Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Burning Plastic At Home Can Be More Enviromentally Friendly Alternative

recycled plastic (PET) bottles #6620

What do you do with all your plastic? If you are not lucky enough to have a recycling system in your area I guess most put it all into you rubbish bin with all the other trash. This is an ongoing problem that is solved here in Bulgaria as many people here burn it as a form of heating. “Surely that’s wrong?” I hear you ask?

Don’t blame Bulgarians for burning plastic, blame the world plastic packing culture. It is they who land most people up with plastic they don’t want. Bulgarians are in fact one of the most recycling conscience countries and where there is another use for plastic they will use it. It is only when the use of old plastic has come to an end that the burning comes into play.

Besides this, what happens to plastic that is put in normal rubbish bins anyway? They are eventually either put in landfill sites to sit forever or burnt anyway. The difference is that transportation of the plastic is needed so actually burning plastic at home is more environmentally friendly! Add that to the extra cost of heating from other fuel sources ands you have an even more environmentally friendly outlook to this form of getting rid of plastic.

The tip is here: Rather than putting unwanted plastic in bins that will burn somewhere else, burn it yourself, that is if you are allowed to by your local authorities.

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