying To Give Up

Here’s a great tip, but quite difficult for many to take up. Try not to smoke! It still amazes me how many people refuse to even attempt to give up. As an heavy ex-smoker myself I know how difficult it is to kick the habit, but that was never a reason to not try and that is the tip, to try.

It is all about having a go and even if you don’t succeed, I lost count of the times I failed to give up totally. The point I am trying to get over it that trying to give up is still better for your health as you will be smoking less anyway. This has a knock on effect with the amount you spend so you will be wealthier from you efforts as well.

The aim obviously is to try and give up completely and that should always be your goal. Tell people that you are trying to give up and they will encourage you as well. Try to shy away from places you would normally smoke and if you do frequent these places give yourself a treat instead of a cigarette, e.g. chocolate, banana etc.

This tip is about continuing to try and give up smoking and who knows one day you may well crack it and become a non-smoker, healthier and richer.

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