Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Personalised Number Plates - Only For UK Driver Though

Personalised Number Plates - Only For UK Driver ThoughEver had the inkling to have your own personal number plate on your vehicle. I know many people who have and have taken the step to get it. It needn’t be expensive and strangely enough quite a few I know who had re-registered their number plates did it as a present for their wife or husband – What a lovely Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present these were.

The tip is to get a company that specialises in the number plates business. The last thing you want is a complication with documents or to be overpriced when making the purchase. With a simple search for your perfect personalised licence plate number and advice coming from every direction, can make the translation so simple. They have been trading since 1995 so have a wealth of experience in this service and many testimonials to back up their excellent service.

I would love to have a personalised number plate on my 20-year old Lada, but unfortunately they only can serve UK number plates. Oh well, I suppose that is one good reason to live in the UK.
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