Thursday, 17 September 2009

Don't Be A Hero Unless You're Trained

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While dropping on Entrecard friends today my mind wondered all the way back to my school days and an incident that came as a flashback. I just couldn’t get it out of my head and good advice is apparent form the experience.

It happened at Hampstead Heath Ponds in London we were swimming in the lake there as it was a very hot day. One of my friends wasn’t’ a good swimmer and got into trouble trying to swim his way to a floating raft in the centre of the pond. Seeing him in trouble I swam to his aid and that was the big mistake…..

When I got there he panicked and pushed me under to try and keep his head above the water line. At this time others had seen the incident and a boat was sent out to rescue him. He was picked up and taken to the land but I was half drowned and not notice. My friend was in the boat and fine and I passed out trying to hold to the side of the boat.

I pasted out and had to be resuscitated I had swallowed loads of pond water and some had got into my lungs. All I remember is having trouble breathing. I recovered and expelled lots of the pond water in the process.

An hour later I was back in school for orchestra rehearsals none the worse for wear. It was only later that evening when my girlfriend burst into tears that I realised the gravity of the situation and what could have happened.

The tip I am giving here my friends is not to help someone in trouble in deep waters unless you are qualified or have had professional training. If you see someone in trouble throw something out to them that floats. Someone who panics in water will be far stronger than you and like me you will be in more danger then the person in panic.

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