Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wear Hard Hats In Construction Sites - It's Not Difficult

Wear Hard Hats In Construction Sites - It's Not DifficultIt is a wise old bird that speaks here as an experience recently had really sunk home how important it is to reduce risks in a world that has so many potentially dangerous places although they may look safe in the first instance.

Safety comes first was always the first principle when I used to teach in primary schools in the UK. Since coming to Bulgaria this principle has been relegated to extinction and the dangers that are around are just increased with no provisions for safety here.

I was working with a few Bulgarians on a building site, no Bulgarian ever wears hard hats here. Even builders for the UK that have to wear them on a mandatory basis in the UK just disregard that previous rule and they also increase the risk of injury of death by taking a leaf out of the Bulgarian risk takers. It was an ambulance that was needed as one of the workers knocked himself unconscious by not seeing a stone beam he walked into when venturing the new build. If he had been wearing a Jackson hard hat he certainly wouldn’t need treatment form doctors and an ambulance.

It was my advice to other builders that were around that they should really consider wearing safety equipment such as hard hats, they all laughed even though their work mate had just been taken away by the medics. Well after decades of high risk taking they aren’t prepared o change their ways even though the cost of safety equipment is easily supplies online. If I wanted a MSA hard hat or any other type of construction safety gear I can get it cheaply, quickly and securely online. Pity these Bulgarians haven’t realised this yet. It will be law here soon though as Bulgaria is in the EU.

The tip is to get safety gear before you plan to go on building construction sites whether your work there or are just a visitor. Accidents are just waiting to happen otherwise as I found out.
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