Thursday, 15 October 2009

Get Rid Of The Car - Electric Bikes Are The In Thing

Get Rid Of The Car - Electric Bikes Are The In ThingThere is a marriage of certain things that just make something so useful and it stares us in the face so much but we don’t always realise it. Riding bikes and caring for the environment are these two things that I and many others should aspire to. May people hate cars and greener alternatives to should be used more often, but like most things greed and selfishness push the majority of people away form looking at this unfortunately.

The invention of the combustion engine are the scourge of the earth, they pollute and use up earth’s natural resources which will run out sooner than we think so when I see something that will slow this down I get excited. The Electric Bike is not a new thing it has been around for quite a few decades but has never really taken off. Today however it has a new look new features that make it ‘cool’ to be seen on and of course the economics compared to the horrible car are incomparable. No petrol, insurance, tax and the minimum of maintenance make it the best option if you are the only person who has to travel.

Electric Bikes For Sale is something you don’t often see advertised. That is because there aren’t that many about, but they are increasing in number and more are being produced. An Electric Bike For Sale is something I always look for and one day I’ll buy one and use it. My Lada is a guzzler and the gas prices are going up all the time. With an electric mike in my garage I also won’t have any problem starting it up in the mornings that are getting colder and colder as winter arrives.

If you want a tip, get rid of your car and buy and electric bike, make am environmental statement to your neighbours and workmates. You’ll be seen as a pioneer if you do and other will follow.
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