Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Get Outside More With Good Garden Furniture

Get Outside More With Good Garden FurnitureMy favourite place in my home is my garden, whenever I get a chance I’m our there just taking in nature, so much better than being indoors watching television. My grandfather once told me if you want to see the news don’t watch television just look outside, that’s where the local news is.

Well the news form the garden today is that my Patio furniture needs replacing. I bought it from B&Q some three years ago and it hasn’t lasted long. What I should have done was invest in better quality Outdoor furniture that would last as longer than this cheap plastic stuff that has become brittle in the summer heat and deemed useless now.

Many years ago I used to have wicker garden furniture that was out in fair weather an put inside when not used. It is light enough to do this with ease and lasted us at lease ten years. It would have lasted even longer but we moved home and left the wicker garden furniture behind unfortunately. We are now seriously thinking of buying the same again and have come across a site that stocks the largest selection of wicker as well as outdoor furniture, metal patio furniture and teak outdoor furniture collections. I wouldn’t consider ever buying form DIY stores again after the outcome of the plastic furniture last time round.

My partner is of the same opinion, Wicker furniture is the best suited for our garden as the wood blends in with the surround. Luckily we have storage space to put it away win bad weather and over winter, even though much of the furniture on offer is designed for all weathers. If you are looking to get more out of evenings and weekends, get yourself garden furniture and spend more time out in the garden, it’s good for you and of course it’s all good news as opposed to all bad news on the television.
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