Monday, 12 October 2009

Problem? Talk To People They May Help You

This is quite amazing but just yesterday one of my cousins in America was talking to me on Skype as she was out of a job and wanted to be consoled. Time s are hard and her job, I thought was quite secure as an optician, but apparently many people are skipping eye test because of the recession and jobs are last from this.

This is the amazing thing, as having recently done an article on finding jobs on another of my sites, I came across a website that specifically dealt with optician careers. I gave my cousin the web address and later that same day I she called me up on Skype to tell me that she now has an interview with a new employer and she hopes to be in work soon.

The site is free and deals with jobs local to you. All you do is put your job title you want to look for and the area you live in and the site does the rest. It is as simple as that. I really do hope my cousin gets the job, even though I will hear form her less as she won’t need consoling.

I suppose the tip here is to talk to people is you have a problem like being out of work, you never know what they might come up with!
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